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Thread: Maelstrom for PVP

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    Default Maelstrom for PVP

    So I get asked around 5 times a day how do i (me) play maelstrom in pvp, here's a really rough crappy guide.

    31 Maelstrom
    4 Vulcanist (AP/WD)
    4 Typhoon (AP/WD)

    Masteries - 4 4 1 1 3 bottom to top left to right

    #show effervescent blast
    cast Effervescent Blast
    cast Searing Plasma
    cast Scald

    #show vaporize
    cast Vaporize
    cast Effervescent Blast
    cast Searing Plasma

    #show Summon: Flashpoint Beacon
    target @self
    cast @gtae Summon: Flashpoint Beacon

    #show Spiritualism
    cast @self Spiritualism

    Other abilities on bar:

    Fury Blast
    Break Free
    Fading Light
    Blast Wave
    Resilient Hide
    Relentless Pursuit

    What to track:
    Singed Spirit
    Building Pressure
    Explosive Potential
    Font of Sublimation
    Flashpoint stacks
    Fury Blast

    The idea:

    Singed spirit is your best OP friend. It makes everything ethereal for the next 8 seconds, basically meaning everything does double damage! During singed spirit, apply excoriate so the final tick does 30k not 15k, vaporize a lot, your weakest vaporize will be 15k-15k non crit instead of 7k-7k non crit.

    Make sure pressurize is up all the time, prefferbly find some ranger pet and put it on it. Purge marksmans because you actually have utility now.
    Use fury blast to get fast building pressure stacks for stronger vaporizes.
    Only use vaporize above 15 building pressure stacks unless it's during singed spirit.
    Preferably try using thresher when you have singed spirit up and 20 stacks of building pressure and you hear a vaporize crit and you proc thresher mid air to a 40k-40k-20k-20k hit.
    If you use thresher right after you consume 20 building pressure stacks with the method above, you'll have another 20 building pressure stacks for another big attack.
    Subsume is cool, it stuns people and makes them run away and does lots of damage when they run away because they're dumb.
    Drown sucks, dont bother unless you're right next to them.
    To stack vaporizes with a stun, cast a vaporize with EP, then use relentless pursuit off-gcd and use an instant cast proc vaporize again to make 2 stack at the same time with a stun.
    Spam the beacon macro so you never run out of beacon.
    Don't stop running, spam scald, its a good attack in pvp.
    Use blastwave a lot, its overpowered as. Knocks everything back around you 5 times with damage.
    If assassin or shaman open up you use blast wave and you are invincible for 5 gcd's - also purge the assassin or subsume the shaman after blast wave is over.
    If you're up against a rangeagon or rangebinger, use flame walker and run away really fast and then cry because they have 10x better running abilities then you do.
    Use your 2 break free's wisely.
    You have passive heals and damage reduction omfg!
    Blow people up til it gets nerfed!

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    the memes were dank

    I like to add
    cast Abyssal Crystal
    to vaporize macro for extra fudgery


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    Default Nice

    Rough and nasty guide, I had quite a laugh reading it

    Thank you so much Munch for your guides
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