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Thread: Defiler: A PVP Guide by Bneal [2.8]

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    Default Defiler: A PVP Guide by Bneal [2.8]

    A number of guides have been done on Defiler in PVE (this is a good one) and yet imo none have done justice to Defiler in PVP. I've been asked by a number of people to make a guide for the PVP Defiler, and here it is. Enjoy.

    As you will come to understand, Defiler plays very differently in PVE versus PVP. In PVE you're essentially a Link bot who puts up relatively weak DPS (compared to other support souls...); perhaps you'll throw out occasional spot heals, depending on the fight; at any rate you are doing very little of the overall healing. In contrast, Defiler in PVP is a (highly mobile) main healer. The PVE defiler builds in PVP are garbage, do not use them. In Warfronts, you'll choose Defiler to heal with unless you have adequate Link coverage (very rare at this point in time.... Choose Sentinel) or you need the increased survivability that Purifier offers. In CQ, a Defiler in your raid is ideal. I haven't lead CQ, but I think all our HK leads will agree with me on this.

    Without further adieu, let's learn how to play it.

    The build: 61 / 15sent / 0warden
    The survivability alternate: 61 / 10sent / 5justi
    The second survivability alternate: 61 / 7sent / 8justi
    The Deficab: 61 / 11cab / 4sent

    The main build is preferred in all situations except if you are unable to survive bursts. The alternate build will provide +17.5% HP, +10% resistances, and +5% armor at the cost of 17% healing (don't forget, you've got a whole raid to heal...). Along the same lines, if you are still unable to survive bursts with the alternate, the second alternate will provide even more survivability, however at this point you're losing more healing than you're even gaining survivability and you should probably just go Purifier. The Deficab will provide marginal gains to survivability in certain small scale PVP scenarios.

    A note on itemization here. Endurance versus Spellpower/Wisdom for survivability is an issue. An increase in the latter will be an increase in effective HP (eHP), provided you stay alive long enough.... With the 61 / 15 sent build, at 4 GCD (one cast of Explosive Growth, one cast of Loathsome Restoration, repeat), one Spellpower is as effective as one Endurance. Using the 11 sent / 5 justi variant, Spellpower is about equal to Endurance. The 7 sent / 8 justi variant will favor endurance. Therefore, whatever build you're using you should favor an equal amount of Spellpower/wisdom over Endurance if you can survive a 4.5-6 second burst (Ghastly Restoration). As with any cleric build Spell Crit is not good and gear with Spell Crit should be replaced ASAP. As with all healing builds, Crit Power falls behind Spellpower/main stat.

    Rotation and spell cast priorities:
    Defiler doesn't really have a rotation per se. The bulk of your healing will be done this way: Casting Hideous Reconstruction, and Casting Explosive Growth, then "proccing it" with one of: Loathsome Restoration, Ghastly Restoration, or Feedback. Note that Hideous Reconstruction becomes far more powerful with the Warlord Synergy Crystal. To play Defiler is to maximize your HPS by managing your mana (and to keep everyone, or at least the most important people, alive.) You'll learn quickly that Hideous Reconstruction is mana efficient and that Explosive Growth -> proccing it is mana intensive. You will use your mana regen ability, Empowered Affliction, often. Explosive Growth -> proccing it heals for a large amount; you need to avoid overhealing if you have something else you could be doing, such as casting Empowered Affliction, Hideous Reconstruction, Healing Spray, or casting offensively. A Defiler's offensive abilities, like his/her healing abilities, don't really follow a rotation. Your offensive abilities are these: Bond of Pain/Torment/Affliction, Marrow Harvest, Siphon Vitality, Pain Transmission, Somatic Desecration, Waterjet, Banish, and Unholy Nexus. Read these abilities' tooltips.

    Unstable Transformation:
    UT is an extremely powerful cooldown that will make someone basically invulnerable for 10 seconds, and if it doesn't full heal someone outright, will increase their healing received by 50%.

    Managing your Links effectively is integral to being a good Defiler. For this reason I highly recommend the AddOn DefilerFG. It's a simple AddOn that will display who you have Linked, and their Foul Growth stacks, in a movable window. By default, if you have someone Linked and want to Link another player with that Link, you must right click that Link buff off yourself and then apply the Link. This is cumbersome and I don't recommend it. Instead, make a macro:
    #show Link of Agony
    cancelbuff Link of Agony
    cast Link of Agony
    Now you can apply Link of Agony to anyone without a Link with one click. This is called "Link swapping."

    #show Link of Suffering
    cancelbuff Link of Suffering
    cast Link of Suffering
    #show Link of Misery
    cancelbuff Link of Misery
    cast Link of Misery
    #show Link of Distress
    cancelbuff Link of Distress
    cast Link of Distress
    The best time to apply Links is during your Global Cooldown. Now, when you want to apply a greater Link to someone whom has a lesser Link on, click your macro for the Link they have on, then the macro for the Link you want applied.

    Grief Blight
    Healer's Blessing
    Heroic Resolve
    Feast of the Fallen
    Rage Blight (overwrites Grief Blight. for advanced users only.)
    Chimera's Gift (heals you for 8.75% of your max HP when you would otherwise die. Lasts only 5 minutes, keep it up if you can.)

    Cleanse macro:
    #show Jealous Intervention
    cast Jealous Intervention
    cast @self Jealous Intervention
    cast @group01 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group02 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group03 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group04 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group05 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group06 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group07 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group08 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group09 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group10 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group11 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group12 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group13 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group14 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group15 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group16 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group17 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group18 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group19 Jealous Intervention
    cast @group20 Jealous Intervention
    If you have any comments or questions please reply below.

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    There are 2 alternatives to the builds you posted, with different purpose:
    61 Def/ 15 Sent/0 Puri allows you to put shields on yourself and 2 allies and they would be useful before the fight starts. Even in the middle of the fight, shields can still be useful as they absorb about as much as Healing Breath/Spray heal, can be used for reducing mana burn speed, and have 0 CD (but big ICD). For me they are better than Healing Spray even though they have target limit, for HoT you have Hideous Reconstruction.
    61 Def/ 10 Sent / 5 Oracle - provides about as much healing as 61 Def / 15 Sent, but also gets 2 buffs to purge cover FoTF, Chimera's Gift and GB, and 1 of them is useful - 70 Endurance raid buff that stacks with Sentinel's one (I use this build cause I'm too lazy to manage shields on Defiler).
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