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Thread: 33 Warden / 41 Cabalist / 2 Defiler

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    Default 33 Warden / 41 Cabalist / 2 Defiler

    I decided to write this guide in response to the requests for something other than 61 Druid and/or pet specs as a cleric. I loathe melee DPS and wanted a spec that would be ranged (despite the fact that 75% of the time, the mobs will be in my face). I chose this combination of souls simply because Warden and Cabalist are my two favorite Cleric souls. Please bear in mind that I only play healers when doing dungeons or am otherwise grouped, as such I like to have healing spells available as needed, I freak out if my health is low and I don't want to stop and drink after a couple of pulls. I want to chain pull. That's how I like my tanks to do it and that's how I do it. DPS bores me to death and I find that I die all too often due to boredom and not paying attention. That being said, I use this spec in open-world for doing dailies and questing; I believe it would do well as support in dungeons. Additionally, I will admit that I die frequently without having some sort of tried and true spec that has dedicated healing spells built into it.

    Please let me know about any thoughts and concerns you may have on this spec. I haven't seen anything like this posted on the forums anywhere (I may have missed it, but I've gone back and reviewed threads in the Cleric forums back to July this year and never saw anything like it). So if I am posting something which has already been posted or am posting a build similar to something that has already been posted, forgive me.

    So, without further ado, here's the build:

    Here is what I have for gear (yeah, I know it's bad, don't laugh):
    Exorcists Headguard Ascended's Exalted Greatstaff
    Empyreal Shawl Ascended's Exalted Scepter
    Shoulderguards of the Awakened Black Heart Locket
    Empyreal Marauder's Hauberk Spirit-Infused Pendant of Zeal
    Empyreal Slayer's Mitts Empyreal Conqueror's Ring
    Empyreal Slayer's Waistband Ironbound Architect Ring
    Empyreal Slayer's Chausses Gilded Cabalist Crystal
    Empyreal Slayer's Boots Reason (Seal)
    Planar focus provides:
    Wis +148 Int +80 End +85 CP +60 SP +37

    My stats (relevant and unbuffed, of course including the seal):
    Wis 1380 Int 807 SP 2784 Spell Crit 1559 CP 206

    I would like to point out before moving on that I am a macroholic. I love macros, I use them for everything. I have seperate macros for my dedicated healing specs (and they are just mouseover macros, I hate clicking portraits). But for the sake of efficiency, I combine spells into macros (for a better, nearly flawless DPS rotation). I move with my mouse and smash my keyboard to cast. If you do not do it this way, you should, it's far more efficient.

    Having said that, here are my macros used with this spec:

    1. Orbs of the Stream
    #show Orbs of the Stream
    cast [@self] Orbs of the Stream
    cast [@self] Cleansing Waters
    cast [@self] Shadow Breach
    cast [@self] Healing Spray
    ]2. Tyranny of Death
    #show Tyranny of Death
    cast Marrow Harvest
    cast Tyranny of Death
    cast Bound Fate
    3. Call of the Depths
    #show Call of the Depths
    cast Call of the Depths
    cast Dehydrate
    Now for the analysis of why I chose what I chose:
    I wanted to focus primarily of dealing damage (obviously). Therefore, I focused on getting all the important DPS talents in Cabalist and Warden. I had to fiddle with point spreads for a while but I finally came up with the setup linked above. You will notice that I skipped over things like Dark Passage and Tidal Surge; since this is a PVE build (not PVP), I felt they were unnecessary, but if you want them, you could certainly move points around. In particular, I felt Dark Passage would have been a waste of a point simply because of the healing provided by Warden. I did take Orbs of the Stream however; the "set it and forget it" of that spell is just too useful to not have.

    I only put 2 points in Defiler because, well, I feel that its Beacon of Despair is a clunky mechanic for chain-pulling while soloing and questing so I didn't want to go to far into that soul. Also, it's considered a pet, I hate pet classes. But, it works out very nicely that the 2 remaining points after investing in Cabalist and Warden give you Marrow Harvest, which meshes well with the DoT and delayed damage in this build. In the Cabalist soul, you will notice that I focused on Dark Water enhancing talents. I don't even have Shadow's Touch on my toolbars; I want mobility and not standing around hard-casting. Dark Water will be your spam spell, with Geyser from Warden replacing it when you need more healing.

