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Thread: 4.5 61 Druid

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    Default 4.5 61 Druid

    • Highly mobile
    • Great Single Target dps
    • Utility
    • Difficult
    • No AoE (worse than inquis)
    Foreword: There are more than a few things in this guide that are done to ease the play of druid which will cause some loss in dps. However they are done because trying to min/max the spec while dealing with mechanics in raids is more likely to severely hurt your dps than help it. Doing 97% of your dps 100% the times is better than doing 100% 10% of the time.

    The Spec:


    The Lowdown:
    • Maintain debuffs on target
      • Eruption of life (#2/#1 dmg source)
        • Maintained automatically if following 'rotation'
      • Resounding Blow (+100% life damage)
        • Maintained automatically if following 'rotation'
      • Natures Weakness (+70% druid ability damage)
        • The worst designed debuff in game
          • First, get 5 stacks (1 stack for refreshing) of Natures force
            • Resounding/Essence/Fervent/Punishing strike
            • Fae-Mimicry is a shortcut, but will eat into dps
              • Only done for target swaps/start of fight.
          • Second, have the druid dot on target (Crushing Force)
          • Third, use Natures Edict (consumes Natures force stacks)
    • Maintain buffs
      • Combined Effort
      • Fervent Strike
        • Not high priority
      • Fairy Seer + Conduit of Nature
      • Armor of Devotion (+5% crit from inquis)
    • Maintain mana
      • Super reliant on eternal weapon.
    • Execute C/D block properly.
    The rotation over simplified:
    • Essence Strike as much as possible.
    • Fae Mimicry as much as possible.

    How do we do everything at the same time though? Here's how:

    At the start of the fight you need to apply all your debuffs/buffs. This is a good time since quite a few of them are ranged/semi-ranged abilities.

    • Eruption of Life (30m range)
    • Punishing Strike (combined effort) (30m range) (1st Natures Force Stack)
    • Crushing force (30 range) --It's a dot, but it's required for debuff
    • Fervent Strike (20m range) (2nd Natures Force Stack)
    In melee yet? You should be, you have had 4 seconds to get there.
    At this point you have flexibility in how you approach the first cooldown block.
    • Resounding Blow (+100% life damage) (3rd Natures Force Stack)
      • Fae-Mimicry (+5 (5th) Natures Force Stack)
    • Natures Edict (Natures Force -> Natures Weakness)
    • Essence strike spam until on c/d
    • Fervent Strike (3rd Natures Force Stack)
    • Fervent Strike (4th Natures Force Stack)
    • Resounding Blow (5th Natures Force Stack)
    • Natures Edict (Natures Force -> Natures Weakness)
      • Fae-Mimicry
    • Essence strike spam until on c/d
    • Fervent Strike (3rd Natures Force Stack)
    • Fervent Strike (4th Natures Force Stack)
    • Fervent Strike (5th Natures Force Stack)
    • Natures Edict (Natures Force -> Natures Weakness)
    • Resounding Blow
      • Fae-Mimicry
    • Essence strike spam until on c/d

    Really there are no good options. You will always lose out potential dps when applying Natures Weakness the first time to a target.

    The Spam:
    • Sanction Heretic (30m range)
      • + Vex from mastery
    • Combined Effort (melee range)
    • Trickster's Bolt (30m range)
    • Peace of the Forest (ogcd mana regen)
    The Mid 'rotation' refresh:
    • Resounding Blow
    • Essence Strike (right as coming off c/d, so 1sec before off c/d use Resounding)
    The Spam:
    • Sanction Heretic (30m range)
      • + Vex from mastery
    • Combined Effort (melee range)
    • Trickster's Bolt (30m range)
    • Peace of the Forest (ogcd mana regen)
    Refreshing + C/D block:
    After the mid rotation refresh you basically just replace mashing the spam macro with the things you need to refresh and perform a 'flawless' C/D block. Also, if everything went correctly, Essence strike and Fae mimicry will have nearly the exact same amount of time on their c/d's at this point.

    • Crushing force (really, anytime after the mid rotation refresh will work)
    • ~~4 seconds before Fae-mimicry/Essence come off c/d
      • Punishing Strike (refresh/early refresh of combined effort)
        • Ensures it's up for 100% C/D block
      • Fervent Strike (only needed every other block, but muscle memory >>> small dps loss)
      • Natures Edict (refreshes Natures weakness)
        • With 5 stacks on target, only 1 stack of natures force is needed for a 5 stack refresh. Punishing Strike/Fervent both give you a stack and the mid rotation refresh hits also should have.
    At this point you are only waiting for Fae-Mimicry and Essence strike to be off c/d (or 1 second away). If timed correctly you can start the c/d block right away. If not, just fill the gcd(s) with spam until ready.

    The C/D Block:
    • Resounding Blow
      • Fae Mimicry (ogcd)
    • Essence Strike until on c/d.
    At this point the cycle spam cycle repeats.

    Rotation without explanation:
    1. Eruption of Life
    2. Punishing Strike
    3. Crushing Force
    4. Fervent Strike
    5. Resounding Blow
      1. Fae-Mimicry
    6. Natures Edict
    7. Essence Strike until on C/D
    8. Spam Macro until 1second away from Essence Strike off C/D
    9. Resounding Blow
    10. Essence Strike
    11. Crushing Force
    12. Spam Macro until 4 seconds away from Essence Strike/Fae-Mimicry off C/D
    13. Punishing Strike
    14. Fervent Strike
    15. Natures Edict
    16. Resounding Blow
      1. Fae-Mimicry
    17. Essence Strike until on C/D
    18. Repeat from #8
    Target Swaps:
    • For Long term swaps ('beefy targets') follow the standard opener sequence
      • If Fae-Mimicry isn't ready get 5x stacks of Natures force on target (Fervent Strike Spam). Then treat it as the end of the block/start of mid-fight C/D block.
    • For Short term swaps (golems on beligosh, etc).
      • Eruption of life
      • Resounding Blow
      • Spam macro / Punishing Strike
      • (Ignore Natures Weakness debuff)
    Spam Macro

    #show Combined Effort
    cast Sanction heretic
    cast Combined Effort
    cast Trickster's Bolt
    cast Shield of Oak
    cast Peace of the Forest
    C/D Macro (because sometimes you mess up and can't just Essence Strike Spam)
    #show Fae Mimicry
    cast Essence Strike
    cast Combined Effort
    cast Trickster's Bolt
    use Reliquary of Ingenuity
    2 in 1 Buff Macro
    #show Punishing Strike
    cast Punishing Strike
    cast Fervent Strike

    3/30/2021: Forgot to include Fae-Mimicry in alternate opener c/d block
    5/31/2021: Added 3rd opener. After testing over multiple fights I found that if a target will be alive for awhile (start of fights, flaring + lava, etc) it is beneficial to use the longest opener to maximize fae-mimicry + Essence Strike.

    • TDnm beligosh and raid has low dps
      • Use long opener, you'll have at least 3 c/d cycles before he goes into air
    • TDnm beligosh and raid has high dps (or Tdez)
      • Use short opener, you might not even get your first block off (and/or a 2nd) otherwise
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