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Thread: 1 button Berseker guide

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    Default 1 button Berseker guide

    Aight so Im pretty bored and servers are down so decided to be lil "helpful",
    Will do a in depth guide later but for now just have this

    legendaries: Deathly tendrils no witnesses Avatar: Tiger raging waters seismic smash

    #show spirit's wrath
    cast Primal Avatar: Tiger
    cast Whirlpool
    cast Planar Spout
    cast Spirit's Wrath
    cast @focus No Witnesses
    cast Deathly Tendrils
    cast Underworld Shards
    cast icefall
    cast Shatterfrost
    cast Low Stability
    cast Icy Cleave

    Buffs: Font of Wrath and Residual pain

    if you wanna be better than a 1 button Nublet, put Ethereal corruption, Morbid slash for spreading Eth Corrup, and Ancestral force for some more aoe power,

    if you wanna play 4 button, use eth corruption before pressing spam macro, press spam a few times, then when a few seconds is left to Spirit's wrath falling off, use morbid slash to spread it, then Ancestral Force, then keep up Eth Corrup by using morbid slash here and there between your spamming
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