figured it was about time instead of just telling people how easy and powerful the spec is, i should actually make a guide for it and let everybody see for themself.

this spec essentially has the utility of a dom with the dps of an assassin once your last gasp gets stacked. in extended fights you even get to have fun stacking last gasp on multiple targets, which i will explain later.

first thing of course is the spec, this is what i use however there is a lot of room for variation in the dom tree, and if you wanted to lose a little damage you could use arbiter instead of ele for your 0 point to get the 3% mitigation buff.

other options for dom tree could be dropping extra storm shackle procs to get 1 point in swift control or drop 1 point for reflective presence(which i wouldn't recommend because you use a lot of charge for dps).

main macro

#show crystalline missiles
cast haunting pain
cast transference
cast traitorous influence
cast Reaper's Touch
cast crystalline missiles
cast neural prod
cast bone frenzy
cast @mark 7 Reflective Command

other skills you need

corpse talon
priest's lament
last gasp
mana wrench
split personality
empty the crypts
lich form
squirrel and cast@ squirrel macros
death's edict
essence link
malevolent shield
loyal minion
storm shackle
thunder blast


things to note

there are no buffs, so no, you're not going crazy looking for them.

that macro is for top dps rotation, you could take abilities out of the macro as you seem fit if you prefer to have them ready for other targets, you could also put in consumption since most of the time you want to use it on cooldown anyway

essence link is a heal debuff and a damage mod for your damage, it is important to keep this up at all times.

in extended fights, last gasp will come off cooldown before your target dies, if it is still on your target tab to somebody else, cast a haunting pain and last gasp on that player as well and then swap back to your original target. last gasp refreshes and adds another stack every time somebody is healed, so basically in addition to the dot ticks, everytime somebody is healed(max of once a second) it will tick an additional time.

your pets deathly calling stacks are cleansable, so they also help block cleanses, this is what the main use of putrify and condemn are. your pet adds a decent amount of damage but isn't really required as far as utility goes, so if it dies and you are still in combat there isn't a need to re-summon it if you are still able to drain a cleric. however, you also aren't deep enough in necro in this build for mass grave, so you can use your exhume to summon the pet.

squirrel, death's edict, and priest's lament all share a DR, so be careful to not stack them. use death's edict if your priest's lament isn't proccing.

malevolent shield is very powerful, if there is healing being done you want to use it on cooldown.


How to play.

this spec is made for killing healers, so keep in mind this is what you do to kill healers, obviously you won't need to use priest's lament on dps most of the time.

to start you will want to squirrel somebody to get your cast time buff, and then lead in with storm shackle and haunting pain to keep your target in place and block all your other dots. next put up essence link, priest's lament, and last gasp. after those are all up it's time for dps, use the dps macro and necrosis as needed. if you aren't against a puri or a rogue with cleanse soul, these dots will stack up incredibly fast and shut down your target pretty effectively. once you get higher on charge pop your lich form and split personality, your splits hit VERY hard in this spec, so use them when you are ready for a burst of damage. mana wrench also does great damage in this spec, against a cleric you will want to use this every time you can, against a phys only use it if they either have AT on, or you have transference and TI on them, otherwise draining them won't do too much. voltaic feedback is also very high damage and double procs on a healer who heals themself, so you want to use this every time you can, soon as the charges run out put it up again.

to break it down simply, this is your starting rotation for 90% of the time

putrify before combat-squirrel-storm shackles-haunting pain-essence link-PL-last gasp- spam macroX3(third should be reaper's touch)-voltaic feedback-necrosis-lich form and splits-mana wrench.

after this use your CC and refresh does as needed, at 5 stacks of deathly calling use a corpse talon into condemn, note that you MUST use corpse talon first.

thunder blast is not only an interrupt it also does a LOT of damage, if you want you can macro it in with your dps macro and just use it as a dps skill, but also have a second macro without it in case you are up against a healer hard casting a lot of skills.

loyal minion is a CC break and immune to CC for 10 seconds and a small shield, in exchange for 50% of your pets hp, on only a 30s CD. if your pet is not being focused you can use this pretty often as a CC breaker.


Tips and tricks

note in my main macro i have a cast @ mark 7 for reflect, mark your most trusted healer with a 7 and you will auto reflect them on cooldown, if you don't mark anybody it will cast on yourself.

make a few macros for cast @mark transmogrify and mark threats on the other team with those numbers, as you see somebody pop out of your squirrel, rotate to the next macro to hit another marked target. for example i have cast @mark 2,3, and 4. when my squirrel on 2 pops, i hit the @3 macro, and then when that pops i move to the @4. if you are close to killing a healer obviously you don't want to waste this much time squirreling, only do it to CC other healers or dps if your team needs help.

against a puri- use the same rotation without last gasp and wait for the full cleanse. once the full cleanse is used, death's edict to stun them and put up essence link and last gasp and start your rotation over again, but this time do not use priest's lament. after the second full cleanse comes out, your last gasp AND priest's lament will both be off cooldown, and this is your window to burst them down. you will also want to focus on drains more than dps on a puri.

against a physician, you really want to just mark them and chain squirrel them off DR and focus a cleric, if there are no clerics just play as you normally would against a cleric, after the cleanse soul comes out just start over and keep PL up as much as you can, they can only full cleanse once every 2 minutes.

if there is anything i missed or anything you are confused about feel free to ask and i will update as needed, i've been playing this spec for a long time now so i may have missed something simple that a new player won't see.