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Thread: PvP Healing Guide

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    Default PvP Healing Guide

    Everyone in PvP is basically a tank which makes single target healing very important no matter the Warfront, and having one is not enough.

    Please note that Warden is only good once the raid has 2 single target healers (i.e. Defiler, Sentinel, Purifier), though if the raid is going to take heavy raid damage you might as well use it.
    The only way Warden can be superior to single target healers is if you have at least 4 of them all spamming their hots.

    Healer Killing Order:
    1. Defiler
    2. Purifier
    3. Physician
    4. Sentinel
    5. Chloromancer
    6. Liberator
    7. Warden
    8. Tactician
    9. Bard

    Used to slow the incoming damage via their links (30%, 20% and 10%), while in pvp they do not follow the path of their raiding brethren, they focus on healing others rather than doing damage.

    Grief Blight, Hideous Reconstruction, Explosive Growth, Ghastly Restoration and Loathsome Restoration are their main tools to be healing with and Unstable Transformation is the best tool for saving the Defiler or another getting focused on.

    They mainly use their links on other healers, the 30% goes extremely well with a Chloromancer, they can rotate their links to suit the need of the raid either swapping the 30% around to those that are taking increasing damage and topping them back up to max, or leave it on a tank and killer dps that are leading the charge to victory.

    They are usually one of the toughest healers to kill, their links can be purged off them which is the better choice, or whoever has the link.

    Once they use Unstable Transformation on someone or themselves there's no point in continuing to dps them till it falls off.

    Troublesome healers that shielding others in pain, quick to shield targets that are taking the brunt of the onslaught.

    Symbol of the Sun and Symbol of the Torch are primarily used to halt the incoming damage, while using Ward of Flame with Ward of Fire to top them back up.

    Fiery Will with Rite of the Forge or Spiritual Conflagration make great savers for a Purifier, other healers or those that are holding back the tide.

    While they can be a powerful, however once they use their cooldowns there's little else to do if they cannot keep their normal shields up.

    Physician - Hybrid - Hybrid 2

    Sentinel is one of the most standard healing specs for any cleric to use in pvp, they pump out the single target heals fast and maintain a number off people at once or focus on one that is taking the heat of the match.

    Healer's Covenant at the start is a great way to help in the long run when having to overheal their allies, while mainly using Nyol's Hope and Healer's Haste as soon as available.

    Healing Invocation is their main tool and when in dire need Crucial Invocation is going to be the quick saver for near death allies or for the Sentinel.

    Sentinel's will save Vigilance and Fullness of Life for themselves when they are under direst or other allies that are in dire need of assistance.

    Once they have used all their own cooldowns they will reset them all with Renewed Altruism, to use them all again.

    While it takes a lot of stuns to take them down, their buffs once removed make them easy pickings.

    Chloromancer - 15 Warlock
    A true hybrid healing soul their best heals come from dealing damage with life attacks, they can simply swap between LGV or LBV to offer the needed healing required.

    LGV is their default setting able to heal more than enough players from their damage, they wrongly find healing with Void Life far superior to standing around casting Vile Spores while most of their healing will stem from Corrosive Spores and Withering Vine.

    While LBV isn't known to all it can be a powerful transformed once combined with a player having their Synthesis, creating an unstoppable amount of heals going towards that target; adding Symbiosis to that will supercharge the healing done, pretty much making that target immune to death.
    Mainly saving that powerful healing for other non-mage healers or high risk players.

    However Chloromancers should only be using LBV when they have a target with their Synthesis other wise they should just switch to LGV.

    When at risk a Chloromancer will generally forget about all others, unless they are getting healing, and start to cast their direct heals upon themselves with Healing Torrent and Natural Healing.

    For Opportunity they use Natures Fury for a quick aoe, Wild Growth for no cast time, Natures Touch to force big heal when in LBV regardless of Boom of Life.
    Or to heal themselves or an ally with Healing Torrent & Natural Healing.

    Once past 45k health they are truly impossible to kill unless focused on.

    Liberator - Hybrid

    The master at doing raid wide healing, a big part of their healing will come from doing damage which will cause them to gain stacks of Danger's of the Deep and maintain those stacks; as they will overcharge the Warden's healing abilities.

    They rotate between their cooldowns, mainly keeping Healing Spray, Soothing Stream (4 stacks) and Healing Flood upon themselves and using Monsoon and Ripple to spread them to the raid.
    Then using Healing Cataract to deal with any residual damage that is assaulting the raid.

    When the Warden see that the raid is dwindling they use Wave of Renewal to top everyone back up to max, while using Downpour to stop the raid falling back to where it's health was.

    They will normally combine Tidal Surge with Monsoon and Wave of Renewal, anything other will generally waste the Warden's ability to utilize Tidal Surge. Damage done will also cause Tidal Surge's cooldown to reduce every time a damaging ability is used.

    When using any of their abilities the generally keep Cascade on cooldown so they know they are doing something to retain the mana from falling to zero.
    Though if they ever reach zero they will channel Open Water until they have enough to heal with or will continue till they are back to max mana to endure another onslaught by the enemy.

