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Thread: Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc

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    Default Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc


    - This is not a beginners friendly guide, it may not be easy for some people. And I'll be using quite an amount of abbreviations and/or jargons assuming you know your spec and have read the soul perk by perk and have a basic understanding of how the soul works. If you find this "elitism" disgusting, feel free to click away.

    - This spec has been existing and viable for a long time. With the 07/11/18 patch, almost every BOS group with warriors and rogues took a hit in performance. Therefore I intend to write this guide for the mages in the group so they can be more versatile and provide more wiggle room for your groups to squeeze out more dps.

    - I'll be skipping some minor details of non-core spells. As the guide is to showcase how to play the spec. For further details you should read your soul and your spells one by one.

    - This spec is most likely used for BOS 2nd boss. So I'll elaborate under the 2nd boss mechanics assuming you know the fight. If you have not killed 2nd boss before. Please make sure you ask your guildies/friends or search for some kill videos to prevent confusion when you read further along.

    [This guide is viable for 4.5 Patch]

    Version 7 , last edited on November 28th, 2018

    - 11/28/18: Edited layout of the guide for easier navigation to different sections. Updated contact information.
    - 10/28/18: Updated description of ST cleanse macro.
    - 09/08/18: Added more info and description about L.bloom timing for Commander situation in the "tips" section.
    - 08/14/18: Added info about eternal stacks consumption. Added more screenshots for showcasing.
    - 07/31/18: Thanks to comment section reminder, changes in rotation section due to 07/11/18 patch changes.
    - 07/25/18: Fixed some minor error with picutre in Kalert section. Minor editing through out the whole thread. Add more contact info at the bottom of the guide.
    - 07/17/18: Added more info about Ground Zero and correlated barriers, Transcendent Abjuration in the "When do I use my CDs?" section.
    - 07/15/18: Added more description for soul points and Legendary Bloom. Added more infos in the tips section. Added more screenshots of BOS 2nd fight. Edited some minor layout.
    - 07/13/18: Added more info about different variations of FK. Added trivia section. Edited a lot of explanations through the whole thread. Some grammatical and typo corrections.


    This spec is a tank heal, and a raid heal at the same time if conditions are met. This spec is most likely used for BOS 2nd boss only where other bosses (T1 & T2) don't require such a strong tank healer as some other raid heal specs or healing hybrid specs can already handle the healing.

    - This spec requires at least 2nd last stage of your eternal stick.
    - Use Diviner's Crystal


    Abbreviations / Jargons:

    In order to save some time for names of long spell names, the following list shows abbreviations for the spells and some jargons.

    - Legendary = L.
    - Lifegiving Veil = LGV
    - Mending Response = MR
    - Ground Zero = GZ
    - Living Storm = LS
    - Entropic Veil = EV
    - Legendary Bloom = L.bloom
    - Vile Spores = VS
    - Transcendent Abjuration = TA
    - Eternal Preservation = EP
    - Earthen Renewal = ER
    - Hail Blast = HB
    - Global Cool Down = gcd
    - off Global Cool Down = ogcd / non-gcd
    - Target of Target = ToT / TOT


    Soul Points:



    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-soul-renewed.jpg

    - the one point in Nature's Corrosion in chloro soul could switch to Empowered Veil for wider LGV radius. The reason I choose Nature's Corrosion over Empowered Veil is because it will make Vile Spores leave a damage-over-time (dot) on the target, and the first tick of said dot will trigger extra LGV tick. If you or your group has issues with people running out of your heal range, feel free to choose Empowered Veil.


    Stormcaller - Legendary Raging Storm (LRS)
    Forstkeeper - Legendary Ground Zero (LGZ), Legendary Eternal Preservation (LEP), Legendary Transcendent Abjuration (LTA)
    Chloromancer - Legendary Bloom


    Lv 65 - Mending Response (you can choose Phantom Stream but I'll explain why I prefer Mending in this spec later on)
    Lv 64 - Calculated Annihilation
    Lv 63 - Coalesced Resolve (you can use Mental Cynosure if you are in charge of the cleansing as well but personally prefer 100% hp + 30% mit after rez)
    Lv 62 - Healing Expertise
    Lv 61 - Overflowing Vitality or Arcanist's Shield (you can choose Bulwark of Souls if you somehow using other variants or using vile spores. I'll elaborate more later on)


    #show earthen renewal
    cast Telluric Burst
    cast Earthen Renewal
    cast Hail Blast

