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Thread: [4.5] DPS Tank

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    Default [4.5] DPS Tank

    Don't listen to threadsafe, he's been harassing, insulting, trashtalking and ordering me to do things when he can't prove a single words he say, keep it clean and ignore him in game and on forums for your own sake.

    Hello everyone,
    Nearly one year after i posted some hybrid tank specs, where i spoke about a dps tank, I was finally able to parse it in BoS. The first version of this spec was buffing and debuffing Titanic spirit for more damage and it was really annoying to play. Now i made the rotation much easier and after lot's of change and fine tunning, here is how it goes now !

    What's this spec ?
    It's a tank spec meant for off-tanking bosses that don't deal a lot of ST damage (like IrotP bosses or Azranel), or when you are used to the bosses you're fighting, you can even Main-tank them. For my test during the last BoS i was Main-tanking Azranel with this spec.

    Where can you use it ?
    As i said previously : All raid bosses that don't hit the tank like a truck (bad bad Isiel), IrotP and Azranel most of the time.

    What's the soul tree?


    Legendaries are :
    - Fury Blast
    - Molten Wave
    - Crystalline Smash
    - Rage of the Beast
    - Scything strike

    Masteries are :
    - Indomitable
    - Steadfast Rejunevation
    - Vulpine Cunning
    - Elemental Affinity
    - Savage Blow

    How to play the spec :

    Buffs :
    Titanic Spirit
    Font of Wit

    Gear :
    If you never played dps-tank before i advise you to use your full tank gear so you get a feel of the spec at first. Once you're confident with it and you kow your healer will keep you alive, you can swap to your full dps gear with the Heart of the Berserker trinket.

    Macros :

    Spam macro :
    #show Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Savage Blow
    cast Vorpal Salvo
    cast Scything Strike
    cast Serpent Tooth

    Scything strike macro :
    #show Scything Strike
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Scything Strike
    cast Serpent Tooth

    Fury blast macro :
    #show Fury Blast
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Fury Blast
    use Reliquary of Rage
    cast Serpent Tooth

    Molten wave macro :
    #show Molten Wave
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Molten Wave

    Thresher's maw macro :
    #show Thresher's Maw
    cast Crystalline Smash
    cast Panther Claw
    cast Thresher's Maw

    Start at full fury by casting an Avathar from another spec.
    Precast Rage of the Beast so you'll get it sooner at the start of the fight during your burst (ideally you want to pull once the cd on it is at 35sec)

    100 Fury from prepull -> Scything strike macro ->
    Fury blast macro -> Spam macro 1 time (40 fury) -> Molten wave macro -> Thresher's maw macro

    Harmony -> Spam macro 3 times -> Scything strike macro -> Fury blast macro -> Spam macro 1 time (40 fury) -> Molten wave macro -> Thresher's maw macro -> back to harmony

    It's played like every melee prima rotation going fury for Fury Blast dot and back to cunning for Thresher's Maw hard hitter.


    Azranel fight using this spec as main tank. I died once in the 1st spin because i was too greedy for max dps so i went back at melee range too fast. The fight ended with me at about 1.420m dps which is huge for a tank, and without this silly death , i should be able to hit 1.5m dps during this fight.
    Update :
    1.5 is done and definitly doable with this spec as tank :
    [4.5] DPS Tank-ddtank-azra-1.5.png

    Thanks for reading this, I hope you'll have fun doing some huge dps numbers as tank, as always feel free to change some little things here and there to suit your playstyle, have fun and have a nice day everyone !
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    Looks like you were top ST dps. Did you have any threat issues? How did it do on Titan with all the adds?

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    I didn't had threat issue at all during the azranel fight, all went very easily. Maybe if I had an Off-tank with more threat could been harder, but with another dps-tank it went really nice.

    I wasn't in this spec during Titan fight, but i think without any AoE taunt or spells , it will be hard to keep all adds on you with rogues and mage AoE burst. But if you can manage the add phase , Titan will be like azranel , fairly easy to tank as long as the healer keep focus on you.

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    Little update on the spec performance :
    I was able to Off tank Isiel with it, without too much difficulties, it can stand in Vindicator red aoe , take some mines on him (after 2 or 3 it's better to move out), can take isiel by itself without dying as long as healer keep healing you.

    [4.5] DPS Tank-ddtank-isiel.jpg

    Was also able to beat the 1.5m dps mark on azranel with it after some practice, which make it one of the highest dd-tank available atm.

    [4.5] DPS Tank-ddtank-azra.png

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