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Thread: [2.7] Blood Heretic - Oracle DPS/Support

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    Default [2.7] Blood Heretic - Oracle DPS/Support

    [2.7] Guide to Blood Heretic

    The Blood Heretic


    The Blood Heretic is a hybrid Cleric DPS/Support build utilising features of the Oracle and Justicar souls. This seemingly non intuitive blend of Oracle's ranged death based abilities and Justicar's tanking role creates an interesting and powerful hybrid able to bring raid buffs, very good burst damage, splash healing, and an array of useful combat buffs, debuffs, and situational options to the table.

    This is an intermediate skill level spec.


    41 Oracle - 28 Justicar - 7 Inquisitor


    Buffs (S)elf (Group) R(aid)
    • Armor of Devotion - (S) +5% Crit Chance
    • Boon of Resurgence - (R) Increases STR, WIS, DEX, INT by 70
    • Boon of Vitality - (R) Increases END by 70
    • Mien of Honor - (S) increases damage and healing by 5%, causes Hammer of Duty to apply a 2% buff to damage for 15s for each conviction used.
    • Righteous Mandate - (G) Causes Salvation heals to affect the receiver of the buff
    • Favors (1 Active)
    • Favor of the Current - (R) 15% movement speed Increase
    • Defensive Favor - (R) 2,000 armor and 65% resistance ncrease
    • Marshalled Favor - (R) 5% ability cost reduction

    • Curse of Consumption - 7% non-physical damage increase
    • Curse of Frailty - 5% physical damage increase
    • Corroded Defense - 1,500 damage add ever 3s per attacker

    Combat Buffs
    • Inspiration of Battle - (R) Increases Attacp Power and Spell Power by 225 and critical hit b 1% for 20s when an insignia is cast
    • Inspiration of Survival - (R) Procs an absorb shield fro 20s when an insingia is cast
    • Inspiration of the Keep - (R) Reduced incoming damage by 5% for 20s when an insignia is cast
    • Battle Fury - Applies all emblems, resets the cooldown on all Insignia, prevents abilities from consuming emblems when cast for 10s. 1 Minute cooldown.
    • Light Makes Right - After casting Hammer of Duty, 2% Buff to Life damage per conviction consumed for 15s.
    • Mein of Honor - After casting Hammer of Duty, 2% Buff damage per conviction consumed for 15s.

    • Doctrine of Bliss - (S)
    • Doctrine of Loyalty - (G)
    • Cleansing Chant (R) - AoE Cleanse over time. (2 effects total in 3 seconds)

    • Emblem of Ice - Causes damage and applies a 26% buff to the damage and healing of the next anon emblem ability.
    • Emblem of Alacrity - Reduces the cast time of the next non emblem ability by 2s.
    • Emblem of Pain - The next non emblem damage ability applies a stack of Agpony on the target, Agony explodes when it reaches 3 stacks.

    Damaging Abilities
    • Wasting Insignia - Death DoT, applies all known Inspirations
    • Glacial Insignia - Water Damage, 15s cooldown
    • Insignia of Blood - Death Damage
    • Bolt of Radiance - Life Damage, 8s cooldown
    • Hammer of Duty - Life Damage Consumes all convictions, causes more damage per conviction consumes, apples Light Makes Right and Mein of Honor.
    • Bolt of Judment - Life Damage
    • Vex - Death DoT
    • Discerning Wave - Water Cone AoE and Damage Shield, 30s cooldown
    • Even Justice - Life Damage PBAoE

    • Sovereignity - 2s ST stun

    Passive Abilities
    • Cavalier - (S) Life based damaging abilities grant 1 conviction
    • Salvation - (S)(G) - Damaging abilities restore health
    • Tainted Emblems - The next Insignia deals 25% of your Spell Power as damage per emblem consumed
    • Devouring Emblems - Each active emblem increases the damage/healing of the next non emblem ability by 6%
    • Tempered Emblems - Boosts the effects of all emblems
    • Vital Swiftness - Reduces the GCD for Water and Death abilities to 1s

    Because of the impact of Vital Swiftness and the general synergy of Oracle abilities, Justicar damaging abilities will be mixed in only sparingly. But when they are, they have a large impact on damage output.

    Ability Use

    There is not really a set rotation with this build, as most abilities will be used as the situation demands.

    For maximized single target DPS, start with 7 Convictions, either through passive gain from Confidence or by using Bolt of Radiance and Emblem of Alacrity/Bolt of Judment casts. Building convictions is the only time these spells will be used.

    The build takes advantage of Spell Power scaling, gaining 27.5% from the (20% Spell Power/10% Wisdom) from the soul trees, as well as the large SP gain from Inspiration of Battle, and finally the bonus to Spell Power effectiveness granted by Empowered, Tainted Emblems, Just Cause, and Empowered.

    Ideal Burst Rotation
    1. Cast Wasting Insignia to gain your inspiration buffs.
    (Try to have this up at all times as it provides multiple benefits, including additional spell power for your burst and buffs to protect you from being purged.)

