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Thread: The Undying 1v1 Cleric - Shield Defiler (4.0)

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    Default The Undying 1v1 Cleric - Shield Defiler (4.0)

    I had originally promised to post a RS/Oracle spec, but that spec is now defunct with the (likely to go live) PTS changes to Emblem of Alacrity. Since I no longer play this game, I figured that I'd go out with a bang and post a super-cancer spec just for teh lulz.

    Allegory, please forgive me for what I'm about to bring to the PvP scene.

    The Shield Defiler in its current iteration is one of the most obnoxious specs that you will ever have the pleasure to encounter in Rift PvP. Its strengths derive mostly for its ability to pack a full 61 point Defiler DPS soul (already pretty annoying to begin with) with extra health, the ability to use a shield effectively, and Druid Fairy Healer Legendary into a pseudo healtank/halfDPS spec that is basically unkillable in a 1v1 situation if played properly, and able to survive multiple DPS (5+) focus with a bit of skill and some RNG luck.

    It is not, however, a full DPS spec, and your damage will suffer accordingly compared to a glass cannon defiler or inquisitor.

    The Build: 61 Defiler 12 Justicar 3 Druid

    Summon: Faerie Healer
    Aggressive Avarice
    Miserly Affliction
    Unstable Transformation

    The core rotation is basically exactly the same as a DPS defiler build, which is to manage your greed stacks properly while not losing too much health casting Greed spells. Keep in mind that Miserly Affliction's damage ticks for each Rage DoT on the target, and know how to spread your DoTs. Remember that Legendary Unstable Transformation reduces Greed/Rage stack consumption to 1 per cast, so you can likely spam the spell.

    Be sure to equip a 1H + shield for maximum troll.

    This is not intended to be a full guide for PvP. It will not teach you how to play the game, how to manage your CDs, and how to play Defiler if you are not already familiar with it.

    This is simply a guide to help you top the Warfront charts in Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing Done, and Healing Taken. All at once.

    Enjoy, and may the nerfbat be far away from you.

    *Bonus: This spec takes full advantage of the SFP weapon rune proc in all cases (damage, healing, blocking).
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