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Thread: Barabbas' Pure Warden Guide 4.5

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    Default Barabbas' Pure Warden Guide 4.5

    Barabbas’ Pure Warden Guide

    This build is made to have as little conflicts with other souls as possible.

    “Huh? What do you mean?”

    For example if you were to get the buffs from sentinel/puri these would be overwritten by any other defensive support. If you were to go into oracle you only get the first couple of buffs which would clash with another defensive support. Which if you are teamed up with one, they will most likely be a hybrid and not be all in, which means some of their buffs will clash with yours.

    This build avoids wasted points.


    “Why 61 Warden?”

    To provide the most possible healing. 61 points gives Bosun’s blessing.

    This build is best used when you have to be a full raid heal and there is another defensive support there. Or if you are in a situation when you are solo raid heals like a tdez for example. If you find your healing is too much and a lot of it is wasted, then dial it back by switching to Wardocle.

    “Why 12 justicar? Jeez wtf man.”

    Salvation and Righteous Mandate. You will cast offensive spells as a Warden. Whether you want to or not, you need to keep up Dangers of the Deep and this is done by offensive spells. All offensive spells give 1 tick of Dangers of the Deep besides Waterjet, which gives 2. So with justicar you are gaining a heal on abilities that would not aid you in raid heals normally while also gaining a flat bonus to your Geyser.

    For example, Geyser does 45k damage with an average geared cleric at 70, which heals 8.3k to 10 players around it and on top of that so this is where Salvation kicks in and heals for 7.5k. The heal from Geyser does about 17-19% of Geyer’s dmg and so after Salvation kick in and does it’s 7.5k which would be, 16-17% if it were a Geyser heal. You are left with 15.8k in healing. Geyser will hit 10 players and Salvation will hit 7. 5 through talents, yourself automatically and one additional player through Righteous Mandate.

    There are some in game issues that hold Salvation back.

    #1- DoTs only trigger it once on the initial cast
    #2- Oversaturation doesn’t trigger it at all.
    #3- Sign of Wrath doesn’t trigger it at all.

    These last 2 I consider oversights but the first one was most likely intentional by Trion even though the description of the ability says “Damaging abilities to restore”. The language never implies limitations on which damaging abilities trigger Salvation other than how much of the health granted will be given.

    So to sum up, 12 points for the extra healing while trying do add dps for the raid when you can.

    “Why 3 Puri?”

    The cleric gains Symbol of the Torch, decent ST shield, that triggers Sign of Wrath which we also get. This adds to the bottom line, you are helping keep the shielded target up and also adding in dmg passively from Sign of Wrath. Also legendary Flame Lance, which gives you 15% healing increase and isn’t reliant on the target being alive at the time like Wasting Insignia which gives 20% dmg and healing, but requires the target to be alive.

    Bosun’s Blessing- Why? Passive healing bonus.
    Healing Flood- Why? Now stacks up to 3 times.
    Pool of Restoration-Why? Each heal from this abilities reduces CD on Monsoon.
    Salvation-Why? Passive healing for dmg.
    Flame Lance- Why? 15% more healing when up.

    65 Divine Favor- Why? Bonus raid healing %
    64 Faith’s Reward- Why? This is more personal preference but you can use Healing Cataract with the stacks.
    63 Faith’s Freedom- Why? 100% health back on Brez really helps in fights with constant raid dmg.
    62 Divine Inspiration- Why? Passive healing/spell range increase
    61 Avenging shield- Why? Passive shield.

    Synergy Crystal:
    Diviner’s Crystal aka AOE crystal

    “Which buffs do I use?”
    All of them. That being Bosun’s, Shared Excess, Sign of Wrath and Righteous Mandate.

    “B...but Barabbas, what do I want on my bar?”

    Spam macro, Healing Cataract, Healing Effusion, Cleanse macro, Mana Macro, Downpour, Wave of Renewal, Cascade, Soothing Stream, Healing Spray, Ripple, Flame Lance, Oversaturation and Dehydrate.

    “How do I heal with this garbage?”

    Usually guides about healing will tell you that there is no rotation. Well there is a rotation but obviously going crazy isn’t optimal but I suggest doing it anyway.
    Here’s a basic fight

    Pre-pull: Get your buffs up. Get stacks of Healing Flood up. Buff tank or yourself with Shared Excess and put Righteous Mandate on Tank or the weakest player in the raid.

    Combat Starts: Use Flame Lance, Spam the spam macro. If you are in Discord, keep mic open and mash this as loud as you can….this way your group knows you are doing your best. It may help to make grunting noises as you are doing so.
    If healing is comfortable, get up Oversaturation and Dehydrate on the enemy.
    Use ST macro on the tank and then Healing Spray then Monsoon on Tank with Shared Excess.
    I find it easier to keep up Healing Spray/Soothing Stream up on myself then Ripple to spread it but most of the time I keep Shared Excess on myself.

