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Thread: 4.3 61 Oracle/Runeshaper

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    Default 4.4 61 Oracle/Runeshaper

    This build will likely give the most personal DPS in the event you wish to play a 61 oracle build in a raid. Your raid will likely always be better off with an Archon, Beastmaster, or Mystic. But there's been a few people asking for oracle guides so here you go.

    Synergy Crystal: Dominion


    Mass Bestowal
    Defensive Favor or Marshalled Favor or Favor of the Current

    Important abilties

    Battle Fury- 20 Second Buff That applies all emblem buffs to you. Abilities don't consume them during this cooldown.
    Cleansing Chant- AoE cleanse
    Resuscitating Chant-Regens mana, energy, etc for party
    Glacial Mark- if group drops below 50% health they get healed extra.
    Defend the Fallen- Shield Allies, nobody can die for 8 seconds, increase raid damage. (it's why we're using this spec)
    Curse of Frailty- 30 sec phys debuff
    Curse of Consumption- 30 sec non phys debuff *both curses debuff the target hit, enemies around them also get the debuff*
    Insignia of Protection- 26 sec- Debuff target, allies who hit it get a shield.
    Battle Fury-Resets Insignia CD's, Emblems Won't be consumed, applies all emblems. Lasts 20 seconds.
    Corroded Defense - Target takes additional damage. ***DON'T USE IF THERE'S AN ARCHON***

    Frequently Used Abilities

    Fervent Strike
    Glacial Insignia (To cast your short duration Oracle Raid buffs)
    Curse of Consumption
    Curse of Frailty
    Premonition Macro
    Insignia of Protection
    Battle Fury
    Emblem of Alacrity
    Rune of Smiting
    Rune of Castigation


    This style works around your Battle Fury cooldown. Most of the damage you're going to do is via Runeshaper abilties and using the legendary version of Emblem of Alacrity to lower our cast times.

    Legendary Emblem of Alacrity reduces our cast times by 4 seconds. This will allow us to cast the Runeshaper spells Rune of Smiting and Rune of Castigation as our main damage source.

    What really brings the damage is the Runeshaper mechanic Smiting Force. Rune of Castigation casts will apply short term buffs that increase Rune of Smiting's Damage by 100% per stack up to 3. (300% extra damage)

    Emblem of Alacrity + Faith's Reward makes Rune of Castigation's cast time a more manageable 1.5 seconds.

    So when Battle Fury is on cooldown your "rotation" looks like.

    Emblem of Alacrity > Rune of Castigation
    Emblem of Alacrity > Rune of Castigation
    Emblem of Alacrity > Rune of Castigation
    Emblem of Alacrity > Rune of Smiting

    When Battle Fury is available it's close to the same but Rune of Castigation will become instant and all the abilities will do more damage since the emblem of ice buff will be up the whole time as well.

    Battle Fury > Emblem of Alacrity (Legendary and Non Legendary will stack since Battle Fury will apply the non legendary version)

    At this point just repeat the below until Battle Fury wears off.

    Rune of Castigation x3
    Rune of Smiting

    Other than that just keep fervent strike up, use your debuffs as needed. And cast Glacial Insignia every 16 seconds.


    #show Premonition
    cast Premonition
    cast Corroded Defense

    #show Glacial Insignia
    cast Glacial Insignia
    cast Wasting Insignia


    f9Pz4DiD1m2ysN7dabSTDrGC7rThK3afQxbkiJYApigH5o4zEn ANDTtoJkYuZqi0bCSseFs/jhXh
    E19beVLdWVla1zQDg3gq9kvaX48qGFEOa4QCFEYeY+hG9mWe31 6pWUpfduWVbl7VQdt2zEeTH/2D
    LhLVb6cFeHy85MlxOI4TjHCehT3meQcRvLl9LZ4UuKy2N7ao3a 7FsDz/WJAmjQfh3a3ZKi+56u8v
    +LvccBHqUy8I0GkGUQR5SEgOENLwZaSUbqVVVnmYRQadWI44nH vA8KmNUs7pj2aQoJo8X6OAK3fx
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    Small Update.

    Adjusted a KAlert, Worded a couple things better, and changed a mastery to Faith's Reward.

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