    1a. Cast your debuffs (if the situation allows for it, but if things are frenetic just move into DPS)

    2. Cast Emblem of Ice > Hammer of Duty - Not only will this hit very hard, it will set you up with a 14% damage buff and 28% Life damage buff over the next 15 seconds.

    3. Cast Bolt of Radiance - This will get your Convictions started back up

    4. Cast Battle Fury > Glacial Insignia x10 --> Hammer of Duty --> Bolt of Radiance
    You will only get 6 convictions on the second HoD, but it is still worthwhile DPS.

    Wasting Insignia --> EoI --> HoD --> BoR --> BF --> GI X10 --> HoD

    Off Burst Activities
    • ST Damage
      Between Battle Fury bursts, try to keep Hammer of Duty and Wasting Insignia up and use Emblem of Alacrity --> Insignia of Blood spam to keep applying very decent damage. Insignia of Blood will also benefit from your Spell Power. This is very good spam damage.
    • Debuff focus targets
    • AoE
    • Emblem of Ice --> Discerning Wave will provide a large amount of cone damage and apply a nice shield to your teammates. When Hammer of Duty is up, Even Justice provides additional damage and splash healing.
    • Use healing abilities like Cleansing Chant or your Doctrines to provide heal support

    Additional uses for Battle Fury
    There are certain occasions where Battle Fury's single target burst damage will not be necessary, or you need to provide emergency heal support to your team. Use it wisely if you are going to do this.
    • Heals - Battle Fury will boost the healing of both Doctrines, however you will lose casts due to the extra cooldown on Life Based abilities.
    • AoE - HoD --> Battle Fury --> Discerning Wave --> Even Justice x6 provides a decent AoE burst

    This build is moderatley key map intensive and requires too much ability management for macroing.

    There are just a handful of them I use:

    Spam Macro
    #show Insignia of Blood
    cast Glacial Insignia
    cast Insignia of Blood
    cast Emblem of Alacrity*
    cast Vex
    Burst Macro
    #show Battle Fury
    cast Battle Fury
    cast Glacial Insignia
    Conviction Builder (Use only when you need to build convictions quicker)
    #show Bolt of Radiance
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Bolt of Judgment
    cast Emblem of Alacrity*
    *Notice the placement of Emblem of Alacrity at the bottom of the two spam macros. This takes advantage of character movement so that EoA will be applied ahead of non instant abilities while moving or jumping, making the next 2s or less cast ability instant. I use this a lot because I am a fanatic for maintaining consistent keybind setups across multiple builds, but if you prefer you can certainly apply Emblem of Alacrity separately. In both of these macros you must jump or move to fire off BoA, or else the cast time abilities ahead of them will start hard casting. This isn't a big problem for the spam macro because you only need one EoA to fire and it will persist for the full 30s as long as you only cast Insignia of Blood.

    Vex at the bottom of your spam macro will be used for situations when you are temporarily not facing your target since it is a 360 degree ability.


    Keep highly accessible
    • Wasting Insignia
    • Emblem of Ice
    • Burst Macro
    • Hammer of Duty
    • Spam Macro
    • Bolt of Radiance
    • Sovereignity

    Keep mostly accessible
    • Vex
    • Cleanse
    • Emblem of Alacrity
    • Battle Fury
    • AoE Abilities
    • Debuffs
    • Doctrines
    • Break Free (for Pete's sake don't macro this, since it is your only one)
    • Conviction Builder Macro

    It's ok to click
    • Buffs
    • Mana Regen (rarely needed in this spec unless you spam a lot of Even Justice)
    • Favors, you may want to switch these as the situation calls for it.

    Like any Oracle build, the functionality of the DPS revolves around good use of Emblems and Battle Fury. The addition of Justicar Hammer of Duty as well as Endurance and splash healing add survivability and burst to the spec. Inquisitor boosts Spell Power and also increases the base range to 35m.

    The spec plays perfectly well for open world content and Expert level dungeons, operating as a a good general support spec, giving up some of the higher tree cooldowns in Oracle for very good DPS and a decent chunk of splash healing, to go along with Raid buffs. It can also provide extra support for a tank with Righteous Mandate. The spec has tankish Hit points but is not particularly tanky so do not expect to mitigate like a tank.

    The strengths of the spec are 35M range, high DPS, very high burst, high Hit Points, group friendly buffs, AoE cleanse, and lots of splash healing. The weasknesses are lack of CC and lack of CC breaks, so consider their use carefully.

    The spec is Warfront friendly if you are comfortable managing the abilities and its burst will provide excellent kill opportunities. It is very susceptible to specs with a lot of movement control, however its high hit points and range are forgiving in combat. It is a decent Conquest spec because of its raid buffs and burst. I consistently pull about 89% of the damage I do on 61 Inquisitor over a 150 second parse, but it will drop off slowly over time. 150 seconds should get you through the vast majority of any encounters in the game though.

    I doubt the spec has much viability in end game raid content because those are environments where multip purpose specs aren't generally required, and either max DPS or max support would be desired instead.
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