    They can be easily killed if their is no real healers around and their own heals will not save them for long.

    Sub raid healer, that focuses on those far way at the front lines.
    They also have a number of damaging and healing aoe abilities that prove to unavoidable until removed.

    Bard - Hybrid - Hybrid 2
    The prefect support healer with raid and combat buffs that aid is all things, they can help with raid healing from time to time.
    Bard or Hybrid can be very effective in over healing or throwing out buffs that can turn the tide, they are very mobile and never have to stay still.

    They are not that strong to hold out for long.



    Marking your ally healers can be useful to know where they are, while marking enemy healers is better.

    When it comes to marking enemy healers most will target and mark the first one they see, with a 1 or heal symbol, regardless of what they.

    That doesn't mean the first healer that needs to die is the one that's always at the top of the leader board for total healing done. Wardens, Bards, Tacticians and Chloromancers are by default raid healing which should mean they are always going to be at the top for total healing done, while Sentinels will be in the under them and Purifiers & Defilers will be the lowest on the leader board.
    Though that can be depend on what the enemy is throwing at you of course.

    The order in kill healers should not be dependent on total healing done, it's all about potential healing they can do.
    For example:
    Someone has marked a Bard as the most important one to kill first (marking, shouting and raid warning it) because it's at the top of the leader board, your raid's dps focus on the Bard.
    While your raid is trying to kill the Bard it is getting healed by a Defiler & Chloromancer (shown by Link of Agony & a Synthesis on the Bard's buffs), please note if you have ever played Bard before they can't really self heal.

    Do you continue to waste damage and time on the Bard that won't die or do you kill the real healers, the Defiler & Chloromancer which are lower on the leader board?

    Well it is useful to get them all marked there are better ways to do so, so you can allow for a more precise order to kill them in; rather than focusing on runt and that runt getting over healed by the superior healer.

    The key to this is to allow for more healers to get marked.
    You can do this by grouping different classes of healers to a set of numbers to choose from in your mind, then marking them as you see them.

    Defiler, Purifier, Physician and Sentinel can been seen as the most important to kill 1st. So you should marking them with Numbers 1 or 2, or the Symbols Heal or Heal Two.

    Chloromancer can be either LGV or LBV depending on how they each operate. So they are in the middle of marking so generally the Numbers 3 or 4, or Symbols Heal Three or Heal Four is the best choice to go for.

    Liberator and Warden can be seen as the runt they alone can't do much, however they shouldn't be ignored. So marking them at the end with Numbers 4 or 5, or Symbol Heal Four is acquaint for them.

    Tactician, Bard and Hybrid are not so powerful on their own. So you should generally leave them unmarked till you know there aren't any real healers around and have them as the last set of Numbers to choose from.

    For Warfronts marking your own healers is frond upon as your in a small map, you can easily see and keep track of your healers via the Raid Frames:
    First you can see if you have healers shown by a Heal or Support Symbol they have, for those with Support Symbol a closer inspection is required to know if they real healers that are classed wrongly.

    Secondly when the raid frames for them are grey out you know they are not in line of sight of you.
    As you can't see the enemy healers it's far better to mark them as you will be encountering them over and over, and you want your raid to focus on their deaths in order to triumph.

    When in a Conquest match marking you own healers is extremely useful, the maps are generally large in nature where 3 factions vile for control, for this reason you can see why you shouldn't bother with marking the enemy healers.
    There are just too many to keep track of and you own UI will fail you as you can only see so much, meaning there will be hidden players on every side until enough are killed to view the next hidden raid.

    The one thing you can control is how your own raid moves, marking you own healers a very good way to keep the raid together, making sure it healers know where they were in relation to the rest of the raid.
    So dps know where to to retreat to or how far healers need to move so not be left behind.

    Open World PvP
    Then for Open World PvP you can draw from both Warfronts & Conquest techniques, and as there many marks to choose from, marking your own with Symbols and Numbering the enemy healers is a good way to achieve the required goal.
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    The Healing part is more towards Warfronts than Conquest or Open World PvP.

    Please note that provided specs are designed around pvp and might not be as good as your normal run.

    I did not list all healing abilities at this point of time.

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    They mainly use their links on other healers, the 30% goes extremely well with a Chloromancer, they can rotate their links to suit the need of the raid either swapping the 30% around to those that are taking increasing damage and topping them back up to max, or leave it on a tank and killer dps that are leading the charge to victory.
    Not 30% in PVP anymore.

    * Link of Agony: Now intercepts 20% of damage in PVP. It still intercepts 30% damage in PVE.
    * Link of Suffering: Now intercepts 15% of damage in PVP. It still intercepts 20% damage in PVE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riane View Post
    Not 30% in PVP anymore.
    The tooltip won't show the change in pvp so not to lead into confusion what the different links do in pvp, easier to say use the 30%.
    Link of Agony is still the best to use anyway.
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    Just FYI tacticians can't be silenced... although I guess soon they can be debilitated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fudge View Post
    Just FYI tacticians can't be silenced... although I guess soon they can be debilitated.
    Inc mage tanks with Arresting Presence.
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