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Thread: Micajahs Dodge Tank (for Trash and Physical Bosses)

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    Default Micajahs Dodge Tank (for Trash and Physical Bosses)

    please be nice but I figured out that you can have a 100% uptime of "Side Steps"


    Macro to use:

    #show Phantom Blow
    cast Twin Cleave
    cast Empyrean Bolt
    cast Precision Strike
    cast Reprisal
    cast Phantom Blow
    cast Rift Disturbance
    cast Planar Strike


    Empyrean Bolt
    Guarded Steel
    Shadow Blitz
    Planar Rejuvenation
    Twin Cleave

    it is very simple to play and I have no Idea how it work in Raids or Dungeons so far, just started yesterday and hit LV 66.

    In theory press Macro to 5 CP and Finish / refresh ruthless stalker on 2 - 0 sec / use Twin Cleave on CD to refresh Side Steps.

    I did more then 10 parses on a pysical Raid Dummy over 3 minutes with standard PTS gear:

    incoming Damage = around 9,000 DPS
    Max Hit = around 75,000
    Swings/Hits = around 100/25

    So yeah^^ this is it from now, tell me what you think and please be nice

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    I`m sorry to say but i think it's not usable in Raids :-)

    In Raids you should defenitly use a 61 RS build because only the 61 root legendary prevent the bosses from dealing legendary hits on you :-)

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    ohhh... but yeah thanks Trion for making only 61 builds usable :P

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    The idea is very similar to what 61BD is capable of, you can also opt for 100% uptime side steps, however It is only useful if you want to neglect "damage taken" while soloing large amount of mobs, but for the damage part, it's still better to go for Blade and soul Parity + Legendary Fated Blades. (with Legendary Curative Engine for the heals)

    Since Tanking is not just "stack dodge then I am invincible", people usually go for high eHP builds, (61 pts legendary is a must, to prevent legendary hit). Highest eHP 61RS/8Tact/7Ranger is good for progression, while 61RS/8Ranger/7Bard offers the most Base HP and "heals received modifiers", also good for progression if you are undergeared (without eternal).

    Since Eternal not just only benefit the damage aspect of the game, it also boosts your healing abilities like Assassin's Leeching poison, Tactician's Curative Engine, Curative Remote (for 36 Tact/Riftstalker hybrid solo tank builds), Bard's Cadence etc etc.

    6th upgrade eternal or above, any rogue tank should definitely go for the overall most effective tank spec with moderately good eHP and base HP and full effectiveness to do passive raid heals, 61RS/8Tact/7Bard. If you have a decent group that can burst the boss fast enough, mainstream/hardcore raiders usually forgo Bard/healing hybrids and go solo tank + chon/chloro hybrids combo, since healing will be a part of the archon and tank's job. The only thing will be missing from bard motifs is 5% healing received from Motif of Regeration, 5% damage reduction from Motif of Tenacity and 5% attributes (Dex,Int,Wis,Str) from Resonance. Motif of Bravery is covered by Archon's Granite Salvo or the tank itself (1GCD).
    So the raid will only be losing 5% attributes for full potential DPS, but it's definitely still a raid-DPS gain.
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    I hope this will be nerfed someday. Ez EoA. No skill required. No gear required. No healer required. 1 button.
    Say hello to the skill rogues who are proud to tank without bugs.
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    We can only wonder who he means with skill Rogue

    Dodge Rs goes to some 85% dodge which is just unrelyable enough to not exceed a higher Rs.
    Strike back does not match Hfb.

    BD activating Sidesteps for brawling with something phys in wf is decent as Strike Back hits surprisingly well there.

    Tanks doing the healing in Dungeon and lfr is the most normal thing ever. Dodge RS isn't even something that could 'afk' in EoA, and forget about healing someone properly

    This is not a bug at all. But a combination of soul mechanics. Unfotunately not practical for the same reasons as 61VK.
    For now this just necro- ed a 3yearl old post for no reason.
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