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Thread: 4.5 Ol Boy Barabbas' Cleric Tank Guide

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    Default 4.5 Ol Boy Barabbas' Cleric Tank Guide

    4.5 Ol Boy Barabbas' Cleric Tank Guide

    First, I’d like to say that I like this guide http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ank-guide.html and Kreezhem did a good job on it. Definitely worth reading even if you read my guide. I try to convey what I feel like I want to in mine about builds.

    There are few specs to choose from depending on what you are doing but for now we will talk about what I consider to be the main four.

    61 Justicar/6 Cab/ - 9 points left
    My personal build/Kreezhem build https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...0/Eg8/ln4|PKTg

    Total Assurance, Hammer of Faith, Even Justice.
    Unbounded Obilertation

    “Why would I use this?”
    6 Cabalist gives a 5% reduction to the damage done by the enemies. The last 9 points are often used to further reduce the damage you take. This is a good build for maximum damage reduction when you need it.

    61 Justicar/ 12 Defiler/ - 3 points left
    My personal build https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...0/U8v4/Ye|PITg

    Total Assurance, Hammer of Faith, Even Justice.
    Rage Extraction.

    “Why would I use this?”

    Increase raid damage by 5% and stacks with everyone else. You want to use this when everything else is taken care of. For example your raid is stacked with offensive support, def support hybrid, mystic hybrid and etc. Then this will add in 5% extra dps on top of all that. With Rage Extraction Legendary you have to use your Rage based DoTs to gain stacks of rage to benefit from the dmg/dmg reduction.

    61 Justicar/13 Inq/ - 2 points left
    My personal build https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...0/n8vi/Dd|PITg

    Total Assurance, Hammer of Faith, Even Justice.

    “Why would I use this?”
    Increase your personal dps by using 13 Inq with Legendary Bolt and Shroud of Agony, which gives a passive aoe damage effect. Also you get Purge which can help. This is good for DRRs and dungeons/”easy” raids where your group destroys it. Also its good for solo use. You also gain a buff for 3% armor/base health. Vex gives you 6% hp back and Shroud of Agony, when active, draws a lot of aggro.

    61 Justicar/ 8 Warden/ - 7 points left
    My personal build https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#.../Em10/qg8|PKT0

    Total Assurance, Hammer of Faith, Salvation.
    Healing Flood.

    “Why would I use this?”
    This is best used for groups and raids that need extra AoE heals and do not have a cleric healer. For example TDNM 2nd boss, 3rd boss IROTP and 1st boss BOS in these situations the raid is taking a lot of damage and with this build you can sacrifice some self survive-ability to aid the raid. You can easily heal IA's and easier content while tanking with this.

    “Why do you not have complete builds?? There’s missing points!”

    These are the skeletons I think are worth using. What you do with the off points is really up to you and what you are doing. I have posted the builds I think work best but it is very subjective. For example; I like having the Legendary Fairy Healer, but why would one need this in a situation where the group has heals totally covered? Basically it would be a wasted Legendary ability at that point. So therein lies the flexibility in the builds that are subjective to what you are doing.

    You can always add more points into one of the off souls for more dps/support but here is the core off soul info.

    Off soul analysis:

    12 Points Defiler- Increase raid damage by 5% in the soul tree and legendary Rage Extraction which builds up to 5% damage reduction.

    12 Points Inquisitor- Purge, shroud of agony 3% health/armor buff and if you go for 13 points, a vex that will heal 6% health back over time.

    8 Points Warden- Healing flood Legendary.

    6 Points Cabalist- Reduce raid damage taken by 5% with Unbounded Obliteration legendary.

    6 Points Shaman- Reduce damage taken 5%, 5% increase BASE health and no legendary of note.

    Under 6 points left:

    Warden- Legendary Water jet to reduce damage by 3%.

    Druid- Legendary Fairy used for passive self healing or fervent strike for damage.

    Inq- Legendary Bolt of Judgement used for damage and extra salvations.

    Oracle- Legendary Insignia of Blood used for damage and extra salvations.

    The following are what I consider the core choices.
    65 Soul Stream- Why? It’s a powerful self heal that save you in an emergency. It takes a bit to start ticking on you so keep that in mind. Vicar’s Bulwark is good too.

    64 Steady Assault-Why? Damage. I like this over Diversify but either is good.

    63 Swift Judgment- Why? This is used for Guard radius and Run speed. Faith’s freedom is the other choice, which is mandatory for bosses that do consistent raid dmg like 1st boss BOS.

    62 Divine Inspiration- Why? I like the bonus healing and not having to manually cast Censure.

    61 Righteous Protection- Why? Block and Guard mitigation by 5%.

    Total Assurance- Why? Damage. Protection from legendary hits lol.

    Hammer of Faith- This allows you to use this ability without consuming convictions. It becomes your single most damaging ability.

    These two are the core Legendaries for all 61 point tank builds I have posted.

    These next two are subjective; Even Justice and Salvation.

    Even Justice- Why? I take this one in all the above builds but the one with Warden. The 5% damage reduction makes this the most common choice.

    Salvation- Why? If the group needs more AOE raid healing and tanking the boss isn’t a problem, this becomes a solid choice. First boss in BOS and Spider in TDNM are examples of when I personally think this is good. Also if you are running dungeons at a fast pace without a healer.

