There hasn't been a PvP guide here for a long time, and there also hasn't been any love for Runeshaper. So I thought I'd share my spec here for anyone else who might have as much fun with it as I do.


The spec:|T-Xw

The 3rd soul is empty because it doesn't matter. I run Justicar for the lil' salvation procs (20-40 health per cast).

Legendaries (L.):
Rune of Impending Doom (RoID)
Rune of Smiting (RoS)
Seal of Vulnerability (SoV)
Fervent Strike (FS)
Summon: Fairie Healer (FH)



Other spells to place on your bar:



RI > SoV > SoE > SoP > PS > Spam Macro > ??? > Profit

Once RoID ends and you lose the buff it provides, you have 5 GCDs (~8 seconds) to refresh FS PS and seals via RoT. The spam macro takes care of that, and it'll cast some filler damage spells for you. You can also cast a Greater Rune and/or RoSB while RoID comes back up.
If your SoE or SoP get cleansed, don't worry about it. They don't add enough damage to worry over. As long as SoV is up, you're golden. Skip seals if you think your target will be dying soon anyway.

And that's it! I hope someone out there finds this helpful. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.