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Thread: Comprehensive 4.5 Tank Builds

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    Default Comprehensive 4.5 Tank Builds

    With the removal of legendary hits, the options for every soul in rift have opened up wide in the world of tanking. We're now seeing all sorts of hybrid tank options from every soul. Fortunately clerics, who used to own the world of tanking need not feel left out. Below I'll outline many of the various options available.

    This list is not all inclusive. The beauty of the soul system in Rift is that you have a plethora of options to adapt your character to overcome the challenges the game throws at players. These are guides, not laws or rules. Adapt any of these builds to suit your play-style or needs.


    The Kalerts I provide will be to the lower left of a screen. If you run Rift at a low resolution they'll likely be off your screen and you'll need to zero out the X and Y values so that they appear at the top left of your screen.

    For ease I use a custom chat window instead of the default "General" tab. You'll see some macros that have "cancellbuff" and cast [notactive] in them. If you use the General tab for your chat then your chat log with be spammed with something along the lines of "ability not found" yet the macros will be functioning perfectly fine.

    If you don't like the idea of running a custom chat window then delete the cancellbuff and cast[notactive] lines from my macros and toggle your Purpose buff manually when you need mana back.

    Also I apologize if there's any errors in any macros. I've tested most of these but not all, and a few of these I wrote up from memory.

    It seems the forums can't handle the size of the post, even when trying to break it up so here it all is in a google document.

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    What a madman.

    Comments as pm

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