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Thread: [4.5] Primalist tank

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    Default [4.5] Primalist tank

    Hello everyone,
    I’m posting the tank spec i’m using sometimes when i’m able to tank in raids.
    Primalist don’t really need to do others things that DD or support , since they are king atm in those roles, that’s why i don’t play it in BoS where you want the highest possible dps. But you can still play it if you are the main tank or you just want to tank as primalist.
    I played the 5 class as tank , and i prefer a lot the primalist tank , i feel like it take a lot less damage than the other, and his cd kit + the spell he have all fit my playstyle.

    What's the soul tree?


    Legendaries are :
    - Upheaval
    - Primal Avatar: Ram
    - One of the other Legendary from Titan, it don’t really matter , i prefer Essence Strike .
    - Underworld Shards
    - Vine Whip

    Masteries are :
    61 : Indomitable
    62 : Shepherd’s care
    63 : Ursine Tenacity
    64 : Primal Rage
    65 : Ancestral Force

    How to play the spec :

    Buffs :

    Titanic Spirit
    Font of Retaliation

    Macros :

    Spam Macro :
    #show Titan’s Fury
    cast Earthquake
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast Icefall
    cast Vine Whip
    cast Essence Strike
    cast Titan’s Fury
    cast Crystalline Smash
    cast Crystalline Lance
    cast Upheaval

    Self heal Macro :
    #show Ancestral Force
    cast @self Ancestral Force

    Others spell in your bar :
    Epicenter (AoE grab)
    Essence Tap (ST taunt)
    Life Bond( Intercept)
    Lifewalk (Teleport)
    Overwhelm (Interrupt)
    Primal Avatar : Ram (your Big CD)
    Primal Roar (AoE taunt)
    Temper (20% damage reduction for 4sec)
    Vitrify (40% damage reduction for 10sec)
    Upheaval (Make the hitting monsters deal less damage)
    No Witnesses (Give all your threat to a target , usually the other tank to be sure you don’t take the boss back after the switch)

    You just need to spam and use your cd at the right moment , like every other tank spec, i don’t know what i can tell you to do, just trust your healer don’t use your CDs when you don’t need to, and run out of them when you really need something to protect you.

    My Action bar :
    [4.5] Primalist tank-actionbartank.png

    Other possible Specs :
    You can also change a bit the spec and take what you need in other souls. For example if you want the Crit debuff from dervish you can use this tree.
    Or if you want more heal on yourself and the group , something like this.
    I won't give the macros for those spec , but you can ask if you need them. They are also really good specs for raids , i already cleared BoS with all of them.

    Thanks for reading , as always , feel free to change this to suit your playstyle, and ask questions if you need.
    Have a nice day and enjoy the game.
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