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Thread: Shaman levelling build for SFP

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    Thumbs up Shaman levelling build for SFP

    Just to be clear, I'm posting this build as a public service. Seriously, I could be playing but instead here I am helping you out. After bumbling around fiddling with preset builds and trying a few suggestions, a guild mate suggested this build to me. I haven't looked back. I'm new(ish) to the game and have had problems learning how to take on more than one or two enemies at a time and regenerating quickly enough to keep up what I think is an acceptable questing pace.

    This spec offers insane survivability and high dps output on world mobs, especially once legendary Deep Freeze is available. I hardly drop HP unless I'm taking on footholds. It is so very easy to use with a one button "baddie" macro. There are two additional easy to track dps increase cooldowns, utilities and control options.

    Here is a screenshot of the build:

    Legendaries incase they don't display clearly are:
    Deep Freeze, Furious Assault (Shaman tree), Fervent Strike, Fairy Healer (Druid tree), Salvation (Justicar tree). Take Faerie Healer and Salvation prior to the others.

    The macro is as follows:

    #show Crushing Blow
    cast Glacial Strike
    cast Punishing Strike
    cast Frozen Wrath
    cast Massive Blow
    cast Jolt
    cast Crushing Blow
    cast Lightning Hammer
    cast Break Free
    cast Fading Light

    Buffs: Furious Assault, Glory of the Chosen, Heart of the Frozen Sea and Vengeance of the Primal North/Winter Storm as needed.

    How to set up your bars
    Lay out in a line all the abilities that are in the macro in an additional action bar above the main action bar. That way, you can see what abilities are being used and when they will be off cooldown.
    Next to your baddie macro, allocate a spot to Fervent Strike, and Deep Freeze. Strike of the Maelstrom is another AoE option not in your macro.

    Where you like your dps increase cooldowns, put:
    Rage of the North
    Rush of Strength

    Where you like your control abilities grouped, lay out:
    Snowbank (8s snare)
    Bitter Wind (interrupt)

    Your additional utilities/buffs other than those mentioned above:
    Ageless Ice (mana regen) - I have never had to use this in combat.
    Glacial Shield (reflective shield)
    Shield of Oak (Absorption and increases movement speed)
    Ride the Lightning (charges at the enemy, roots them in place and removes movement impairing effects from your cleric)

    Other abilities I have on my always visible bars:
    Dwarven Breakfast
    Flaring Sigil
    Fury of the Ascended
    Soul Recall
    Acended Resurrection
    one spot for various other collected items (eg Soul Crystal or Atmospheric Mirror)

    How to Play:
    I enter combat with Ride the Lightning, my friend chooses Fervent Strike. Either is cool.
    Use Rage of the North
    Spam your one button "baddie" macro
    When you see 'Massive Blow' is on cooldown and you've used your other spells, use Rush of Strength.
    Keep spamming your baddie macro, keeping Rage of the North and Rush of Strength off cooldown. Use Fervent Strike when everything else except Crushing Blow is on cooldown.

    For AoE
    Switch between Strike of the Maelstrom (SoM) and Frozen Wrath.
    To be honest, only SoM if the mobs are weak. You will survive longer and do more damage just dpsing one target down at a time.

    When to use Glacial Shield and Shield of Oak:
    I use Glacial Shield when an npc is just about dead and I want to 'Ride the Lightning' to the next mob. Usually the npc currently engaged will follow me (unless they are a caster) and kill themselves as they continue to attack me. I use Shield of Oak sparingly.. maybe if I have a few mobs on me and Glacial Shield is on cooldown.

    So remember, this isn't a raiding spec. I don't have Rift Meter, so I don't know the dps output but I do know it puts out more dps and has helped me to survive more than any other cleric build I've tried. This build helped me have fun in Rift again and enjoy my cleric as I never had. Just give it a go for yourself. You may PM me in game with any questions that aren't too technical (I won't know the answer). I'm on Laethys.

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    The last power in your macro is Fading Light. Isn't that a mage ability? I think it might be better ended after Lightning Hammer.
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    Its a planar attunement element like break free. In fact it is another break free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrowe View Post
    The last power in your macro is Fading Light. Isn't that a mage ability? I think it might be better ended after Lightning Hammer.
    Quote Originally Posted by MoMo1 View Post
    Its a planar attunement element like break free. In fact it is another break free.
    Yes and yes. I don't use the break free abilities in my macro. I found it better to keep them visible and use them only as needed.

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