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Thread: [PVP] Sharkface MC Shotgun

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    Default [PVP] Sharkface MC Shotgun

    Disclaimer : I'm not a PvP main player, but i found this while looking for new PvE spec and tried it in some warfronts, it's working well for me. (It's also doing some 6 million Burst in PvE in the first 10 sec of the fight).

    I'm sure you remember me doing the Sharknado spec for Prima PvP. But what happen if right after a cast of Primal Avatar : Wind Serpent you die ? You can't cast anything at range for a whole minute which can be an issue sometimes.

    This spec give you something a bit stronger to play at melee range during the downtime of Wind Serpent.
    Most of the time i'm using it for 1 or 2 kills (after this spec become useless, trust me), and then Wind Serpent CD is up again and I can go back to Sharknado.
    So here we go !

    Skill tree :

    Masteries :
    61 - Exhileration
    62 - Steadfast Rejuvenation
    63 - Leonine Ferocity
    64 - Ethereal Meditation
    65 - Spiritualism

    Legendaries :
    Primal Avatar : Thresher
    Silent Stalker
    Scything Strike

    What utilities you have in this spec :

    Planar Attunement War -> Relentless pursuit :
    Charge the ennemy , usefull since it's a melee spec.

    Planar Attunement Steam -> Vapor Rush :
    Charge the ennemy again.

    Predator -> Killer Assault :
    Carge your ennemy at 20m range if you are in fury

    Predator -> Primal Fear :
    Stuns your target for 6sec, keep them near you at melee range

    Maelstrom -> Subsume :
    Dot + Stun for 5sec.

    You also have a purge in this spec in the maelstrom spells.

    Buff :
    Font of sublimation
    If you plan not using Pressurize, use Font of Obliteration instead for more damage and crit on Predator spells.

    Macro :

    #show Blindside
    cast Primal Avatar: Thresher
    cast Silent Stalker
    cast Scent of Blood
    cast Sudden Strike
    cast Blindside
    cast Effervescent Blast
    cast Searing Plasma
    cast Scald
    cast @self Spiritualism

    How to play :
    - Make sure you have your stack of Predatory instinct ready, use Locus of destruction for 10 free stacks.
    - Get 5 stacks of Flashpoint through your Flashpoint beacon to have your scald instant.
    - Cast scald 2 time on your target.
    - Cast Pressurize while you close the gap.
    - Charge / stun your target if necessary.
    - Spam your macro once you're at melee range.
    - When Blindside goes on CD, hit Apex Predator to reset both hard hitter from the macro (Sudden Strike and Blindside)
    - Don't forget to always move so you don't cast Effervescent Blast without a proc.

    Some parse of the few times I was able to use the spec, usually before getting bursted down by being melee :
    [PVP] Sharkface MC Shotgun-fight-1.png
    [PVP] Sharkface MC Shotgun-fight-2.png
    [PVP] Sharkface MC Shotgun-fight-3.png

    You also have a little healing effect from Savage Excitement, even if it was nerf in the last patch aiming for %hp based healing effects.

    Saying it again, this spec here is only a first go, in theorycraft state, maybe some PvPer could do something with it, or just tell here if it don't work as much for you. I'm don't main PvP, some could have different opinion on this, feel free to post them here. If this spec end up being a failed attempt, then it will be a failed attempt among lot's of other ones :P.
    For me it's more than enough while waiting for my Wind Serpent to come back

    Have fun, and see you another time guys !

    Shas found the name, i have nothing to do with it <3
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    Great name i must say
    And while you browse, read and find help - consider leaving a like.
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