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Thread: PvE Berzerker- uncomplicated burst AOE

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    Default PvE Berzerker- uncomplicated burst AOE

    Hi and hello, after all this time i finally picked up Primalist and as you may know, Primalist is pretty destinct between St and aoe dps. Spending time learning a dedicated Aoe build might not be a thing for everyone's sparetime so here is a tool that you can pick up in 30 seconds and contribute a little more than just watching.

    And yes it's me advertising a (almost) onebutton- can you believe it.

    Berserker is VERY straight forward for aoe. You have aoe melee attacks which reduce each other's cooldown.
    And then you have buffs + 30sec and 1min cd's that generate ALOT of bonus ticks. And they are all stackable. So you can fire off all cd's at once. This is perfect for a short and bursty trash burn job.


    >Super easy basic macro:


    #show Primal Avatar: Tiger
    cast Planar Spout
    cast Spirit's Wrath
    cast Whirlpool
    cast Deathly Tendrils
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast @lasttarget Underworld Shards
    cast Primal Avatar: Tiger
    cast Icefall
    cast @lasttarget Icefall
    cast Shatterfrost
    cast Icy Cleave
    cast Sudden Strike
    cast @group01 No Witnesses
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light

    -> Be melee. Use Legendary Raze. Try to hit 5 targets with it.
    Now use this macro until everything is dead. gg

    >Some more output and control:

    #eco - your aoe attacks without burst cd's. Wile the tank gets all the tdnm adds together etcpp.

    #show Underworld Shards
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast @lasttarget Underworld Shards
    cast Icefall
    cast @lasttarget Icefall
    cast Shatterfrost
    cast Icy Cleave
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light

    -> Use Legendary Raze and hit 5 targets (buff lasts for 1 minute)
    -> Use the #eco until you think the time is right for the big hits (lots of targets clumped up)
    -> Now use #Tiger like you mean it
    -> Keep using #Tiger or #eco

    -> The 65 Mastery Ancestral Force does ca. 10-25mil damage over 3 seconds. Use it when you want. Idealy you time it with a procced Scything Strike (+50%) after Icefall starts having a cooldown again.

    -> Apply Ethereal Corruption
    -> Spread and refresh Ethereal Corruption with Morbid Slash. It will also reset the dot's timer on the mian target

    Spiked with 5.6 at 5th second. On this toon's gear, it opened higher and sustained almost the same as Typhoon: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...phoon-aoe.html

    I know it's not Rogue- level aoe but it's still f** easy and requires no brain or preparation.
    SS proccs gives it a lttlebit of rng.
    A better Eternal should explode with all those tiny ticks.


    Underworld Shards stack up 3 times and create bonus ticks with more stacks.
    Icefall reduces the cooldown of Underworld Shards
    Icy Cleave Reduces the Cooldown of Icefall

    Shatterfrost can not be properly tested on Target dummies as alot of it's damage comes from hitting targets that are slowed by Icefall.

    So little details?
    Berserker is pretty busted where it is right now and only good for midrange leveling and occasional 1minute jobs.
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