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Thread: Soloing some SPE's as Mage

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    Default Soloing some SPE's as Mage

    Some ideas can also be used for tanking SPE's with regular 5 man groups in more efficient way.

    Gyel Fortress:
    Seathe + trash skip (Warlock): https://youtu.be/JSLEdNr_Cwo (~3 minutes)
    Houndmaster Kytus (Warlock): https://youtu.be/8Gh58HguhjI (~3 minutes)
    Glasya (Arbiter): https://youtu.be/q94ZTP4qxOQ (~12 minutes) This one looks like the most difficult 5man boss, especially with my 450k health. If you can do it faster, will be nice to see video here or at least some suggestions about it. You can do it easily with Necro or Ele tank pet, but since pet is immune to "Void", which makes this boss absolutely unique, i consider it as bug use.
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