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Thread: 3.4 Vulcanist PVP Build

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    Default 3.4 Vulcanist PVP Build

    First and foremost I cannot take credit for this build, other than the Planar Attunment choices this build was created by Grimm and I have a link to his video below that explains the choices he made.

    The Build: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#!0g/RkBl9ix0/N8|_s_M
    Planar Attunement: http://rift.magelo.com/en/planar-att...___Y/9OGZTsGZS

    +++ Stat Priority: Dex > Attack Power > Crit Power > Crit Chance

    +++ The Buffs:
    Font of Will

    +++ Bar Layouts:
    Bar1: Spam Macro, Molten Wave, Burst Macro, Ethereal Beamn, Prescision Bolt, Conflaguarte, Summon Drake, Primal Warp, Heal Macro, Break Free, Mount
    Bar2: Lava lance, Grasping root, Skill shot

    +++ The Macros:

    #show Stroke of Brilliance
    cast Vorpal Salvo
    cast Rage Spike
    cast Stroke of Brilliance

    #show Primal Avatar: Drake
    cast Primal Avatar: Drake
    cast Skill Shot

    #show Ancestral Force
    cast @self Ancestral Force

    +++ KAlerts:
    +++ Rotations

    Normal Rotation:
    Precision Bolt + Conflaguration (keep those 2 up), Spam Macro till fury 100%, Skill Shot, Make sure PB & Conflag still up), Spam Macro till fury 100%, Molten Wave, Spam Macro One Time, Molten Wave

    * Normally the mob will be dead before the second Molten Wave.
    * Note that Skill Shot is not part of a macro, keep it separate because if you get rooted in PvP Skill Shot will channel and can't be broken out of, so this gives you more control over when to use it.

    Burst roation (you can burn someone down fast if all your cooldowns are up): Precision Bolt, Conflaguration, Burst Macro, Etherial Beam

    * Skill shot is in the burst macro because this will all happen so fast whoever gets hit will be more focused on reacting AFTER the fact.

    NOTE: As you get more comfortable with the build, you can get more DPS and more control by pulling skills out of the macro.

    +++ Grimm's video going over the build:

    Have fun with it, this build is crazy powerful and fun to play! It will only get more powerful as you learn to play it without the macros.

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    While I love watching Grim's videos, I just wanted to ask before I watch this one: Does he address which rune to use Attack power vs Dex? I would think Dex as that is what I am used to on most other classes... but there is 16% * 3 bonuses to attack power in a 4/4 spec. Never tried both, wondering if someone else has done it, or is it not worth the diff for either to worry about.

    I am loving my Vulcanist in PVP now that I have almost all my pieces replaced with Boxes/currencies

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    Don't think he does

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    suggestion, you are not utilizing fury blast which would increase your sustain and burst damage.
    also it's called font of wit (to avoid confusing new players)
    you also want to prioritize crit power in a burst build over attack power
    I would take stroke out of the spam macro as it will do significantly less damage depending when used.

    Your rotation is also probably based on old information, molten wave got nerfed and doing molten wave > filler > molten wave will not result in more damage than just using it once and going back up to 100 fury then using it again. It will result, however, in having to stand still for a much longer time making you vulnerable to bad positioning. I'd suggest not having a set rotation and instead thinking if you can safely hit a few people at a time, do consecutive molten waves and if you can not, then don't.

    you might want to add to your burst macro
    cast @gtae summon: beacon of the drake
    putting it right under the primal avatar will add that extra bit of dot damage that kills your target.


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