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Thread: 4.2 Duracell Justicar/Druid AoE dps spec

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    Default 4.2 Duracell Justicar/Druid AoE dps spec

    Hi guys it's me Illi with a unique AoE dps spec that can do a lot. Now before vanilla players tell me that this isn't Duracell from back then. I know, I joined mid NMT so I've never seen this. I just named this spec after it in honor!
    Back to it,This spec is not a raid tanking spec!
    Instead it is an AoE dps spec that can OT at best or used for raid rifts or dungeons and other fights that doesn't have enemies that legendary hit. It also has pretty good AoE heals for what it is when there is max targets available.
    Another good thing about this spec is that it is very simple to use but is very niche and you won't find many uses for it.
    Here is a magelo link to the spec! https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...Dky8x1i/q|T-Xg

    Legendaries are Hammer of Faith/Even Justice from Justicar, Fervent Strike/Faerie passive healer from Druid, and Waterjet from Warden for the passive mitigation it provides

    Masteries are
    Avenging Shield for the shield
    Blessing of Penitence for the Fervent Strike range increase and healing receive boost
    Faith's Freedom for the better battle rez
    Diversify for more DPS
    Soul Stream as a method of DPS or emergency self heal

    Mien of Honor - it boosts your dps/heals and after using a Hammer it buffs your damage
    Mien of Leadership - for when you need to tank if it happens
    Summon: Greater Faerie Healer/Fae Dispersion - It can dps and heal, or AoE dps and AoE heal use the buff for the right situation.

    Keep Legendary Fervent Strike up to boost your dps and use Censure then just spam Hammer of Faith from there, keep Censure up when it falls off, HoF will keep it up on multiple targets. Use Peace of the Forest from Druid to regain mana if needed. Although if you have the Cleric eternal weapon don't worry about the mana, you don't lose out on too much.

    This spec doesn't have many macros as it is so simple to play.

    When in use
    This spec can pull aggro from an actual tank so either don't use it or warn the tank ahead of time as this can be very disruptive!

    I don't know what else to say about this spec/soul but if you think I'm missing something let me know and I'll try to update/edit this thing as it goes! I'm new to this forum threading thing.

    P.S I can only hope that this spec won't be over-nerfed
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    Could we have a parse to put numbers on the spec ? Like a 3 targets / 5 targets / 8 targets

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    Well the damage done in this spec skews crazily with crit power as it gets 9% crit on its own. So you can have very high crit chance up to near hard or soft cap.
    And my dps isn't representative of everyone's dps.
    I have nearly all raid gear and nearly every fragment is BIS and infusion 12.
    My stats are
    62384 Spell Power
    43.5% Crit Chance
    23.8% Crit Power
    I used an AoE synergy crystal
    But why use this over Shaman? The good things about this spec is that it is purely ranged, outside of a 20m legendary Fervent Strike. The heals and utilities such as it can tank mobs in dungeons and do pretty good AoE dps.
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    Here is an image of my DPS in 2 mins on the dummies outside of Alittu. I didn't use that reusable crit chance pot thingy
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4.2 Duracell Justicar/Druid AoE dps spec-2017-08-10_132754.jpg  
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    personally, i find triple interrupt a bit redundant, so i'd trade in druid tree grim silence for greater satyr protector (useful when grinding around) and, for the justicar tree, interdict and 1pt stronghold for 2pts devout deflection

    great build btw, gives some sense to the uselessness of the actual druid

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