    If something is cleansible, your cleanse macro will light up so hit that.
    If someone takes too much dmg use Healing Effusion.
    Healing Effusion takes a lot of big boy mana so at that point you can use your mana gaining abilities or use my Mana macro to while refreshing Flood to keep mana up. EDIT: Added Healing Effusion macro from Sep but added Cascade to help my play style.
    Use BREZ macro for tank or random brez macro if you need it.
    Use Downpour if you are in a moment with everyone collected stationary.
    Wave of Renewal is ok but just use it and cancel it on first tick. Not a big fan.

    Combat end: Get into Discord and pat yourself on the back verbally while lowkey insulting your friends to make them do better lol. If they give you a hard time, remind them of a dwindling player base and how you are “trying out” some other games.


    This is my spam macro. It is very CD heavy and you can take those out if you prefer to time CDs. Sometimes you will need to do that and sometimes you can be lazy like me.

    Lazy Spam
    #show Monsoon
    cast @targettarget Symbol of the Torch
    cast @targettarget Orbs of the Stream
    cast Divine favor
    cast Tidal Surge
    cast Monsoon
    cast Pool of Restoration
    cast Orbs of the Tide
    cast Call of the Depths
    cast Geyser
    cast Ripple
    cast Overflowing Renewal
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light

    Sepelio Macro from below with added Cascade
    #show Pool of Restoration
    cast Cascade
    cast Tidal Surge
    cast Pool of Restoration
    cast Healing Effusion

    Cleany Boy
    #show Cleansing Waters
    cast Curative Waters
    cast @group01 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group02 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group03 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group04 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group05 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group06 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group07 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group08 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group09 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group10 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group11 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group12 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group13 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group14 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group15 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group16 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group17 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group18 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group19 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group20 Cleansing Waters

    ST to help
    #show Orbs of the Stream
    cast @targettarget Symbol of the Torch
    cast @targettarget Orbs of the Stream
    cast @targettarget Soothing Stream

    Need mana
    #show Healing Flood
    cast Healing Flood
    cancelbuff Open Water
    cast Open Water

    Who b ded?
    #show River of Life
    Cast River of Life
    cast @group01 River of Life
    cast @group02 River of Life
    cast @group03 River of Life
    cast @group04 River of Life
    cast @group05 River of Life
    cast @group06 River of Life
    cast @group07 River of Life
    cast @group08 River of Life
    cast @group09 River of Life
    cast @group10 River of Life

    Focus Brez
    #show River of Life
    Say OH BOI
    Cast River of Life
    cast @focusRiver of Life

    Send me some Satoshi good boy points.
    BTC Wallet Adress: 3HEr8embRh4v9DrMKYBF1M2HxsmAaAf3to

    Other Cryptos: https://m.freewallet.org/id/741b56a2/btc

    Thanks and thanks for reading fellow Rift players.

    Last edited by Barabbas; 10-15-2018 at 01:30 PM. Reason: Put Orbs of the Stream into the macro. Added more info.

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    Thanks Barab have this on my cleric now.

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    I've run a similar setup before, this definitely works pretty well.

    Here's a few suggestions to squeeze out some HPS.

    Put Ripple and cascade in the spam macro and Keep 4x soothing stream and healing spray on the tank.

    With Cascade in there you shouldn't really need to ever use Open Water unless you start spamming Effusion. With well timed uses of Monsoon there shouldn't ever be a reason to need to resort to using Open Water.

    The maintained HoT's will create a lot of overheal that Shared Excess will get a lot of run out of.

    Sticking Ripple in the spam macro will also keep the HoT's on 5 other targets 67% of the time. Just be sure to layer up the tank with the HoT's pre pull.

    I'd take Tidal Surge out of the spam macro and set up a macro like.

    #show Pool of Restoration
    cast Tidal Surge
    cast Pool of Restoration
    cast Healing Effusion

    Use that for a group top-off macro. Pool of Restoration should always be used first since when it heals it lowers the cooldown of Monsoon so it's a bit of a waste to use it on a Geyser.

    Tidal surge gets the most run when used with Monsoon. So set up another with Tidal and Monsoon.

    As far as tracking HoT's it's easy enough to set your tank as a focus target and adjust your KAlerts to track your HoT's on that focus target.

    I'm lazy so I also just put a cast@focus Orbs of the Tide into my spam macro. I noticed I rarely ever use it if i don't. lol Anyway awesome job with the guide. I'd thought about making one but i'm a lot less interested in Rift these days.
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