    In regards to my decisions for my macros, it was really quite simple. There are no fight mechanics in open-world PVE that are generally deadly to ignore (at least none that I can think of). With this in mind, with macro #1, I placed all my important heals (and my cleanse) in an order of ranked importance due to their CDs. Obviously, Healing Spray has no CD and, being instant cast, there is no other option but to put it last. Cleansing Waters will only go off if there is a dispellable debuff on you, so you needn't worry about wasting it. Secondly, I put Shadow Breach in there simply as a fail-safe if I pull too much. On a one-minute CD it can be used without worry. Finally, as you can see, I decided to make all of them cast at self, just in case, for some derpy reason, I have another player character or an NPC targeted. Geyser will keep them alive if they are taking damage and let's face it, I only really care about keeping myself alive, they can fend for themselves and use their CDs. If I use this as support I would not use this macro, rather I would keep the spells seperate (using mouseover macros to cast them).

    For macro #2, I went back and forth over the position of Marrow Harvest and Tyranny of Death. I ultimately decided to put Marrow Harvest first due to it's shorter delay and the macro will light up again when it goes off and I'm still on the same target. Obviously Bound Fate needs to be last because it's instant and I need it to spread Tyranny of Death.
    Macro #3 was cobbled together simply to clean up my toolbars. Plus, I know as soon as it lights up again, I need to recast both DoTs.

    Rotations are simple. Before you pull make sure you have Orbs on you, Rage Blight (from Defiler) and Seeping Death (from Cabalist).
    1. ST rotation is extremely simple (toggle Obliterate on): first apply DoTs (macro #3) then Curse of Discord, Dark Water x3, then spam macro #2 x2, hit Disintegrate, then hit macro #2 to reapply Tyranny of Death. Repeat as needed when anything comes off CD and use Dark Water spam (do not let Dark Water's debuff fall off, naturally).

    2..AoE is relatively straightforward as well (toggle Obliterate of): first apply DoTs (macro #3) then use Curse of Solitude (instead of Discord; they do not stack), then spam macro #2 x3 (spreading Tyranny of Death), then hit Disintegrate, then hit macro #2 x3 (to reapply and spread Tyranny once again). Spam Dark Water or Geyser as needed, focusing on one mob at a time.
    In my gear I do between 5.5k and 5.8k DPS. Due to the healing provided, there is no downtime and mana is not an issue.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this build. It works extremely well for me and the synergy between the souls is superb.

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    no ofence, there are better builds to solo play for questing.
    lawbreaker, holy fire shaman, some kind of druidicar (im loving 48druid, 16just) or some deep defiler. what bores me to the death is low dps and stand at mobs more then 10sec.
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    None taken, but as I stated, I do not care for melee DPS or pet builds, so the Holy Fire Shaman and Druidicar are out for me. Others have been looking for a build that does not focus on either and I thought I would post the one that uses my two favorite souls. Additionally, I do not like the Inquisitor soul, never have been a fan of it. I have a 61 Inquisitor build, but to me, without having solid healing spells readily available, I was constantly stopping to drink and I don't like that either. The DPS I posted was on a dungeon boss dummy, so that was without the stacks of Rage Blight too (I failed to mention that).

    Also, I noticed that I screwed up my posted macros, the brackets need to be removed around the "@self" to be effective. And some of my formatting didn't take (in the section where I listed my gear). I'm relatively new to posting and I don't know how to go back and edit. There's probably other stuff I screwed up formatting, so don't knock me for it, please.

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    I like that you're trying to find a hybrid spec that works. However, the basic "Just Seer" variant with Soul Drain (56 Druid, 20 Inq) and satyr gives you more than twice the DPS, and with a tanking pet to boot. Ahov's more Inq-heavy variant gives you even more DPS than that, though with less durability.

    Edit: I understand that some people don't like pet builds. I didn't at first either. But there's something about being able to kill things twice as fast while taking zero damage that kind of wins you over after a while.
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