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Thread: 4.7 Easy Solo 44druid/32justicar

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    Default 4.7 Easy Solo 44druid/32justicar


    I'm sure there are a few better point allocations, but I'm going for smooth, fast and easy soloing. It's also very good for zone events, as you'll be pumping out tons of AOE healing as well.
    I'm not very geared(3962 SP, 357 hit in spec) and take on masses of rift invasions. chronicles and dailies with ease.

    Here's what my bar looks like

    For single target killing
    Use the satyr destroyer if you don't need the tank pet, as he does more single target damage.
    Use your hammer of duty every time it's up, it hits REALLY hard. You can combine it with resounding blow for a hilariously big number. Keep eruption of life up, which should be easy. Hit thorns of ire every 20s if they're going to live for awhile. Spam the macro.

    For AOE killing
    Use the tank pet for AOE, the destroyer isn't as good here.
    Hammer of duty every 7 convictions and spam even justice. Let your tank pet do the rest. EASY

    Here's the single target spam macro

    #show essence strike
    cast essence strike
    cast resounding blow
    cast combined effort
    cast strike of judgment
    cast shield of oak

    These are all the buffs you'll be using
    Vengeance of the Winter Storm
    Fury of the Fae
    Spirit of Upheaval
    Aid of the Forest
    Mien of Honor
    Righteous Mandate(on your pet)

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    Here are the macros that you should have for this. Resounding blow before hammer makes for big hits.

    #show Fervent Strike
    cast Essence Strike
    cast Combined Effort
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Trickster's Bolt
    cast Shield of Oak

    #show Resounding Blow
    cast Resounding Blow
    cast Hammer of Duty

    I think taking 2 out of druid for light of creation/absolution will give you more damage as most of your attacks are from light of creation, and a battle rez on a dps is pretty rare. You didn't put points in Grim Silence or Interdict, and having 3 interrupts makes the build in any content not truly solo.

    #show Notion Theft
    cast Interdict
    cast Notion Theft
    cast Grim Silence

    42 Druid/34 Justicar is the build I was playing with. It seemed to lose 10-15% off the Shaman dps parse ST, 60% off aoe, but it gains in everything else, most noticable is that it gains effective healing while aoeing. I never did decide on which dps pet to use. If you have it use the justicar synergy crystal.

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    For single target yeah, but spirit of upheaval is a ton of aoe damage

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    So what's life like in the future?

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