    ST Cleanse:
    #show expel harm
    cast @group01 expel harm
    cast @group02 expel harm
    cast @group03 expel harm
    cast @group04 expel harm
    cast @group05 expel harm
    cast @group06 expel harm
    cast @group07 expel harm
    cast @group08 expel harm
    cast @group09 expel harm
    cast @group10 expel harm
    (feel free to C&P this up to @group20 but there's no need since we don't have 20man raid anymore the shorter the macro the better. And if you don't trust the coding that sometimes register the pets as players and miss the cleanse on actual players like lava field(which is why if you don't pick combat alacrity and lava limited to 10 targets so some players don't get lava sometimes) , you can make it to @group 13-15ish for safety reasons, depends on how many mages are in the group)

    Frozen ground:
    #show frozen ground
    cast @gtae frozen ground

    cb rez:
    #show suspended reanimation
    cast suspended reanimation
    raid cb rez --%t--

    LGV on:
    #show lifegiving veil
    cast lifegiving veil
    raid LGV -on-

    Earthen Barrier: (optional)
    #show earthen barrier
    cast earthen barrier
    raid Earthen Barrier on --%t--

    Minimal Buttons you need separately on your bars:

    Besides the macros above, your mage armor and your three barriers. You will at least need to have separated keybinds for the following spells:

    - Expel Boon
    - Mending Response
    - Ground Zero
    - Withering Vine
    - Living Storm
    - Cold Snap
    - Entropic Veil
    - Bloom (not macro'd, drag it directly from your spell book)
    - Earthmending
    - Transcendent Abjuration
    - Infuse Magic
    - Eternal Preservation
    - Radiant Spores
    - Rime
    - Telluric Burst (despite having TB in the macro, have another button separated so you can monitor the cd)
    - Hail Blast
    - Frozen Wind
    - Frigid Embrace (optional, I'll elaborate more later on)
    - Earthen Renewal (optional, depends on your variant. I'll again elaborate more later on)

    What my bar and buttons look like:
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-buttons.jpg

    With RABC:
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-buttons-rabc.jpg


    As I mentioned, this guide is written under the impression of using it for BOS 2nd boss. Therefore, rotation will be adjusted for said situation.

    - First, make sure your ToT is turned on. If you can't find it, it's in the

    settings > interface > combat > check "cast on target's target"

    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-tot.jpg
    (Remember to turn it off when you switch to dps specs)

    - Put Crystal Barrier on main tank and Frost Barrier on off tank

    Tank counting down & pulling(boss moving to position):
    1 - Hail Blast once
    2 - Earthmending, put Earthen Barrier on the link spec chantion(warlord version)
    3 - TB > withering vine > LS
    4 - [Spam] macro until you saw ER has been casted twice
    5 - HB for eternal upkeep
    6 - [Spam] Macro
    7 - keep up withering vine and LS
    8 - keep Radiant Spores up
    9 - Repeat

    This is the basic rotation of this spec. It looks pretty simple and in fact, very simple. Now I'll add in the manual CDs. And again I'll use BOS 2nd boss as the imaginary situation to showcase how to use the CDs.

    Your real rotation would be:

    Tank counting down & pulling(boss moving to position)
    1 - Hail Blast once (to gain eternal stacks, due to 07/11/18 patch changes. LGV no longer able to be snapshotted under eternal effect. It will only be buffed when you have eternal stacks. In this case you can put on LGV before pull)

    2 - Earthmending (you can basically 100% upkeep this since cd and duration are both 30s. Put this on to heal the tank while the boss is moving towards position and gives you time to put on eternal'd barrier), put Earthen Barrier on the link spec chantion(warlord version)

    3 - TB (again for tank damage)> withering vine > LS (in this step, vindicator will soon cast Lightning Burst, either in between withering vine and LS gcd, or right after it. You can HB once to gain eternal stacks if needed)

    4 - L.bloom when boss is about to finish casting Lightning Burst (to heal the tank with bloom and fire off 5 VS to trigger LGV. You will have to do this step for the entire fight. Usually you should use it right when the boss finished casting, that's if you are stacking on the tank which means when you are in phase one or P1. When you are in P2, the commander comes out, depends on where you are standing, if you are stacking with the melee dps after vindicator is repaired and active again then you should use it on the timing as same as P1. And you should set focus on the vindicator as soon as it is repaired and active again. However, if you are standing out prematurely, which is fine, or reaching P3, after commander's hp has dropped to 50%. When you are in the ranged stack point, You should pay attention to when the commander will be casting Lightning Whirl. Taking VS travel time into consideration, to fire L.bloom about 0.5s before commander finishes casting Lightning Whirl. This step needs some practice to catch the timing right. You can also practice this part with chlorochon/healchon in this fight, which both have the same assignment in this particular part)

