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Thread: Introducing The JSO Cleric Tank Soul:

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    Default Introducing The JSO Cleric Tank Soul:

    The JSO Tank Soul template is a melee support build that can hold up against most targets +2 or lower it level while contributing to the party. If you need a tank to lead a party, use the Seraphic Guard build but if you need a second tank without taking from the other party roles here's you are.

    Please bare with me about the following trees because of the reason why I'm posting this discussion. You see, I'm still working on what make a complete package for my JSO Soul concept:

    ================================================== =====
    The JSO Tank Soul:
    Justicar-48, Shaman 10, Oracle-18.
    Above is the template for the followings:
    ================================================== ===

    The JSO Support Soul:
    Justicar-45, Shaman 12, Oracle-19.
    This one does retains some Seraphic Guard's tactics but without the Reprieve. The Endurance's stats and Hit-Points are higher than the template yet like the template its without some the melee prowess and dps rate that the Shooter version showcases. Yet is a decent support role with the its boons' - inspirations' party buffs and is a solid pressure relieving light tank in dungeons.
    ================================================== ====

    The JSO Tanking Shooter Soul:
    Justicar-37, Shaman 21, Oracle-18.
    A light tank with its title saying all. Plays like a light hitting melee loving Holy Fire Shaman that doesn't have to retreat too soon in melee encounters against an elite enemy. This is my favorite versions for the pure joy of playing solo where a group of 2 or 3 is recommended.


    ================================================== ===

    (Any) -0*, Shaman 35, Oracle-41. (*)= Really any here 0 points works because the spec is flexible while at zero sum with an any third tree. (hint here!)

    ...with As Justicar - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41Read guide in post on this thread dated 10/04/2015

    ...with As Defiler - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41 to add a twisted streak into the mix.

    W-JSO Mountain Shaman: Warden - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41
    Ah, Ha! This particular uhh, flexible "0" with this Shaman/Oracle spec and called for different masteries that becomes magical as long as a Flexible "0" tree is there as inactive...
    ================================================== ===

    Since The JSO Soul has a strange mix of opening contributing stats which rises parallel without much of a focused synchronization of them to the available abilities gained outside Base Health and Endurance; I'm unsure how to equip this gem of a brutish melee pounding cleric.

    Can anyone who reading this post can make any suggestions on what equipment and their contributing stats I should be looking for, for the JSO's. All helpful comments would be appreciated.

    Also for after level 60; things differed due to the equipment so I have no ideas presented on models over level 60. Maybe a few of you can make suggestions to this also.

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    While i don't realize the purpose of this build over a deep Justicar or Druid for low-damage, high-defense situations or a 61 shaman for high damage situations, i can definitely understand the urge to play weird hybrids, as my posts in the guides section prove. However i would suggest you to replace the oracle by a low-point druid for combined effort, and then invest more points into shaman or justicar.
    Anyway, regarding your question about gear, it really isn't different for clerics depending on spec. If you are aiming for tankiness, endurance and guard are what you should go for, however they will literally provide zero damage on their own. If you want to do more damage at the sacrifice of some defense, maximizing wisdom and crit power, and, to a lesser extent, spell power, is a good way to go. Avoid spell crit as it doesn't offer much value at the moment.
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    scrapper spec?

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    @This Thread Objectives:
    I haven't abandon this thread. I'm still testing three versions in-game when I can and so far the testing has been in the open world of RIFT:

    Also this is more about what one can do with the new Oracle tree than another exploration on a hybrid build. The new Souls Pack haven't been around long enough to be dismissed as everything tried/nothing new; at least from what my research has found which is why I had open this guide, discussion and play-test premises on this thread.

    ================================================== ===============

    Despite the Wrecker at under the Mein of Honor buff (I don't make up these titles; I only use the one earned, most suited for the character) with the full template JSO build did a walk-through on the Cathedral of Canus of Draumheim effortlessly; killing everything in her path and at the same time with never dropping below 96% health while never relying on the Just Defense. (She was on an official quest so there wasn't any cruelty to those baddies forcibly occupying the place.) This can be perform with similar results against two enemy targets at a time thanks to the instant Doctrine of Bliss ability been called upon to keep the health over 90% at ease.

