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Thread: Comprehensive Chloromancer 2020

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    Cool Comprehensive Chloromancer 2020

    This is a collection of the most potent and fun Chloromancer builds which have prooven themselves alot of times now.

    4.x heavily favors quick healing tickrates and keeping up passive heals (/shields)
    Your goal is to create a thick coat with alot of individual healing ticks rather than slow chunky burstheals.

    6 Stormcaller for Living Storm is the most powerful combination with your Lifegiving Veil.
    It ticks 16 times in 15 seconds onto 1-9 targets. Every tick will procc Lifegiving Veil.
    If you apply Living Storm with one Eternal stack, ALL Veil ticks will recieve the same bonus.
    Eternal-Veil-Storm is very easy to use and your best friend. Keep it up at all times and it will cover your back while you cleanse, run, hide etc.

    A single 15sec Living Storm can deliver up to 1440 ticks of Lifegiving Veil and have them transfer up to 43,200,000 in Eternal bonus out of a single Eternal stack. Just this one funky dot. But it is fundamental that you exclusively refresh it with the Eternal running!

    More details about Abilities:

    Special Equipment: Synnergy Crystal ''Diviner's Crystal'' | Trinket ''Wrath of the Berzerker''

    -> Always start with a Vile Spores- hardcast to get your Eternal bonus asap.

    The Beginerfriendly (easy free to play)
    +Easy, free to play
    -Mana hungry, low damage
    61|10|5 The beginner (runspeed)
    Keep up with your team, easily run out of danger. Beginner Chloro to get used to Living Storm.
    Put the 4 points from Ele into Stormcaller 'High Voltage' for less dmg taken if you want.

    Versitile and smooth allrounder (recommendet)
    +Solid allrounder, easy, full mana
    -Heal overkill, low damage
    61|9|6 Very mobile and easy default Chloro
    Can turn hours of wiping into easy kills for very little effort.
    This version is by far the easyest and well roundet pve Chloro and will perform in all situations.
    Soloheal Silgen while jumping around, Soloheal Raidrifts. The power vs effort is unparalleled- just don't sleep on your Living Storm.
    54|6|16 Chloro with FK barriers based on the ''Turret-Chloro''
    The more tryhard Variant with Fk barriers.

    Bamu's house brand damage Chloro (rare)
    +High damage with full healer utility, free 2 play
    -Mana hungry, Demands target uptime
    54|16|4 High dps Chloromancer (~600k), very immobile version, no Living Storm.

    Very spammy semi- healer (exotic)
    +Superb active heals, fully mobile, free 2 play
    -Mana hungry, no cleanse, no rezz, demands target uptime
    8|58|10 The Barrage ''58Ele-''Chloro
    Very high healing and damage output. Very spammy. Only direct heals, no cleanse, no rezz.
    4 Barrel Flak machine gun and respective Veil tickrates.

    Ideal Azranel- offtank (recommendet)
    +Ideal Heal+offtank combination
    -Mana hungry, very poor tank utility, terrible threat
    54|16|6 Chloro-tank for Azranel etc
    Chloro with a taunt


    Do not hesitate to just refresh Living Storm early. You do not need to wait until it's over to re-apply; and refreshing it early in easy phases drastically lowers the chance that it runs out during those demanding 10 seconds here and there.

    -> Having anything close to your Boss/ main target such as Azranel Pillars or Tarjula Souls will multiply the already strong effect of Living Storm, Corrosive Spores and Nature's Fury

    -> Things that Chloro has but a PoA pve Chloro can forget about:
    Synthesis and Lifebound Veil: It's designed to create stronger heals on a single target- PoA Lifegiving Veil already heals more+ quicker heals and affects more people.
    Symbiosis: Bound to Lifebound Veil
    Natural Splendor: It's only viable with the eternal bonus- but even then it's a relatively slow ticking channel that let's your Corrosive Spores run out. If using it- then only with eternal and only for max 4 seconds.
    Void Life: It's designed for Lifebound Veil. It's only use its to get very quick stacks of ''Boon of Life'' for instant Healing Torrents.

