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Thread: Rice's Easy Leveling/Farming Spec; Bigger Pulls for Harder Burn

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    Default Rice's Easy Leveling/Farming Spec; Bigger Pulls for Harder Burn

    Riceís AOE farming guide
    \m/ *-d(o_O)b-* \m/

    Hello everyone and thank you for viewing another one of my guides that I have put together for you all. This build may be used for AOE power leveling or farming without any worry of dying. Remember that when using any Cabalist build; the bigger the pull, the harder the burn. 5+ will be your average pull and you will handle it as easily as 1v1 with any other dps spec.

    You will have plenty of heals, AOE, a tank pet, defensive CDís, and you make use of both the Defiler and Cabalist death damage boosters in their skill trees.

    Note: This build is not meant for team settings or PVP. You will fall short of any other build meant for those conditions.

    Soul Tree: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#r/Ut2FaAwyk/Enyaa0yA

    Buffs: Condensed Obliteration, Rage Blight


    Single Target:
    #show Marrow Harvest
    cast Marrow Harvest
    cast Dark Water

    #show Tyranny of Death
    cast Tyranny of Death
    cast Bound Fate

    #show Disintegration
    cast Disintegration
    cast Ravaging Darkness

    #show Siphon Vitality
    cast @mouseover Siphon Vitality
    cast Siphon Vitality


    #show Curse of Solitude
    cast @mouseover Curse of Solitude
    cast Curse of Solitude

    Single Heal:
    #show Loathsome Restoration
    cast @mouseover Loathsome Restoration
    cast @self Loathsome Restoration

    #show Hideous Reconstruction
    cast @mouseover Hideous Reconstruction
    cast @self Hideous Reconstruction

    Burst Heal: (must cast Loathsome Restoration to proc the healing effect)
    #show Explosive Growth
    cast @mouseover Explosive Growth
    cast @self Explosive Growth

    Single key heal macro: (good for healing others)
    #show Link of Agony
    cast [shift] @mouseover Hideous Reconstruction
    cast [ctrl] @mouseover Explosive Growth
    cast @mouseover Loathsome Restoration

    Play style:

    First things first; the Defiler crystal is a must for this build unless farming very low level mobs. If you do, then you may use the Cabalist crystal for added dps and turning off your Condensed Obliteration and possibly putting a point into Unbounded Obliteration so you may farm 8+ mobs per pull.

    Beacon of Despair and DPS:

    The most important ability in this build is your Beacon of Despair. It gains Link of Despair, a 50% damage reduction link that will transfer 115% of the damage to you. This is good and bad. Thanks to Cardial Conversion, you gain Husk of Indifference which will absorb some of the damage converted from your links. Another passive is Scarred Heart which will reduce 30% of damage taken by your links.

    You will throw your beacon onto a target or where you are and then spam Siphon Vitality to gather your surrounding enemies. After pulling your third mob, hit your HoT macro once to apply Hideous Reconstruction to your beacon. After pulling your fifth, hit one of them with Curse of Solitude and spam away. For lower level farming, use Curse of solitude to pull multiple targets to your beacon.

    Usually a good practice is to spread your Tyranny of Death with your AOE macro and wait for it to fall off. After you are done re-applying it use your BOOM macro to burn them down to 0.

    Be mindful of your beacon's health because after patch 3.0, mobs hit crazy hard. If your beaconsí health drops below 50% use your Oh Shoot macro to apply three stacks of Foul Growth and top it off with a Loathsome Restoration heal. I usually rotate with a 2dps/1heal rotation to ensure that neither my pet or I take too much damage.

    If mobs are kitting too hard, switch your buff from Rage Blight to Grief Blight to boost your heals. You will not lose enough dps to make up for having to spam more heals instead of dps while using Rage Blight.

    A typical pull will start with Beacon>Siphon Vitality(target1)> Curse of solitude(target2)>Hideous Reconstruction>AOE macro x2>Loathsome Restoration>AOE until second tyranny spread>BOOM>Loathsome Restoration>x2Repeat from Curse of Solitude

    Keeping your beacon alive:

    Typically, your Hideous Reconstruction and your dps rotation applying stacks of Foul Growth is enough for healing your beacon. Sometimes you are either not paying attention or pull one too many mobs and need more heals on your beacon. In this case, use your Explosive growth then Loathsome Restoration and keep Hideous Reconstruction up. Cycle in your AOE macro to spread Tyranny of Death and Disintegrate on CD. This usually saves me when I am faced with this situation.


    Stay calm and toss out another. If you have Disintegration up; use it. If not, spam heal and your beacon will pick up aggro that way. If you are not hasty; you will most likely die.

    Overall, this is a very fun spec to play and is great if you are looking for easier farming or want to pull 5+ mobs for that carnage quest instead of 1-2 and having to heal or drink after(I am referring to mobs your level or higher).

    Note: Tossing out your beacon to take away aggro while mining/foraging is a good way to save time while farming.

    My thoughts in 3.0 farming:

    Trion made mobs hit much harder and be more spread out on purpose to deter people from focus farming and ruining the market. I also feel that it was a bad idea because now there are 50 people trying to undercut each other for a stack of 15 fabled leather or diaphanous cloth they got from a minion quest and drive the price down to 5g per item. This is good for someone that wants to stock up on those mats for when less are leveling alts and are trying to progress, yet still need their dailies and other items.

    Getting Ganked:

    If you are a shard hopper like me; there is a good chance that someone is going to pop out of nowhere and try to kill you for no reason what so ever. For this, just use your Dark Passage to get away and then your Shadow Breach to stealth away and heal. You will have to spam dots and run while healing to kill your target. To be honest; it is better to run and shard hop if you do not want to die.


    I hope you all like this guide. Please leave comments if you have any improvements that have been tested(not your own thoughts on something that worked in 2.2 or what your friend told you). This will help the Rift community to continually improve and grow.

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    Default My new build since hitting 65 and added goodies

    Since hitting lvl 65 and doing many more hours of farming; I came up with a new composition of points in the Cabalist tree. You will be able to pull and burn much faster with the added AOE from Unbound Obliteration and the extra radius from points spent in Broadened Strokes.


    Something I did not put in my original guide is that if you are losing aggro to range; try pulling with Curse of Solitude. If you pull the furthest mob with Curse of Solitude, you will keep aggro much better. Try it out a few times and always keep an eye on their target. Once you lose aggro to your beacon; you may throw Curse of Solitude on another mob. I will attack a video link for you all to see how it is done.


    As you can see, this build is nice for huge pulls. Be sure to spread your Tyranny of Death on all mobs. This may require you to target the mob on the opposite side of your initial spread when pulling 10+ mobs. This will ensure the biggest burn from Tyranny and Disintegrate.

    This build is so easy that anyone can figure it out in minutes and all the pulls are @mouseover for easy pulls. I will put out a more in depth guide with more videos on my Youtube channel, so keep an eye out for those. Thank you all for viewing my guide and have a great day.

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