    The results brought to my attention the Doctrine of Bliss consuming a conviction point per use and instantly heals for nearly 10% health.

    The over-time damage of the Wasting Insignia following the Emblem of Ice and The Emblem of Pain followed by closing into melee range to start the timed combination of avoiding cool-down brokerages while using the Hammer of Duty/Massive Blows with a competent Strike of Judgment/Percepts Of Retributions was sound but lack over-powering scores. With equipment granting blocks added a high frequency of Strike of Retribution uses even when the Precept of Retribution is been neglected and this lifted the performances to the strong to impressively noteworthy levels.

    I'm now wondering can this work as a viable second pre-set tank build (calling it maybe the Oracle Warrior or something consistent with the Dream Soul Package's terminology.). The difference of this and the Seraphic Guard is the JSO (Oracle Warrior) grants a nice 30m ranged damage abilities package with the Seraphic Guard's basics recompensating the Guard's dps rate with over-time damage, damage abilities' effects and debuffs on targets

    To see if this really an competent proposal I will have to take it to dungeons with where most experienced RIFT's dungeon runners are with their strong particularities about what's doing the tanking with them. I going to first try to sneak the JSO in under a support flag with the Thorvin's Wrath off and when I do turned it on; I will use it in concession with the Provoke abilitand only when its less disruptive to the group's doings with the hope that I don't drawn the meanness from those whom always take their dungeon running a little too serious. (They kick for less in there sometimes.) What I understood is in order to gain accurate and viable assessment of this proposed pre-set; I must test it in the dungeons with experienced RIFT dungeon players as the only way.

    Well, its one step at a time and if anyone of you like to contributed to this testing with actual in-game results with any of the JSO's souls please do so and post your assessed results here. I can use the data as I fine-tune this guide on the JSO templates and it variables souls type.

    ================================================== ===============

    The purpose is for others whom didn't take to the deep 61 Justicar order of fighting or really like the excitement the 61 Shaman has and like a little more health depth as they ride in and out of melee situations or for those whom really isn't comfortable with the sidekick pet doing some of the work.

    Yeah the Cleric specs is why I asked that question about the gear. There's something stirring with the base Endurance stats with this build becoming the highest spec among the basics stats thanks to the chosen trees contributions. Especially from the Shaman and Oracle stats; yet I do see your meaning for maximizing the spell power distributions yet Wisdom overall importance and the lack of it from the trees might be the reason why I can't produce a dominating character results, Only if there was much, much more gears featuring only Wisdom-Endurance-Spell Power-Crit Power combination in a generous matter I might find topping this build off into a dominating force like the Holy Shaman or Seraphic Guard easily perceive; but it was elusive even after you put me in the right direction. Thank you for doing that much, its been helpful.

    btw, I love hybrids yet this thread is about the new tree, The Oracle and what it can do for your melee loving characters.

    ================================================== =============

    Big Body Scrapper at that too! A Cleric Brute meets Cleric Guard with a touch of a bulky Mage style approach to combat is the first take I saw too..

    Great Call!!
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    Scrapper reborn

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    Yeah! This is about the unappreciated Oracle tree with the idea of using it's ways of toughing up a party and itself to make a respectable tank.

    If you are sincere on exploring this but would preferred todo it her on this thread then here we are:

    The O18 base makes a strong defensive combative at level 40 effortlessly yet this is where the question of synergy becomes complicated. I do agree that outside the water damage type with the Shaman' Stormborn and the leap that the Justicar's receives with many of its distributaries from the Oracle's Icy Vigor I too finding synergy only in one of the two others with the O18 instead of all three.

    If we continue on looking for synergy we will simply miss what we had learned at this level 40 point.

    To begin with you might make the mistake of seeing either the Justicar or the Shaman by itself or the pairing of the two as all that mattered so far. When I approach either of these cases for I too found its difficult to bring in a sense of parity among the three trees yet when I had addressed the matter without the O18 either I found myself in a preset build where I might as well as complete the project either calling the finished build a Seraphic Guard or a Holy Fire Shaman yet nah, I will find what's here and make it stronger with the right equipment but first lets find what would be its best contributions to make this a tank good for all occasions at Level 60 with only this mocked up Level 18 build as the starting point.

