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Thread: 4.4 Druid/Inquisitor

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    Default 4.4 Druid/Inquisitor

    Buff Stacking adjustments dropped the dps of this spec by quite a bit. Go with 61 Druid instead.

    This is a slightly different spec than the 61 Druid one on the Rift Forums.

    This spec however performs about as well for me and is a tad easier to play. It also avoids the issues with 61 druid needing abilities to line up at the proper times.

    On a decently lengthy fight with a single target it will outperform Shaman in ST DPS. But has a mildly higher learning curve.

    It also comes with a handy purge.

    Like any spec that relies on debuffs staying up, this will also have some target switching issues.

    Here's the point breakdown.


    Armor of Devotion
    Shroud of Agony
    Spiritual Protection


    Faerie Seer

    What to have on your bar

    Fervent Strike
    Setup macro
    Spam Macro
    Eruption of Life
    Crushing Force
    Nature's Edict
    Notion Theft (Your Interrupt)

    Other Useful Abilities

    Strength of the Fae (Take Less Damage)
    Hidden Path (Self Cleanse)
    Righteous Deliberation (ooc mana regen)
    Fae Dispersion (Your pet will hit or heal up to 5 targets)

    How to play

    Druid is all about Life Surge damage. So the most important thing is to keep our stacks of Eruption of Life up 100% of the time if possible.

    Here's the simple rundown.

    Pre Pull Channel Righteous Deliberation for 6% extra damage.

    -Fervent Strike

    -Hit the setup macro 3 times. So that Eruption of Life goes off (See Kalert)

    -Apply Crushing Force (DoT) (See Kalert)

    -Hit the spam macro until you have 5 stacks of Natural Force (See Kalert)

    -While Crushing force is on your target, watch your Kalert for when you accumliate 5 stacks of Natural Force. At this point use Nature's Edict to convert the natural force stacks to Nature's Weakness. (When Crushing force is up on the target, the effect of Nature's weakness is doubled.) (See Kalert)

    At this point you just hit your spam button and refresh things as needbe.

    If the situation calls for Cleave damage, toggle Fae Dispersion on so that your pet will hit up to 5 targets.

    Rules to Keep your DPS High

    Keep Crushing Force up 100% of the time. It doubles the damage bonus for Natures Edict and also explodes Sanction which is part of the spam macro.

    Essence Strike should keep Life Surge up for you, but there are times it may fall off if you get too many BoJ or IoB procs.

    If Life Surge ever drops off, use Eruption of life as your next attack. Otherwise your dps will plummit.

    A GCD or 2 after Sanction Heretic reapplies itself from the spam macro is a good time to recast Crushing Force. The durations are the same.

    How to Range DPS with Druid

    This is not a ranged spec. But there will be times when you will be forced to disconnect. Here's how to get the most out of your ranged DPS. (20m Max)

    Keep Fervent Strike up.
    Keep Crushing Force Up
    Put stacks of Life Surge up by casting Eruption of Life
    Spam your spam button until life surge stacks are gone > Eruption of life again


    Setup Macro

    #show Punishing Strike
    cast Punishing Strike
    cast Resounding Blow
    cast Eruption of Life

    Spam Macro

    #show Essence Strike
    cast Shield of Oak
    cast Purge
    cast Peace of the Forest
    cast Essence Strike
    cast Punishing Strike
    cast Sanction heretic
    cast Resounding Blow
    cast Trickster's Bolt
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light


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    qDDgnTG9g8vhPytatMugD5e8xFbZQoW7gLFHXWcrl10sc9uzNY lmWyy/XoDJ7cK2P65v/5UKYSkl
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    Default Not sure what punishing strike is

    Hey man, great guide. Probably just being a noob, but I can't seem to find the spell "punishing strike" anywhere.

    derp it's a mastery
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    Is there a way to make this build more ranged while keeping it easier to play, such as this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi5guy View Post
    Is there a way to make this build more ranged while keeping it easier to play, such as this?
    Check out my druidalist build. It's 3 buttons and super easy to play.

    It does better dps than everything but Inquisitor at ranged st damage, but will out dps inquisitor in a fight where there is target switching and cleave elements.
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