    For your other two legendary points you have to look up to the other part of the guide because they are subjective. On my posted builds, the choice of legendary is obvious or listed out.

    From Justicar: Righteous Mandate, Mien of Leadership
    The rest depend on which build you are.

    Abilities on accessible/on bar: DPS macro, Buff macro, Taunt macro, AOE taunt, Pull in, Intercede, Spam heal macro, Just Defense macro, Resplendent Embrace, Reprieve, Absolution, Doctrine of Glory and Reckoning.

    “When do I use these cool downs??”

    Just Defense is a 1 min CD and excellent to use when you know a moment of stress is coming.

    For example; last boss IROTP, you, your best Rift friend, the off tank, and some losers are hiding behind a rock, looking out toward an empty area with maybe one or two corpses of the mentally challenged who couldn’t make it behind the rock.
    Discord goes quiet. Some random dude leans into his microphone to coughs loudly, seemingly on the mic itself. Back to silence. For a moment someone starts talking about ice cream in Discord. Probably the mentally challenged guy. If you or the OT don’t make it out in time to grab the boss. He starts calling out names and putting people on blast. You aren’t sure if it was the sneezing guy or the ice cream but you miss the run out. This is when things like Just Defense, Intercede and other CDs come in. Also this is timed exactly with the 1 minute CD so you can use it every time. So just use Just Defense, every single time there is predictable damage and save the others for even worse crises.

    “What about gear or whatever?”

    You want to get the defense Focus and put in essences that have 606 Stamina and, if you are lucky, have guard on them as well.

    You want to use the Tanking Crystal and also the Berserker’s rage trinket from Utillia rep.
    Your planar frags are mainly based on how much hp you can get out of them. Max Health, Endurance and then Guard is what you have to focus on. The off stats matter but not nearly as much as having those main three stats on the fragment.
    Most people just get as much hp and guard as possible. 7000 Guard and 550k health is good. I don’t know the right answer about where to go to further optimize stats past Max Health, Endurance and Guard but I suspect Block would be nice for Cleric.

    It helps to make sure you have raid consumables.
    Feet: Insoles
    Shoulders(especially if undergeared): Armor Plating
    Weapon: Powerstone or Vampiric embrace
    Shield: Attrementium Spikes.
    Vial: Endurance
    Gloves: Planar Attunement ability Weapon Aegis

    Don’t forget to get a rune for your shield. The only option is the Spell power rune.

    “But…..What do I now?”

    Pre-pull: Buff up, Put righteous mandate on a healer/Off tank/or weakest player. Know the fight and mechanics as much as possible. Ready check for the group. Be patient here because starting the fight early can mean wiping and wasting more time.

    Fight starts: Do something to get aggro, you can use the dmg macro to hit ranged targets. If there is an aoe group and you don’t have aggro on everything you can; use dps macro, use doctrine of loyalty or use AOE taunt. Doctrine of If there is a straggler use Rebuke to pull them in. Use Just Defense at good times in the fight. Use other CD’s for critical damage. Intercede those that need aid or an off tank in trouble. Some mechanics require Intercede, but they are rare. TDNM 3rd boss casts a death ball and it’s useful there. Use mana macro when you need it. Use your off souls abilities like; healing floodx3, Rage DoTs etc.

    Fight over: Run around in circles while screaming into discord and then jump in mid air and do /cast last resort.


    #show Total Assurance
    cast Strike of Retribution
    cast Total Assurance
    cast Doctrine of Authority
    cast Hammer of Faith
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Reckoning
    Cast Break Free
    Cast Fading Light

    Buffs dps
    #show Precept of Refuge
    cast Strike of Retribution
    cast Total Assurance
    cast Doctrine of Authority
    cast Precept of Refuge
    cast Hammer of Faith
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Reckoning
    Cast Break Free
    Cast Fading Light

    Interrupt with Reckoning
    #show Interdict
    cast Interdict
    cast Reckoning

    Taunt with Reckoning
    #show Provoke
    cast Provoke
    cast Reckoning

    Spam heal even justice
    #show Doctrine of Loyalty
    cancelbuff Purpose
    cast Doctrine of Loyalty
    cast Even Justice

    Mana on
    #show Purpose
    cast [notactive] Purpose
    cast Even Justice

    Focus Interdict
    #show Intercede
    cast @focus Intercede
    cast Doctrine of Glory

    Self heal lazer
    #show Soul Stream
    target @self
    cast Soul Stream

    Battle rez focus
    #show Absolution
    cast @focus Absolution

    #show Just Defense
    cast Just Defense
    cast Doctrine of Glory

    Your Death Saves Time
    Cast last resort

    Send me some Satoshi good boy points.
    BTC Wallet Adress: 3HEr8embRh4v9DrMKYBF1M2HxsmAaAf3to

    Other Cryptos: https://m.freewallet.org/id/741b56a2/btc

    Thanks for reading this and playing Rift.

    Last edited by Barabbas; 10-24-2018 at 01:29 PM. Reason: Forums acting up for me. Had to copy and paste in slivers so hopefully everything is alright.

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