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Thread: 4.3 Justocle (Easy Play Raid heals and support)

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    Default 4.3 Justocle (Easy Play Raid heals and support)

    If you're not a fan of Wardocle due to it's mana use I came up with a raid heals/support spec that fills the same role and seems to perform pretty well. It has a brez, same support buffs, and you never need to worry about losing your eternal buff since the spam macro keeps you full. You lose out on some % Healing and the ability to use Effusion Spam but you gain back some healing though Salvation procs.


    Mein of Honor
    Inspiration of the Keep
    Inspration of Battle
    Inspiration of Survival
    Boon of Vitality
    Boon of Resurgance
    Defensive Favor or Favor of the Current
    Righteous Mandate on Tank (if not cleric) or someone else
    Purpose (keep this toggled on all the time)

    Play Style

    Keep up 3 stacks of healing flood.
    Keep Wasting Insignia up on your target.
    Spam your spam button

    Other abilities to keep handy

    Overflowing Renewal- This will be instant most of the time due to Faith's Reward (Your lv 64 Mastery). You also don't really need to target anyone since any overhealing will transfer to a target who needs it.
    Absolution- Your Combat Rez
    Interdict- Interrupt (Range is only 20m though)
    Curse of Frailty and Curse of Consumption- Debuff 1 target debuffs everything around it. Phys and Non Phys.
    Corroded Defense- You likely don't need to bother with this one.
    Medidative Chant- Use to regen mana out of combat.
    Cleansing Chant- Group Cleanse


    Spam Button

    #show Glacial Insignia
    cast Provoke
    cast Glacial Insignia
    cast Punishing Strike
    cast Geyser
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light

    Combat Rez

    #show Absolution
    cast Absolution
    yell rezzing %t


    These are just the ones I use for Wardocle but they'll suffice.

    4vDmHB96ZqAupHwMulFvf2WAqDz5CIc3othIfsm6XvBmXCgZY2 k8Ij1GEQYQHgAIv5b41q6kqHR0
    KJx7m7+O5WKhKuY9cLY2281qt1k6anc3XUlRKr3IAc9ErCktDE CYUJ5hGUQ8dJ9DDPu+ndWK5sd8
    Sf3BKsZd1vlC6aCBNmRdyb3Z1sylEvdHS2pYaEgI6qelv1Ai0q OdwvwMyNZULTBk8N6/cRXgpYCi
    MIYwYhyFOPebwajy7VbVyC58Nnv6OoJtRPB2dEfDKmA43cnopY LAPUMogiNOEeDNeT3FoC96fnVg
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    So how is this spec going to cover burst healing when its needed? From what i can tell it seems like a chloro with oracle buffs and no CDs to help with healing. I dont think many clerics will look away from wardacle with its also infinite mana and constant burst healing and viability for all content. Dont get me wrong its an interesting spec but its just not raid viable from what i can see.

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    You're right in that the raw max HPS isn't that of Wardocle. This build doesn't have the same top end capability.

    But here some testing I did in my gear on the PTS just looking at overheal.

    At 72533sp
    37857 Crit
    8049 CP
    Fully upgraded eternal weapon.

    I recorded non crits to get a minimum threshold. Had WI up for Justocle and BoL + WI up for Wardocle

    Justocle loses 3k per tick at 3 stacks in healing flood vs Wardocle.

    Justocle Geyser + Salvation 58k healing combined per cast. No crits.
    Justocle Geyser crit 79k per heal. + 26502 crit Salvation

    Wardocle Effusion 71k healing per cast.
    Wardocle 158k Crit Effusion

    Here's where it gets a bit interesting though. True enough Salvation can only effect 5 randoms +2 specified targets. (You and Mandate target) But Insignia of Blood will often proc extra heals whenever it goes off (Which is about 50% of the time). So often a single cast will give you a heal + 2 salvation procs.

    The salvation procs seem to act in a smart way, healing the ones who need it.

    I won't deny that the on demand effusion spam is hugely beneficial. But Geyser spam in Justocle may not be as far behind effusion spam as you may think in terms of total healing as Wardocle effusion spam.

    Again, I think Wardcole is the better overall spec still. But I think an alternative option may have a place so I wrote a guide.

    That said, People should play the specs they're comfortable with and works best for them.


    Here's my output from Commander Isiel tonight. Seems raid worthy.

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    The only reason people bring wardacle to raid is usually because of the double cleanses for BoS 1 and 2. They can do something like bring orafiler for the tenebrious debuff, purge and some okayish dps on last boss(it is better than Inquisitor because although its less ST it buffs everyones cleave and ST so your 800kish + buffing everyones ST and AoE is a huge net gain over bringing an inquisitor who is around 1.1+million ST.)

    Or they can just go shaman if melee is not full. It really depends on raid setup though. Most of the recent builds are of niche use including wardacle and oracle builds. You can do the same with cabacle/shamacle but again just not practical.

    Honestly, this classes job at the moment is to make everyone else look good and be cleanse bot. That is why so many ditched the class and it lost so much support from the community. Didn't help that IROTP wasn't updated so the golems and last boss still silenced only caster classes which was a very bad over sight because rogue and warrior healers didn't have to worry about it. They will probably do the same for Prime Server.. lolzers...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedynn View Post
    IROTP wasn't updated so the golems and last boss still silenced only caster classes which was a very bad over sight because rogue and warrior healers didn't have to worry about it. They will probably do the same for Prime Server.. lolzers...
    They never updated those feature for HK as well. It just brings up another point on why not to roll a caster class for prime.

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