    5 - [Spam] macro until ER has been casted twice (if you have to use CDs use them first you can get cast time reduced or instant ER very easily)

    6 - HB for eternal upkeep (HB once to twice depends on if your TB's CD due to shoving L.bloom and several other CDs in between your [Spam] macro, as well as upkeeping eternal stacks to continue buffing LGV)

    7 - [Spam] Macro (if your TB is in cd and you know you had already cast ER twice, HB instead of spam)

    8 - keep up withering vine and LS (make sure LS is 100% upkeep in P1 in order to trigger LGV ticks to heal the tanks and raid. When vindicator reaches 60% going into P2. Target the remaining adds and put on LS, preferably one of the melee adds so LS could ae the surroundings and trigger more LGV ticks. If you have spared gcds, target the remaining adds and put on multiple withering vine, max 3 targets)

    9 - keep Radiant Spores up (if you have a healchon at the same time, let the chon upkeep this)

    10 - Repeat

    which spells consume eternal stacks?

    - Surprisingly some of the CDs don't actually consume eternal stacks.The following list shows
    yes, referring to the spell consuming stacks and,
    no, referring to not consuming:

    Lifegiving Veil (LGV) = Yes
    Frozen wind = Yes
    Earthen Renewal = Yes
    Bloom = Yes
    Earthmending = Yes
    Living Storm = Yes
    Ground Zero = Yes

    Telluric Burst = No
    Transcendent Abjuration = No
    Infuse Magic = No
    Eternal Preservation = No
    Withering Vine = No
    Mending Response = No
    All three barriers = No (but earthen barrier scales up with eternal, similar to LGV)

    (p.s. due to 07/11/18 patch change, LGV no longer able to be snapshotted under eternal effect, which means you will have to shove a lot more HB in between the steps above to keep LGV being eternal buffed. I suggest spending some time practice to adapt the changes. It's equally important to eternal buff your LGV as well as your TB/ER in both P1 with lots of adds dealing multiple hits and P2 commander's heavy hits plus mine damage.)

    When do I use my CDs?

    Again i'll use specific timing for BOS 2nd boss

    Ground Zero:
    A - when tanks are swapping between adds & vindicator in P1. (chantion due to the link will get quite an amount of damage and aggro quite easily from the incoming adds. Which the chantion should be focusing on MT while FK focusing on OT and be able to heal the link-chant at the same time.)

    B - when shifting from P1 into P2 (Beware of OT being too far out as trying to taunt vindicator after it comes out from repair stage. You can either go out from the stack point get OT within heal range while bewarying of frontal cleave, or try to heal target link-chant and heal OT through the link-chant under the duration of Ground Zero)

    You can try to put Earthen and Frost on both tanks respectively in P1 so you can heal both tanks in P1 whenever you use GZ. However, you might need to pay a bit more attention to the tank with Earthen Barrier since tanks in this boss in normal circumstances with enough sustain hps, needs more absorb/mitigation (Crystal or Frost) rather than reactive healing (Earthen). And swapping barriers midfight takes gcds. It's up to you to decide whether to do this, or have the link-chant focus on MT while you focus on OT and link-chant until commanders comes out and vindicator in position.

    Transcendent Abjuration:
    A - when you made mistake about L.bloom timing and used it prematurely, before vindicator finishes the casting and actually deal damage. (you can use TA to immediately provide emergency heals to all 3 targets whom you have barriers on, followed by HB but be aware of the travel time)

    B - when there are tons of mines or the boss is closed to dead. (you can theoretically use it on cd after 50% but with condition, which is there are mines damaging the tank. if there isn't any mine using TA would be wasting it. If not, use it for the last 10% of the boss or when you messed up about L.bloom timing)

    C - when tanks are close to dead. (sometimes when MT dies due to multiple mines, cannonblast or healers missing voltaic CDs. For whatever reasons, when MT died and both bosses going towards OT. You can use Infuse Magic first, and TA in combination when commander hits the OT, for OT and the other healer to have time to react and catch up, as well as buying some time for either you or the other healer to spare the gcd rezzing the MT or alerting the raid to get ready to move when mines start going towards the stack point due to vindicator being much closer to the stack point)

    Cold Snap:
    A - when tanks are getting heavy hits

    B - when you running out for time charges (TB and ER don't need you to face your target)

    C - while shifting from P1 into P2 where tanks are positioning as the raid moving to near stack point as well as bewaring frontal cleave from commander

    Infuse Magic / Entropic Veil:
    - Use Infuse Magic when you have 100 charges. When your Infuse Magic is in cd, gain 100 charges and toggle on EV.
    - EV toggling is theoretically still useful. But due to ping and feedback delay and such, it's fine to just let your charges drained.