    Why not 11 Harbinger?
    Piercing Beam can look ok on paper, but minus the Spellpower, it only provides 9% healing done (Harbinger not giving 1% healing per point spent in the first place).
    Letting Living Storm do the heavy lifting on heals and properly manage Entropic Veil in situations you need it will just double your performance for little effort
    If you go for heals, increase the tickrates. If you go for damage, use damage that bypasses dmg penalties (LEF).
    -> There is this strange rumor that Piercing Beam, Eldrich Armor or Charged Blade somehow affect Vile Spores by nature- they do not give you ''free instant casts'' by default. Please read the tooltips if you still believe they do.

    If you are new to te circus, defenitly start with the first version and get familiar with everything. Then you can try out LEF vs Missiles and decide which flavor you like better before heading for alternate builds.

    -> Healing Meta is fast& even tickrates, many hots and mobility.

    The very general versions, like the Frost keeper ones will do the job perfectly in all situations. However, you can influence your Chloromancer's behavior and thus gameplay alot by it's offsouls and trade overkill heals into damage or overclock the heals for higher demand.

    Get a feel on what encounter demands movements, high sustained heals, heal burst phases, or can take some extra damage.

    I personaly have the Chloro with 6FK, the Barrage Chloro and the Chloro Tank available at all times.

    The only 4 Kalerts you really need for all versions.
    d5e4+fE94tEZqChRK2GnZoe2vRViPVm2ljoRB23RgWoNAgvPgI mEt1cbDTHp5u3p+WMkXpZXv1qp
    EOYaytbRdJDRu0fjQfNHaCh3wTPBkIqjI4+k4I1QMJsGQyqJTz tMjAWOQsuRKggXWtZXuG8XIS9u
    This post is directly taken from:
    and reposted into guides for convenience.
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    Actually the easiest spec to start with if you have Eternal Weapon is 54 Chloro / 16 Frost / 6 Storm. There is easy to play AFK Corrosive Spores -> bolt -> Living Storm -> Grab Your Tea -> bolt -> Corrosive Spores -> Living Storm -> Tea -> repeat. Use Earth barrier on tank to deny most damage in afk mode. Use instant bolts if you hate casting. Be ready to push "Wild Growth" as huge healing cd. Use cast @focus Bloom with focus on tank if tank/raid takes big hit. This spec makes most other AoE specs not viable because of no penalty for Eternal Weapon healing for non-chloromancer AoE DoT's (Living Storm/Hailstorm etc).
    Both 61 chloro specs listed above have no real pros if you have last stage of Eternal because of huge healing by AoE DoT's, but making your tank your weak spot.
    There is also Bugged x2 spec https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...al4/!89c2|TKXM with legendary Ride The Wind -> instant @gtae Hailstorm healing.
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    I finally found some time to make video about chloromancer. Here is dummy test for fights with adds: https://youtu.be/YV0k0Tg7wxo.
    As you can see this spec doing 600k healing each second, which doesn't count barriers and Tank healing amplifications. You always have lot of time to fill with cooldowns or something else, which is "don't really matters" (c). I have no idea how you can lose 800k hp tank with this. Note that you have no-gcd healing cd which refreshes really fast (legendary Earthen Renewal). Also you have no-gcd Mending Response and Natural Conversion.

    <TO DEVELOPERS> I asking to get rid of Living Storm again, this ability doing too much for no effort. This promotes idiots to become gods, but this will not improve image of this game. It heals better than warriors Stand Tall, it actually heals all raid members with better rates if you have adds. This spec will still do 300k/sec if you completely disable Living Storm, but it will be at least fair.
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    I assume this guide is focused on level 70 players. I just returned to the game and haven't quite reached level 70 yet, so I don't have the eternal weapon yet. Also, I'm currently free to play, so I'm using the "beginner" build.

    In my case, the Nature's Fury was a large loss in healing, so I removed it from the spam macro. I'm guessing that with the eternal weapon Nature's Fury becomes much better?

    In addition, the living storm only seems to be a healing increase for me if there are multiple targets or if the enemy has enough health to last the full duration of the living storm. Otherwise, it is a healing loss too before 70.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NecromancerLord View Post
    Both is loss for you, wait for eternal, it will add fixed amount of healing for each healing tick from LGV. Living storm will become game changer with eternal if you have multiple enemies.
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