    I also can see immediately there a defensive soul here for the building by just the information shown no matter how you read this fleet-footed Level 18 Justicar 0/Shaman 0/Oracle 18 character as an Any/Justicar 0/Oracle 18 or as an Y equaling a set of Defensive Distributaries and X equaling the traditional X for an...

    (Y)X/Shaman X/Oracle 18
    Justicar X/(Y)X/Oracle 18.
    (Y)X/(Y)X/Oracle 18 like this mocked up one

    You also written that going deep into either the Shaman or the Justicar tree is all thatcan be done and I looked at the maximum varietyfrom that suggestion and must agreed this is attractive for this
    Justicar with adapting to the boosted Endurance stats and lowered Wisdom stats from the Oracle 18
    did improved in some others aspects without suffering its defensive prowess.

    I also saw something attractive in this light tanker scrapper with the Shaman tree as a tougher and fiery-less melee focused Holy Fire Shaman sort. Since the HFS is one of my darling among the pre-set clerics so I probably isn't seeing everything that can be said here.

    What I did learned exploring this "deep the one tree approach" is there is synergy here after all and to utilized with all three trees for O18 base we have choose the points carefully.

    Notes on finding synergy with the O18 base:
    Reduction of damage taken.
    Endurance and abilities focusing on the Endurance stats.
    Non-Physical damage.
    Single targeting abilities.

    @c/ Anathil's suggestion on using an idea of synergy from all three:
    Then how about the Warden instead of the Justicar for this tank. With the Warden tree's bonuses to absorption and water damage abilities I 'm sure a tanking performance can be constructed here.

    My first thought after this idea is the question of "can this tank-like performance without the tank-like stats?" then my second thought "maybe it can tank by the excellent absorption abilities and regeneration-like auto-heals utilities it has!" Yet producing a tanking performance with the pairing of the mocked up level 18 Shaman 0/Oracle 18 base for level 60 would called for at least Immediate Level handling.

    Problem: I never understood the Warden combat style outside of healing yet I do know that Riptide and Hidden Reserves are great for the Mountain Peak Shaman concept. Yet the vision of a tank that lives or dies by an Emblem of Ice->Emblem of Pain->RTL->spamming Geyser or spamming Avalanche gives me the shudders.

    Well, you now understand the project here or challenge here is to build a tanking character using the Oracle's Icy Vigor and you suggested finding some type of synergy first, what would you do at this point?
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    (Any) -0*, Shaman 35, Oracle-41. (*)= Really any here and its flexible while at zero sum.

    JSO Mountain Shaman: Justicar - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41
    Salvation is always nice to have but Strike Of Judgment is best left idle here.
    (because Icy Blow is far better after water damage ability bonuses is gained here and definitely there's no life damage bonuses.) .

    The JSO DPS+Support Soul:

    But this is a great spec!!! This one ventures deeper into the Oracle's tactics regarding the Glacial Insignia even without any other extensive Insignias and Emblems systems. The Endurance's stats is kept moderated too also but the overall the defensive stats are no comparison to the Justicar points-filled JSO versions yet the template familiarity is intact. Like the template its with its some good melee AOE prowess but this version has an improved dps rate for the Avalanche Strike and its better as a ranged support spec; far better than the original shooter version. So I had replaced the shooter's version with this version in the first posting of this thread.

    This version is also a monster as support role spec in dungeons with its combination using the Rage of the North to start a must make spam-click macro sequence of Battle Fury/Glacial Insignia/Emblem of Alacrity/Glacial Insignia/Ekkehard's Grasp (if you following the following notes on the W-JSO then the Crit-Row ends when the basic ranged damage ability, Water Jet triggers instead.) This one long and super damaging ability should be the only (#show) Glacial Insignia button you need on your action bar.

    You also have from the Rage of the North; (Always used manually) an excellent spin to started off the defensive group beneficial macro of the Discerning Waves/Ride The Lightning/Avalanche Strikes (Just spammed click this button while switching to better rides to the target when the last one dies until all fall because if the targets are still standing by the time the Discerning Wave cooldown is done it will be welcoming event to see triggered again follow by some detailed ST melee approaches to end that mob. Well, you really don't have to wait until Wave's to trigger again to switch tactics.) This macro is to be use while facing the multiple targets surrounding the tank and toward the rest of the group at a just outside melee range from the multiple targets grouping. Aim well with this particular macro in order to cut thru brilliantly with the Ride The Lightning. The results allows the group's healer if alert some time to set-up a cast-time consuming group heal ability also.