    A - alternating these two on P1 when tanks are taking multiple hits along with cannonblast.
    B - when there are multiple mines sitting on the tank.

    Eternal Preservation:
    A - use it for Voltaic Thrust. If you use it a little bit too early then you should fully channel it to gain 5s more invincibility to the tank. (in some cases you will experience vindicator cast lightning burst followed by Voltaic right before/after the burst, if Lightning Burst is first then fire L.bloom and use EP. LS upkeep will automatically trigger LGV, which should be enough for raid healing but it's somewhat risky. If Lightning Burst is after voltaic then depends on if there are mines, should you clip the channel and fire L.bloom)

    B - boss is nearly dead and chantion or the tank has cd left. Then follow your raid leader's instruction, should you use EP to prevent tank dies for 11s.

    Mending Response:
    A - on P1 when tanks are taking multiple hits. (Since it's ogcd and you have ToT on, it will become a buff on the tank to heal 30% of each single hit on the tank. It's useful for P1 adds and multiple mines)

    B - when there are multiple mines on P3

    as you can see some of the CDs mentioned above has its use on overlapping phases. You should judge using info like how hard the tanks are getting hit, should you alternate the CDs or use some of them together.

    Different Variants of Rotation:

    Some FKs prefer LER and use HB and/or rime in which they would take the legendary points from LGZ or LEP to LER and use LER as an emergency heal. In this case your rotation would become:

    TB > LER(when 12 stacks or cast time reduced to instant by HB) > HB

    However, HB requires travel time and facing targets. Therefore personally I prefer TB > ER x 2 > HB , since ER is instant heal on the tank.

    Some FKs use 61 fk / 15 chloro / 0 arb or lock. Which is fine in most cases, and as I mentioned before there aren't many bosses really require such a strong tank healer like FK so if you are using FK for fun and test or practice and such in T1 is totally fine, feel free to test whatever variant you like.

    However, if you want to use FK as a tank heal AND raid heal in BOS 2nd, 15 chloro variant will not be as effective, in fact it might not even be able to top off the raid and fail the job as a raid healer due to the huge difference in the amount of LGV swings count between 61/9/6 & 61/15/0.

    There are also different variations such as 52FK / 24chloro, 51FK / 19chloro / 6sc, 38FK / 38chloro, etc. Which some of the variants use VS and ruin in their rotations, in that case you could use Bulwark of Soul as your Lv 61 mastery for Radiant Spores upkeep.


    1. Legendary Bloom

    - L.bloom has a very unique distance mechanic in which sometimes it might even become quite annoying. The mechanic is as follows,

    A - when you use L.bloom on yourself, those 5 VS from L.bloom will ONLY fire when there are targets/mobs within your 15m radius. If there are none within your 15m radius. There will be no VS but merely the healing.

    B - when you have ToT turned on and targeting the boss (which the boss usually targeting the tanks). The healing will go to boss's target while the 15m radius rule from A applies to boss's target. In this case, since there is a mob(the boss) within 15m radius of the L.bloom target(the tank), those 5 VS from L.bloom will fire FROM you(your character's positon) to the boss despite being way outside of your 15m radius.

    another well known issue is that these 5 VS from L.bloom will not always fire off actual 5 spores. A lot of times it would only fire 1-3 spores, and sometimes even no spores. This issue has been reported numerous times since legendary system is implemented in the game yet it will still happen so beware of that. If you notice when it happens use other CDs to cover.

    This is again the reason for choosing 1/3 Nature's Corrosion, for when using L.bloom, the dots from those 5 VS will trigger extra LGV ticks. However the swings count is very wacky as one L.bloom can trigger range from 6 to 9, sometimes even 20 LGV ticks for reasons I have not yet found out. I'll continue testing.

