This is very close to the Nature's Protector setup which you can see when you look at your presets in-game, which is a 61/8/7 setup.

I very much want to include Massive Blow in my rotation because it always critically hits, and deals extra damage based on spell critical hits (it's also listed in a macro I found). However, neither the 10 nor 8 in the shaman column will get you there.

Can I move points from Inq to shaman? Problem is, that impacts another important ability(increases spell power), so are there any points from druid I can move to shaman to get that ability.

BTW, this is still a very good setup, and I haven't had any problem killing things, including elites (I'm level 50, but it will take more practice lol). I normally only play ranged, but this is one of my characters I played 5 1/2 years ago so I decided to try it.