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Thread: Melee PL/Vulc + cleave

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    Default Melee PL/Vulc + cleave

    Hi everyone ,
    Long time ago , luisa made a melee spec for primalist and soon after, with primaschreiber we modified it a bit in order to give it an interrupt + the ability to cleave every minutes.
    The spec result in about the same ST dps as luisa spec (around 50k less dps average) but with an interrupt and the ability to cleave (around1.5m cleave dps with 8 target) when you need it.
    This is a 40% melee spec , so try to not stay at range for too long or you won't be able to do your rotation.

    The spec :


    Fury blast
    Molten Wave
    Scything strike
    Font of Bloodlust
    Rage of the Beast

    Font of Wit
    Font of Bloodlust

    Macros :
    SoB :
    #show Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Vorpal Salvo
    cast Scything Strike

    US :
    #show Underworld Shards
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Serpent Tooth
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast Vorpal Salvo
    cast Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Scything Strike

    SS :
    #show Scything Strike
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Scything Strike
    cast Serpent Tooth

    FB :
    #show Fury Blast
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Fury Blast
    use Reliquary of Rage
    cast Serpent Tooth
    cast Stroke of Brilliance

    MW :
    #show Molten Wave
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Serpent Tooth
    cast Molten Wave

    MS :
    #show Morbid Slash
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Panther Claw
    cast Morbid Slash

    TM :
    #show Thresher's Maw
    cast Rage of the Beast
    cast Thresher's Maw
    cast Panther Claw

    This spec is usefull for everyboss with adds , i mean Irotp last boss or Isiel / Titan X in BOS for example.

    The rotation are the exact same as luisa's spec , so i'll just paste here his one :

    Quote Originally Posted by Iuisa View Post
    Regular rotation (somewhat less dps but still ok)
    make sure when you go through the rotation you hit the macros enough times that you trigger a global cooldown
    starting at harmony:
    SoB -> US -> SS -> FB -> SoB -> MW -> MS -> TM

    that's it, just repeat that through the entire fight. I'm not gonna write down a ranged rotation ill let u all figure that out for those super long disconnects

    NOW, For all you people who like to min/max or just want more dps in general. Well, you will like this spec. several ways to min max:

    Better dps rotation:
    Use the scorpion pierce ability from PL to push yourself to full fury, then (if you have time before pull) precast rage of the beast 30 secs before pull. THEN MAKE SURE to unequip and re-equip your vostigar trinket to reset the internal cooldown before pull.

    US -> if scything strike auto procs after u cast US go immediately to FB, otherwise -> (SS -> FB) -> SoB -> MW -> MS -> TM -> SoB Rinse and repeat

    if at any point after you cast US scything strike auto procs, skip SS and go straight to FB, this can be easily tracked by kalerts.
    The only different thing is that here you have Beacon of the drake and Ancestral force for cleaving. You want to use them during RotB and with a procced SS , in order to max their damage. If you don't feel the need to cleave yet , you can still use the proc with a FB like said in the rotation.
    Another thing is that Beacon of the drake is a dps gain for ST dps with RotB and proc SS even when you don't need to cleave so feel free to use it on a single target too.

    Quick parse so you can see how it perform on a dummy selfbuffed :
    ST dps :
    Melee PL/Vulc + cleave-melee-pl-cleave.png
    Cleave dps 8 targets :
    Melee PL/Vulc + cleave-cleave-meleepl.jpg

    Kalert (from luisa's post)
    Quote Originally Posted by Iuisa View Post
    my kalert set for this spec:
    KA::ADpvOeNqtkttuwjAMhl+lT8DqNE1b5aoHIk3aSYxpN0hVW kKJ6AG1YVN3ePelATa2wcTFFDl
    ykl+2PztWl/dqKeuCAp3Sdcl70RqXabvfvVn3qpUrQUMCQIIkihyPORixhNpa y/Sy9ZrIhaIJV/x
    OxKRlb1VTKlFbz/xJHDCMFG8LoT5Rrreqx0EVopjE2ENgo8Rxx5HzB4ZUotoxrFtZ 8VJ2Kt2mTIe
    UhsGzMfVcoB4Z+dsNRkSHfO0Uz1fdO53e3n0R2SadZmAniFpeC KtZWGoprEzwTh2bzZXQPZ3ztrc
    MYYiBgAeQEB+fzTN8u6LXTazAgPg20iDBLxB6pPoTH+4DG4j3g g
    If you don't need to cleave at all during the fight , it's better to use luisa's spec. Currently it's the top melee dps spec for prima , and the top dps in the game at the time i write this guide.
    Even while running 2 time during the fight , it's still higher than any other really good player dps' as you can see on Bamu's spreadsheet :
    Melee PL/Vulc + cleave-top-20.jpg

    I hope you'll enjoy the spec , and have fun !
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    Well done Hokhmah and everyone else who worked on this. This will definitely be a nice spec to have on hand.
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    I like it.

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