    Specifically in BOS 2nd, if you want to be up to the task as a tank AND raid heal with this spec, not only you have to upkeep the eternal stacks, upkeep SC, also L.bloom in the correct time as mentioned in the rotation section. A very easy and fairly reliable indicator is that around 10s more or less into the pull, first Lightning Burst will be cast, once Burst is channeling and you fire L.bloom in the right time, your hps in the meter will jump up to 120-200k+ (unless your healchon is really good then the healchon might be on par with you on hps but your hps should still tail-light the chantion's), and draw a big distance from the 2nd place in hps, which means you catch the timing correctly. If however, your hps doesn't jump up being as fk, either you use L.bloom too early, using an actual raid heal in the comp so raid already being topped off, someone else used a cd, using cadence tank (which the cadence spam will take away some portion of your hps but you should still jump up to the top by a big gap from 2nd), or in a rare case where the chantion is healing the lesser geared tank the ST heal took over the numbers (Stand Tall, I'm With You, Battlesong, etc).

    If you have read my other guide for ChloroChon, you might have noticed that I strongly advise healchons to have two separated buttons for L.bloom. But why not for FK as well?

    - The reason is not being a necessity. As mentioned this spec is most likely to be used for solely BOS 2nd boss which with all things considered you will only need the non-macro'd Bloom. However, in some rare cases, where you need to fire off L.bloom and use the VS to hit things around you, you can always setup a keybind for targeting yourself (mine is "F" if you wish to know) and then fire L.bloom, or make another "cast @self Bloom" macro and have the similar setup as healchon. Whichever fits you more.

    2. Frigid Embrace

    - Since the 07/11/18 patch, a lot of groups might have issues with dps check. Frigid Embrace(FE) could help with a little bit with the damage especially in the add phase. If you have dps rogues in your group like 54 or 61NB. Align with Living Flame and Hellfire Blades. After talking to professional rogue, since FE is 1m cd. If the timing is right, it should align with everything from the selected rogue.

    However, do not mess up your rotation and major CDs timing in order to do FE right. Healing and CDs always come first. If you are having troubles keeping the tanks and/or raid topped off. Forget this part until you have more practices.

    3. Bitter Gust / Earthwalk

    - as funny as Bitter Gust could be used to troll your teammates. These two abilities are actually useful. Particularly Bitter Gust for when there is some spaced out melee dps standing in front of commander or is about to get touched by vindicator's anti melee bubble while Earthwalk could be used for emergency escape or after you dropped time charge.

    But beware of these two abilities. If you judge the distance or angle wrong, you might kill your teammates or yourself. Use these two wisely, or don't use them at all if you are not confident enough.

    4. Rhythm of the Earth / Infrigidate

    - Rhythm of the Earth and Infrigidate are perks from FK soul tree. Which Rhythm will have TB after cast, your next 2 ER has their cast time reduced by 1.5s while Infrigidate have after HB, next ER's cast time reduced by 1.5s. With these perks you should be aware of your HB counts and when you will gain an instant ER.

    To simply put:

    TB + HB = instant ER x 1
    HB x 2 = instant ER x 1

    5. Air Spin

    - TLDR is to run towards the direction out of bad (for example running away from the boss), and simultaneously jump and mouse turn enough for the system to recognize your character as "facing the boss" and be able to throw spells while you are still in the air, then immediately turn your back to the boss again and continue running away from it. This sounds like a superman trick but it is very common in mmorpg like Rift and WoW in both pve and pvp situations. Strafting is a similar idea (without the facing target problem but the angle is limited), choose what you are comfortable with as well as the direction, angle or route you are moving. Take all those into consideration.

    In this particular part, air spin is used mostly when shifting into P2 where tanks and raids are both moving or you running out to drop time charge and you want to keep healing the tanks you can use air spin and fire HB.

    Alternatively you can use Cold Snap and ER but it's best for healers to learn how to air spin rather than relying on CDs.


    with stone/prophetic vial/feast/sigil/Natural Awareness(from chloro, 25% intelligence for 6s)
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-stats-fk.jpg

    HPS from 2nd boss, this is my friend's account which has the similar gear and frags on her mage. 2nd was link chantion and 3rd was healchon.
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-heal-parse-last-last.jpg

    HPS from 2nd boss with another group. Note that it was not a kill pull but it was long enough to showcase the capability of this spec. Dopemage is around 10-12k main stat lower than Cil and Bunny. As you can see it can still provide more than enough hps while keeping the tanks alive. Again 2nd was link-chant and 3rd was healchon.
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-61-fk.jpg

    I was just filling both groups as a helper and a pug. So I didn't get to decide who does what. As you can see with this level of hps, the chon didn't need to be healchon. However if your group has enough dps, you can always go for the safer route and have a healchon.

