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Thread: [4.1] Shadebard PvE Guide - 48 Bard/ 21 Shadeborn/ 7 Ranger (DPS/Support spec)

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    Default [4.1] Shadebard PvE Guide - 48 Bard/ 21 Shadeborn/ 7 Ranger (DPS/Support spec)

    Welcome to Shadebard - the Battlebard, DPS/Support spec in 4.1 Starfall Prophecy.

    The definition of Shadebard is to provide both offensive buffs/debuffs & defensive buffs to the group/raid while retaining the role as a "Damage Dealer".

    This spec will be useful in grouped contents such as PvP and Raids. Although DPS specs are more useful in SPEs.

    If you're wondering why this spec should be used in raids, well Shadebard is similar to the role DPS support (Harbchon or the Harbinger/Archon hybrid in NMT). Shadebard does about 60% of the Top-parsing single-target specs in the game. It is useful when the raid does not need Orchestra of the Planes or the equivalent.

    Check here for more Support changes details.

    TL;DR, this spec can be used when you already have an Archon, since Archon's Legendary Flaring Power will provide more Raid DPS than Beastmaster's Command to Attack.
    (Bardphys/Tactbard can be replaced by other raid healers)

    Shadebard can provide all sorts of supportive abilities a 61 Bard can do, excluding the following:

    Verse of Joy

    Verse of Occlusion

    Orchestra of the Planes

    Legendary Motif of Regeneration

    Link to comprehensive guide:


    Unique support buffs relevant to Bard:


    Lastly, here is a video demonstration briefly showing how to play Shadebard:

    Parse: Tartaric Depths - Tarjulia

    Leave a comment if you have a suggestion to propose. Enjoy if you're a Bardaholic! .
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