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Thread: 4.4 ULTIMATE ORACLE builds !!!!!! PURGE THE UNCLEAN!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiloni View Post
    Isn't the point of support the buffs/debuffs and not their dps or healing? We have dps and heals for those jobs. They're supposed to provide additional benefits in various ways to the rest of the raid. Debuffs and buffs that make them do more dps (either directly or indirectly via the boss/mob taking more damage), or skills that help them deal with mechanics or whatever else (preventing damage, or boss doing less damage, etc.). It's hard to directly compare what a proper support class can bring given the skills they offer, but if it's equal to what a single dps can offer, it's worth it.
    61 Archon is so much better than 61 Oracle, 61 Bard or 61 Beastmaster that nowadays nobody plays with 61 point supporters except the Archon. It's still useful to bring the Oracle/Bard and Primalist buffs that stack with the Archon Buffs, but you don't need 61 points in the Oracle/Bard for this, so hybrid support specs that can heal or do DPS at the same time have become popular.

    The current meta favors hybrids that can perform multiple functions (support/tank/heal/dps) in one role. Supporters these days are capable of healing a raid all by themselves, this makes it possible to do without a full-fledged healer and replace it with an additional DD, which is an enormous DMG gain for the raid.

    It is especially important to know which buffs and debuffs of which classes stack with each other. I recommend this guide or my addon DeBuffWatcher.
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