    All Mountain Shaman version's Favors abilities must be managed manually as the situations changes so the group's buffs can be adjusted which is what an Oracle excels in doing anyways; best check the buffs doing either of the pair of macro's cooldown periods while manually applying Corroded Defense/Curse for the most appropriate usage (Fraility or Consumption-or both)/Wasting Insignia/Emblem of Ice (ending these clicking walk across the action bar with the Ice here because I found having the Alacrity ready to be use exclusively with the leftover stacks of the Rage of the North stacks when there are stacks there kind of comforting yet this is my personal preference for the Emblem of Alacrity ability's use. Most would preferred the more damaging Emblem of Alacrity all the time over the Emblem of Ice like I do when I'm soloing with a Mountain Shaman spec.

    Of'course the Inspirations that are available recurring instantly when you using the Glacial Insignia so make sure its ready when its time to take down the bosses (which this macro does exceptionally well when soloing and when used with a dungeon group or with a raid party.)


    As a "0" sum in the third tree raised the important issue of how to optimizing it which seems needed regardless of its minor details with the entire picture of this Water damage specialist.


    but wait that's also a Salvation I will be abandoning.

    Ohh! Yes, Problem solved by reducing points in the...

    ...now let's compensate by turning on the...

    Ahh, there's it is and since this is now known; the masteries should be change to....

    OK! here it is!! changing the Justicar tree for the Warden tree at "0" produces a Healing Spray and a better basic ranged damage ability from the Water Jet which to say better than the Ekkehard's Grasp damage stats too ranged ability.

    ================================================== ==============

    W-JSO Mountain Shaman: Warden - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41

    Ah, Ha! This particular uhh, flexible "0" with this Shaman/Oracle spec and these masteries becomes magical as a Flexible "0" spec...

    ...with As Justicar - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41

    ...with As Defiler - 0, Shaman 35, Oracle-41 to add a twisted streak into the mix.

    ================================================== ==============

    About The W-JSO Mountain Shaman Template: (Warning: This isn't a level 45 spec)

    Can't do wrong no matter how you distribute certain 13 points among the 16 remaining in the Shaman Tree on this W-JSO Mountain Shaman template as long as you put the rest of the 1 point into Rage of The North and 2 points into Frozen Embrace then distribute the remaining 13 points among Vicious Streak, Powerful Grip, Frostbite, Furious Blows and Heavy Weight choosing which as you find best suitable for your preferred combat style as either a Melee or a Ranged oriented Support+DPS character or both:

    To be clearer
    For More DPS Shaman Than Support Oracle Is:
    With the light Healing Spray and a competent damaging Water Jet all owed to the water abilities bonuses with the rest of the monstrosity, try this:
    The W-JSO DPS+Support Soul:

    For More Traditional Support Role Performance With A Sound DPS Showing

    Activate The Warden Tree Modestly:
    For A Little More In Group Support and All The DPS Wiles Try This Ranged To Melee DPS Spec:
    Even though the newly gained Overflowing Renewal in exchange for some defensive abilities here does brings in a group heal ability to the WSO; the one group heal here only become notable when used following the use of the Emblem of Alacrity. The 2 points in the Warden tree used for this version of the W-JSO Mountain Shaman series is more suitable for those looking for a support soulfor Dungeons and open world parties yet the little higher in heals with Strength Of The Deep isn't as noticeable as the other active Warden tree of this series.

    Boundless Mountain Shaman:
    These 2 points in the Warden's Boundless proc doesn't has improved heals; just obtains another light one target the group this time but the trade off here is a slightly higher dps rate.


    Classic Shaman Style of Soloing the Open World built (This one isn't a W-JSO but a Classic Hybrid Shaman with different Masteries then the W-JSO.) Both of the these has survivability but the latter comes with natural resistance from taking too many unnecessary risk because been the monster is fun in the open world!)[/I]

    I will recommended the former for soloing the open world but expert twinkle-toes shaman players probably preferred the latter if they ever leaned this way.

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