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Thread: [4.5] Pseudo tank

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    Default [4.5] Pseudo tank

    Hello everyone,
    About 1.5 year ago, after legendary hits got removed, i posted a thread with 3 hybrid tank specs in it. Since i already made the guide for the dd-tank spec, i started doing some more test on this pseudo-tank to do the guide.

    What's this spec ?

    This spec is made for tanking as well as bringing all the buff a pseudo support can give to your group.

    Why would you play this ?

    You find Pseudo support hard to play, or you prefer tanking with your primalist, then this spec could fit you better since it's easier to play than the dps alternative while remaining tanky and doing a decent dps for a support tank.

    Where can you use it ?

    On every boss currently in the game.

    What's the soul tree?

    Your base soul tree will look like this :

    Masteries are:
    - Indomitable
    - Shepherd's Care
    - Vulpine Cunning
    - Elemental Affinity
    - Savage Blow

    Legendaries are :
    - Primal Avatar : Ram
    - Essence Strike
    - Primal Savagery

    The other 2 will depend on which spec you want to play :

    -> If you want more AoE aggro for a boss like Isiel or Titan adds go with :

    The last legendaries will be
    - Underworld shards
    - Tailwind

    -> if you want 1 more support buff as well as a little more St dps use this one :
    Don't forget archon already cover the last buff you'll get so it's only usefull if you have some class in your group that will benefit for faster cast time or attack speed.

    Here the last legendaries will be :
    - Rend Spirit
    - Forced Apathy

    How to play the spec :

    Buffs :
    - Font ofRetaliation
    - Primal Savagery
    - Titanic Spirit

    Macros :

    AoE aggro spec :
    Spam macro :
    #show Essence Strike
    cast Savage Blow
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast Tailwind
    cast Earthquake
    cast Aerial Boon
    cast Crystalline Smash
    cast Crystalline Lance
    cast Titan's Fury
    cast Living Armor
    cast Essence Strike
    use Reliquary of Rage

    Support spec :
    Spam macro :
    #show Essence Strike
    cast Savage Blow
    cast Hastening Vigor
    cast Tailwind
    cast Earthquake
    cast Aerial Boon
    cast Crystalline Smash
    cast Crystalline Lance
    cast Titan's Fury
    cast Living Armor
    cast Essence Strike
    cast Rend Spirit
    use Reliquary of Rage

    Priorities :

    #1 - Stay, if possible, close to your group to give them the 5% damage buff from Primal savagery as well as the procced damage boost from Wild storm.
    #2 - Keep Bind Life/Air Lash up on your target (For the Supporter spec, also keep Forced Apathy up)
    #3 - Spam and survive.

    Little disclaimer :

    As pseudo support , you should never use Hurrican Breach, since the archon already cover this part. But if you still want to do it,
    1st tell your archon you'll do the magical/physical debuff on the boss because he won't know why his own debuff go away.
    2nd be sure you can keep them up 100% of the time because it will hurt your group dps by quite a bit.
    3rd, keep the spell on his separate key because you'll forget to take it away once you put it inside your spam macro.
    Also for easier AoE aggro, you can keep Earthquake on it's own keybind so you can use it slightly before pulling adds and building threat on them a little sooner.

    Parses :
    With the AoE aggro spec , i was able to keep about 400k ST dps on Azranel with this spec, so it's definitly worth playing over a regular tank if you don't have a pseudo support in your group.

    I hope this will help some of you play this spec, or even get the right macros/tree, since i already saw so many mistakes on this part of the spec.

    Enjoy the spec, and have a nice day everyone.
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    2 points to Berserker tree helps you reach full Fury and empower your Essence Strike with Eternal Weapon, which is not that easy with Mystic spells. 4 Maelstrom provides purge and makes this spec top Allajax carry. In this case your builder is Forced Apathy. You should maintain EW Fury buff to avoid downgrading Essence Strike because it is the only real source of healing for mystic tank.
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