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Thread: Aristophanes' Alternative PvP Healing Spec

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    Default Aristophanes' Alternative PvP Healing Spec

    Since a lot of people don't like the current state of sent, I decided to tinker around with an alternative PvP spec. I am not sure which would be the strongest, as I am still working things out, but I feel I have played this spec enough to share the base concept. Then maybe the cleric community can help me make it better. When I posted my FK PvP spec, the mage community was a lot of help in flushing it out.

    This is a hybrid puri/sent specs, and it takes a fair amount of focus to play. It is a ST healing spec, and it utilizes various fast cast abilities and the changes to sent's mana regen to rapid cast puri's strongest ST heals.

    The nice thing is, that this spec is not as buff dependent as full sent, and it has stronger ST heals than full puri. You do sacrifice some things for this however. So I am not saying this is the best spec, it is just an alternative.

    I am actually having a lot of fun with this spec. So I'll post a SS of the spec, post some macros and give the core concept behind the spec.


    The idea is to use fast cast abilities with Ward of Fire, Ward of Scorching and Latent Blaze. Since those skills are so mana intensive the spec makes use of sent's Reverent Supplication to regen mana.

    Your main heals are:

    Ward of Flame
    Ward of Fire
    Ward of Scorching
    Latent Blaze
    Healing Breath
    Healing Flare
    Healing Stream
    Symbol of the Sun

    Your fast cast abilities:

    Healer's Haste
    Touch of Light
    Blessing of the Flame
    Faith's Rewarded

    Now there is a lot of different ways you can use your heals with the fast cast abilities. For example you don't need a full five stacks of Faith's Rewarded to pop off a fast Ward of Scorching, as two stacks is still a fast heal.

    Keep in mind: Ward of Fire will consume both Faith's Rewarded and Blessing of the Flame stacks. You can use Healer's Haste with other fast cast passives to further decrease casting time.

    The nice thing is that you are puri, so you can fly under the healer radar in some cases, and even if your buffs are purged, you can still pump some big heals.

    The main benefit of this spec is that it can pop off some nice ST heals, quickly and rapidly, heals that also provided a shield.

    The weakness is the lack of cleanse healing, weak AE healing, and, as I said, it takes focus to play. You have to keep track of Faith's Rewarded stacks, Blessing of the Flame stacks and your mana.

    Of course you could move some things around in the spec to help balance some of those weaknesses.

    Here are some defensive capabilities:

    You can pre-shield and pre-HoT
    Pre-cast Latent Blaze
    Healer's Convent
    Sterilize (A full cleanse)
    Overload (PA skill)
    Retribution (PA skill)
    Flash of Radiance (PBAoE CC)

    Here are some macros I am using (which will prob. change with more play time):

    #show Ward of Flame
    cancelbuff Reverent Supplication
    cast @mouseoverui Ward of Flame

    #show Ward of Fire
    cancelbuff Reverent Supplication
    cast @mouseover Ward of Fire

    #show Ward of Scorching
    cancelbuff Reverent Supplication
    cast @mouseover Ward of Scorching

    Make sure to use Reverent Supplication as much as you can, during low damage periods. Then when you need the healing these macros turns it off for you, so you don't suffer the 50% healing decrease to your meat and potato heals.

    The rest of the macros, are just standard healing marcos, so I won't list them.

    And as always I have my defense macros (contains some PA skills):

    #show Overload
    cast Overload
    cast @self Symbol of the Sun
    cast @self Sterilize
    cast Petrified Barnacle Rune
    cast Petrified Rune
    cast Renewing Pod
    cast Renewing Seed
    cast @self Healing Spray

    #show Break Free
    cast Break Free
    Use Elixir of Impunity
    cast Fading Light

    As with my FK spec, I am sure there are many changes one could make to this spec. The idea is not to say, this is the only way to play this spec, but to just provide a template for others.

    I am having a lot of fun with the spec. It is somewhat of a challenging spec, but I thought people would just like another option for cleric PvP healing.
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    Gonna try this one out I think
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    The spec looks interesting and the idea behind it is promising.

    However, what interested me was your cancelbuff Reverent Supplication.

    I wonder if I make a macro:

    #show Reverent Supplication
    cast Reverent Supplication
    cancelbuff Reverent Supplication

    Up until now I've been using Reverent Supplication when I absolutely need mana and just trying to survive as I cast as many Healing Breaths and Crucials over 10 sec. Only using it for 3-4 seconds at a time would work much much better in pvp.

    *Actually, I guess that macro would just recast Rev Sup again, so I'll macro the cancelbuff on top of something else like you did. *
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nantucket View Post
    However, what interested me was your cancelbuff Reverent Supplication.

    I wonder if I make a macro:

    #show Reverent Supplication
    cast Reverent Supplication
    cancelbuff Reverent Supplication
    unfortunately this won't actually work. you either need it in the front of other macros or just a cancelbuff macro on a separate key. i'd recommend making a kalert for the buff so you know that you've properly activated it and canceled it when you want to.

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