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Thread: My Maelstrom Primalist isn't furious enough!

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    Default My Maelstrom Primalist isn't furious enough!

    My Maelstrom Primalist's fury often doesn't mount up enough to cast "Molten Wave". At level 33, I start the attack with "Effervescent Blast" (+20Fury), then "Searing Plasma" (+30 Fury) and then "Scald" (+20 Fury). Sometimes after Searing Plasma, "Molten Wave" becomes available and sometimes it takes until "Scald" has been cast.

    The problem is that, more often than not, the fury dissipates before I have a chance to cast Molten Wave. Given that is provides a group attack, I would like to be able to predict when it will be available.

    Have I got the wrong idea? Any help would be gratefully received! Thanks.

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    Default Boiling Rage

    If you've spec'ed into "Boiling Rage" in the Maelstrom tree (3rd line), Fury will deplete over time. This is part of the Maelstrom soul mechanic, which is why this passive doesn't have a good synergy with other souls - depending how you want to play them.

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    Didn't Keyens destroy Mael before he flew the coop??

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