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Thread: is chloromancer/harbinger hybrid still viable?

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    Default is chloromancer/harbinger hybrid still viable?

    pretty much the title, was looking for chloromancer/harbinger hybrid guide, didnt find any, so here i am. would be nice if anyone got any links to guides. ty all

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    Never heard there is any Chloro/Harbinger hybrid, but I presume you are looking for 61Harb/9Chloro/6Arb.
    If so, you can find it on Bamu's Mage BiS List

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    Chlorobringer is possible for dungeons but then on 70, chlorohealing shifts dramatically towards Primary bolt spam.

    Ontop of that, unlike SL, Lifegiving Veil now reduces dmg done by 50% and Harb needing 61p for passive slash dmg.

    Speaking of hybrid means not going for a filled up tree so i think you meant the SL melee heal one.

    // 61 11lock 4arb is bis for Harb dps (1.3-1.4)
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