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Thread: 4.2 Templar Warden/Oracle Heal Support Hybrid

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    Default 4.2 Templar Warden/Oracle Heal Support Hybrid

    It’s still me illi! From Faeblight! And this is Heal/Support Hybrid I call Templar, why the name? I had to give my specs a name so I chose this!
    Now to the spec, this is a raid capable heal/support hybrid. That has a few issues.
    This spec loses out on important buffs from both Warden and Oracle.
    Such as Bosun’s Blessing, a very strong buff to Warden,
    Defend the Fallen and Resuscitating Chant is also missing.
    At that point why use this spec at all. You use this spec in conjunction with an Archon or Beastmaster(I’m not familiar with how Mystic buffs stack but if someone knows tell me!) and the reason is that you can have their raid buffs as well as Oracle. They will handle the major cooldowns and debuffs while you provide the bare minimum buffs from your support soul so the raid gets plenty of buffs!
    Here is a Magelo link to the spec! https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...kagEkg/pd|TJP0

    Insignia of Blood for additional damage
    Wasting Insignia for the buff to healing done as well as triggering your oracle raid buffs
    Waterjet for passive mitigation OR Glassy Reflection to reflect enemy spells
    Healing Flood for stacks for more healing!
    No need for Pool of Restoration as you don’t get Monsoon in this spec
    Bolt of Light for healing buff and damage done to a certain target

    Avenging Shield for the shield
    Divine Inspiration to buff your heals
    Faith’s Freedom for a better rez/meditation for better cleanse and mana regen
    Faith’s Reward for stacks to reduce cast time and to buff Overflowing Renewl
    Divine Favor for the healing stacks or Soul Stream as a single target heal channel

    All of the Inspirations - Inspiration of Battle/Survival/Keep
    Either Favor of Defensive or Current
    And both Boons - Resurgence and Vitality
    Shared Excess on your main heal target, will explain more.

    How it works/plays
    This spec plays similar to Warden outside of CDs such as maintaining stacks of Healing Flood, Soothing Stream, and
    Healing Spray on your main target for use of Shared Excess healing and Ripple.

    There is also Bolt of Light and Wasting Insignia to manage. Bolt of Light lasts 30 secs so use it every 30 secs.

    For Wasting Insignia it works a bit differently for how I use it. It lasts 30 secs but you want to cast it every 20 and the reason for that is to maintain the Inspiration buffs as they only last 20 secs.

    There are the Curses and Corroded Defense but like I said this is supposed to be used in conjunction with an Archon or a Beastmaster so normally they would handle that but in certain cases where there is none, keep these up if you can.

    Dangers of the Deep is a stacking buff that is easy to maintain, using a damaging abilities keep the stacks up so either use Geyser or Wasting Insignia.

    In a lengthy fight you can run out of mana really quick. Proper usage of Open Water and a way of canceling that buff when no longer needed is how to manage it. Although with the Eternal weapon you can skip on mana regen because the buff only affects non-HoT/DoT based abilities and Warden uses those frequently. So if you don't want to micro manage the buff, use the eternal weapon to skip past that part!

    I don’t know what else to say other than this is an advanced Warden spec as it does add more buffs to track but a person familiar with Warden won’t have too much difficulty learning this spec!
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    This role is also pretty neat for SPE runs, if you're the healer. It allows your group to run faster, have some extra buffs and debuff the enemies.
    I did however have 2 points LESS in Warden and into Oracle instead. That allows you to get Legendary Emblem of Alacrity and the 2 points are thrown into Vital Switfness. This causes you to operate with 1s GCD, since Warden spells are ALSO water based.

    Throw Alacrity and you have instant Overflowing Renewal for the tank
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    Yeah when I was making the spec I did have a debate with a buddy of mine over the uses of having a double cleanse, 1 gcd abilities and Legendary Emblem of Alacrity. For me a double cleanse is great should it be needed for Siligen in IROTP. 1 GCD is good but you do lose out on certain passives and the ability Orb of the Tide so that depends on your play style I feel. Although I don't see too much use in Legendary Emblem of Alacrity since I use Faith's Freedom which reduce cast times as is.

    But that's just me
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    What extra's do you get then from the Oracle build that an archon can't do?

    You mentioned some buffs stack, but haven't mentioned which ones, thanks.
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