    More recent parse with my own toon, I forgot to screenshot this in game rip me:
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-hps.jpg

    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-fk-626k-parse.jpg

    More recent parse during fights:
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-1.png

    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-2.png

    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-3.png

    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-4.jpg


    - This spec can also be used for VP daily for healing the wounded soldiers. all you have to do is throw a HB at random mob > turn on LGV > put Earthen Barrier on yourself > put LS on some random mob.

    After that you can just put on Frost or Crystal Barrier on the wounded soldiers and start healing them. Even if you pull like 50 mobs in the process walking around, Earthen Barrier and LS-trigger LGV will keep you alive with no sweat.



    - You don't really need KA for this spec since most of the things are manual but if you still want something, you can use the following two tracking Ground Zero duration and LER stacks
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-ground-zero.jpg
    Frostkeeper - 61 fk / 9 chloro / 6 sc-ler-fk.jpg


    This guide might look pedantic. But it's actually pretty easy. All you have to practice is catching the timing for L.bloom and use CDs in the right time.

    Since healchon can basically do the same thing providing 4-500k+ hps & 3-4mil+ ohps, their roles are similar in some degree. But after the 07/11/18 patch, dps became more tight. And this spec can be the tank AND raid healer at the same time so the raid can slot out the actual raid heal into dps or change the regularly assigned healchon to dps chon providing dps.

    If you don't know about the dps chon and ChloroChon. Please check out my other guides:

    dps chon:




    if you have questions feel free to ask me in game,
    or have some specific spec/build you want me to write a guide about (If I'm not eternally AFK)

    - Cileriqao@Greybriar
    - Bunnysenpai@Greybriar
    - Chibibunny@Greybriar
    - Dopemage@Deepwood

    - Cileriqao#3829 (If you have urgent questions contact me in discord. I usually would pick up the notice faster)

    If you notice me forgetting something or found some flaws feel free to poke me. I will add stuff from time to time if I notice missing something.

    Hope everyone won't be getting too much of a bump after the patch. Hope this guide helps.

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    fixed some errors through out the guide. As for people messaging me for a chloro guide. I will think about it if I have the time. In the meanwhile please check the old chloro guides from rift forum as well as Bamu's spreadsheet
    Cileriqao@Greybriar <Kairos>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cileriqao View Post
    fixed some errors through out the guide. As for people messaging me for a chloro guide. I will think about it if I have the time. In the meanwhile please check the old chloro guides from rift forum as well as Bamu's spreadsheet
    Good work on this guide Cileriqao, your specs/guides are top notch!

    I have a video Chloro guide for anyone who is looking for one. I'm sure Cileriqao can respond with anything different she would recommend. My guide is based off of Deews original guide.

    Chloro video guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cileriqao View Post
    Tank counting down & pulling(boss moving to position)
    1 - Hail Blast once (to gain eternal stacks), followed by using [LGV on] macro (to snapshot LGV)
    I don't think LGV works that way. You will only get increased heals when you have an eternal proc while casting your dps spell. You need to keep track of eternal procs all the time. LGV doesn't work like Luminous Weapon used to work (casting it with eternal proc gave it eternal proc buff for the whole duration).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokken` View Post
    I don't think LGV works that way. You will only get increased heals when you have an eternal proc while casting your dps spell. You need to keep track of eternal procs all the time. LGV doesn't work like Luminous Weapon used to work (casting it with eternal proc gave it eternal proc buff for the whole duration).
    It did though. Haven't tried if it still does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokken` View Post
    I don't think LGV works that way. You will only get increased heals when you have an eternal proc while casting your dps spell. You need to keep track of eternal procs all the time. LGV doesn't work like Luminous Weapon used to work (casting it with eternal proc gave it eternal proc buff for the whole duration).
    just checked, only works with stacks active. I guess 07/11 changed LGV as well. Chloro has no issues with upkeeping stacks with VS machine gun and fk using HB, only healchon is slightly more annoying I guess, I will edit the guide again. Thx
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    Added more info and description about L.bloom timing for Commander situation in the "tips" section. Please check the L.bloom paragraph in the "tips" section.
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    - 10/28/18: Updated description of ST cleanse macro.
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