this'll be for both ranged and melee-style support. i havent a clue what its gonna be like with the new soul, but heres what i used and what i use now, compared to what ill use at 60+


this one is based heavily on LIFE damage.. which means that the macro used will only have massive blow on it, and thats mainly cuz its OP as hell, and it doesnt disturb the support mechanics of this spec. mainly, i use either reckoning, or even justice as the main attack, based on aoe or single target. either way, ive seen me heal sometimes more than full-support defiler at the time (midway thru 2.6-2.8 ish)
it doesnt sound like it heals a lot, or does much, but in this you have 2 interrupts on a 10-sec cd, 2 snares, a stun, and 2 charges as CC. you also have a battle-rez, as an additional. as for healing, you have salvation, doctrine of loyalty, and righteous mandate as non-self heals. and as for self healing (which would save healers from healing you), you have resplendant embrace, glory of the chosen, and salvation. they dont sound like a lot, but so far, they havent failed me yet; knock on wood. seeing as how you will also have mein of honor, you'll also have less aggro at all times, so you can use mitigation and provoke and the like to get mobs from killing others in case there are any wanderers, and still live from it.
granted, you wont be a top dps-er like in shammy, or druid, but youll be healing more than them (including the greater faerie on druid spec)

now for ranged. i hear that the new spec does a lot of support, but i wanna see what ppl think of this as a ranged support class. ive seen a lot of -defiler specs, but i wanna see what you guys think of this.


the MAIN use of this is to rotate your death-spell abilities, along with your self-healing dots, so that you dont kill yourself when absorbing dmg from someone. i would use the strongest lin on the tank, and have all the other links on the healers or the off-tanks. of course, the shields should be obvoous, but the reason i included the purifier without using it? the shied you get. another shield is good for absorbing more damage and living.
basically, i only went to 36 on defiler just for that other link, and i only went so high in inq, so that i could get the interrupt, and the upgraded armor. the only thing idve gotten in purifier is the increased wisdom, then the increased healing & absorbtion... there would be no reason to go higher without sacrificing the usefullness of Dark Impulses. as you can probably guess... you will NOT be using bolt of judgement, ever. you will be using sanction heretic in rotation to get the buff and proc from life and death discord and from Unified Theory. (since bolt of depravity is death dmg, and will auto-crit when you add fanaticism to the macro for its' proc, it will add a HUGE bonus for dark impulses. let me be clear though... this is a support class meant for ABSORBTION and mitigation, and CC on the side... not for actual healing. the chances of anyone proving this is a helping class by healing is slim to none. the main purpose when i was playing this class in ANY situation was to absorb damage, live from it, and do as much dmg as a regular DPS. (so that you can eliminate either or for a raid or instance... instead of needing a dps and a support, to make 5, you only need another anything) i was usually the one interrupting, debuffing, and purging the raid or tank, in place of the healer, so that they didnt have to focus on it.

and lastly, my attempt at understanding the new 'support' role for clerics, WITHOUT being a 61-pointer..

im imagining mixing the Foul Growth buffs-and spell.... with the rotations from oracle. with adding foul growth to the middle of it, as well as explosive growth and hideous reconstruction, i see a massive E-healing, with the bard-style buffing and mitigation from oracle. but then again, idk oracle, so correct me if im wrong ill be getting back to it hardcore once i get a new pc, as mine is currently runing at about 1.1-1.3 GHz cpu speed... max, and about 4-7 fps .

feel free to comment on your thoughts below , i fear no flames, so dont hold back