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Thread: Frozen Link Shaman

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    Default Frozen Link Shaman


    This is a guide to a support-like 61 Shaman. It's very useful to solo, and it's being from useful to essential in Expert Dungeons (37k HP tank, Iím looking to you, and you too ďwhatís cleanse?Ē healers). I donít know at Raids, but someday I will discover.

    The build: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#U8hE/lkGBlhlkll4/re

    61 Shaman: this is a Shaman build. 61 points in Shaman is very powerful, especially because of the reduced Global Cooldown.

    12 Defiler: this is what makes you a support-like Shaman. With 12 points in Defiler, you have a Damage Buff, a Link, a Heal, and a Cleanse. Donít forget Furious Assault doesnít make Loathsome Restoration weaker. As you could see in the build, there are no points in different places than damage, because even being 12 Defiler, itís your Shaman and Justicar spells that you will use to deal damage.

    3 Justicar: SALVATION! This is what makes the 2 points in Peak of Form worth. While the linked ally is being damaged, some of that damage is redirected to you, and you would lose HP, so Salvation will heal you, making you to be nearly always with 100% HP. I understand that Glory of the Chosen helps too, but Salvation worth. Healers will like you. Obs.: if you want to spent all the points on Endurance or some Endurance some Wisdom itís viable too.

    How to play

    Be respectful (this is a thing you should do always, but Iím remembering here).

    Link the tank if thereís one, if not link to someone (LINK, take damage, you are able to, Salvation will save you).

    Play as the Storm Brute preset (non-Physical -> Physical) most of the time.

    When you take a debuff and you can Cleanse, use your cleanse. Help your allies: if they need cleanse help them cleansing, if they need heals help them healing. Your goal is not to be top DPS (but if you do, itís good too), but is to be helpful.

    Spells/macros/that things

    Most important Damaging spells:

    Massive Blow: Your best Physical damaging spell, always try to use it after a non-Physical weapon attack.

    Crushing Blow: This is your secondary Physical damaging spell. Use it after a non-Physical weapon attack if Massive Blow is not available.

    Frozen Wrath: Very important non-Physical spell and itís ranged. It doubles the effect of your Vengeance and is spread by Strike of the Maelstrom, making you AoE damage raise to the sky.

    Glacial Strike: An important non-Physical spell, usable only when the enemy is with less than 30% of max HP.

    Strike of Judgment: The main healing-oriented non-Physical attack. I use this one most of time.

    Icy Blow: Damaging-oriented non-Physical attack. Youíll deal better damage than with Strike of Judgment, but your heal will be lower.

    Bolt of Radiance: Are you too far away? No panic, you can still have a doubled Salvation heal! Better than all but Frozen Wrath others ranged spells. DOESNíT MAKE MASSIVE BLOW STRONGER!

    Lightning Hammer: Non-Physical spell. DoT raises on the duration, so be careful. Useful to proc melee bonus even at range.

    Ekkehardís Grasp: Still too far away? Panic, you are losing DPS. Use this spell while you arenít melee and the others ranged spells are on cooldown. DOESNíT MAKE MASSIVE BLOW STRONGER!

    Ride of the Lightning: Non-Physical spell. Close the gaps and removes movement controls (snare, root). Very useful to flee from AoE quickly.

    Jolt: Non-Physical spell. Always usable, but itís only strong after a weapon critical hit. It will appear as a reactive. Be careful if you are using a two-Handed weapon, because the animation is very slow, and you may deal reduced damage.

    Avalanche Strike: Non Physical frontal AoE. Use as Icy Blow.

    Strike of the Maelstrom: Physical 360ļ AoE. Use as Massive Blow.


    Rage Blight: Up to 5% Damage Bonus.

    Link of Distress: Reduces damage the target takes and redirects the damage to you. Needed to proc Rage Blight easier.

    Blighted Greed: Only use it if thereís no one to use Link of Distress.

    Shaman Courageís: Eagle (Wis), Bear (End), Panther (+Damage,-Mana Cost).

    Furious Assault: Reduced Global Cooldown.

    Heart of the Frozen Sea: If thereís no other resistance buff, use it.

    Vengeances: Winter Storm: 1-2 enemies, Primal North: 3+ enemies.


    Bitter Wind: Interrupt.

    Snowbank: Not very useful, but usable sometimes.

    Deep Freeze: Stun + Damage Amplifier. If someone /yell Orchestra of the Planes use it.

    Combat Buffs:

    Rage of the North: Every stack raises Critical Hit chance by 10%. If someone /yell Orchestra of the Planes use it.

    Windwalk: If you need to run, use it. Raises survivability too, but not too much.

    Rush of Strength: If one Massive Blow is deadly, imagine TWO. Donít forget to use one non-Physical weapon attack before use the second Massive Blow.


    Glacial Shield: not very strong absorb shield, but deals damage to the attacker.


    Loathsome Restoration: Your Healing spell. Affected by the Global Cooldown, but not reduced.

    Jealous Intervention: Your Cleansing spell. Only a AoE cleanse is faster than this one.


    Elemental (to prepare Frostbite):

    #show Strike of Judgment
    cast Glacial Strike
    cast Frozen Wrath
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Glacial Shield
    cast Ekkehard's Grasp

    Physical (to spent Frostbite):

    #show Crushing Blow
    cast Massive Blow
    cast Crushing Blow

    Ride of the Lightning

    #show Ride of the Lightning
    yell Here comes the lightning!
    cast Ride of the Lightning

    Orchestra of the Planes:

    #show Deep Freeze
    cast Deep Freeze cast
    Rage of the North

    Comparing the DPS of this build to the preset Storm Brute:

    Storm Brute: 12k DPS

    Frozen Link: 9800-10k (dat crits) DPS

    Obviously, if needed to cleanse your allies you'll lose some DPS, but not everything is a DPS run.

    PS. 1: Iím not a professional on Rift, nor is English my first language. If you know something to help me make this build better, I would be glad to know.

    PS. 2: If someone already did this build, I'm sorry. If nobody did it, I've done it.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

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    First off, thank you for taking the time to write up a guide and for specifying that it would only be used in limited situations (mostly if you have inexperienced players or new players in your group).

    I would think this would be more than a 2k DPS difference from the standard build as we are usually so very limited on our choices outside of the cookie-cutter builds. I'll have to play around with it for awhile and see if it's actually only a 2k DPS difference before I weigh in.

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    Like Mumnoch, I also appreciate what you're trying to do, OP. Now this is personal preference, but if I were to run a 61 dps spec with a smattering of support for experts, I'd go 61 Inquisitor/12 Defiler/3 Justicar. You don't lose much compared to the "Umbral Zealot" build (other than Dark Water, but it's worth the trade off for the support-type abilities you get). You don't lose out on any "must-haves" from low-hanging fruits like you do with not going 10 Druid/5 Inquisitor in a 61 Shaman build. Inquisitor has more utility within the soul vs Shaman. And ranged dps is a bit easier if you're running with a new (or bad) tank.

    Finally, if you're concerned about how much dps you do, I'd wager 61Inq/12Def/3Justi would be around or even slightly ahead of 61Sham/12Def/3Justi. Now, I know it's still all about personal preference, but I know this spec has saved my bacon once or twice (especially in Expert EotSQ).

    Also, Bolt of Radiance actually hits pretty hard with this spec, so you can add it into a macro with Bolt of Judgment and do more deeps.
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