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Thread: Beginners Guide to Purifier! (48/28)

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    Default Beginners Guide to Purifier! (48/28)

    Harro. First time guide here.

    This build is a guide for Purifiers, a stepping stone guide that can be used especially in dungeons to build your ability to play the class and confidence of the class. It can be used across the boards at any level, but the higher it gets, the stronger the build itself becomes. The idea of this build is to promote Symbol and Ward usage correctly with having points in Sentinel if things become hectic.

    Now...the soul distribution!

    Why this build?
    Many people use Purifiers as a dominant tank healer, which it is. Because of their playstyle or mindset of the build, they have issues with healing the group. While in much stronger groups (especially 60), people depend way too much on Flame of Life, and panic once they do not have the ability to use it again. With this build, it allows you to ease yourself into using Symbols and Wards correctly on targets you need without depending on Flame of Life.

    How does it work?
    One of the key skills, is Marked By Light, 26 point skill into Sentinel. It allows you to heal up the group's health while keeping the tank as health as possible. Pairing this up with Enraptured Breath and Word of Life, allows the healer to treat those who are wounded without causing much downtime (GCD usage). You still have Gathering of Flames for expected AoE damage if needed, as well as Healing Communion if needed.

    It is a very good skill, but it doesn't mean you can depend on it (especially if you are still learning the game, you can't even use it!). Proper timing of the skill allows for more clutch healing as well as using the ability to its fullest intent. This guide should be used as a stepping stone towards mastering Purifier.

    What is the difference between this and 61 Purifier?
    61 Purifier has Flame of Life! And has much better cooldowns to deal with healing a tank in a raid. This build is much suited for dungeons instead of raids because the lack of AoE healing can be covered by other classes. You can use 61 Purifier in dungeons too, but this allows you to ease yourself into mastering the soul known as Purifier.

    Tips on this build:
    A. A symbol should be always placed on the tank, especially once you get the Feed the Flames skill within the Purifier soul, it boosts all healing with Purifier skills massively.
    B. Ward of Flame should be casted as much as possible, but don't forget, it is a high-cost mana skill, so don't always be spamming it!
    C. Ward of Fire should always be used with Blessing of Fire charges (lower cast time + mana cost).
    D. If Ward of Fire isn't instant-cast, and there is a symbol cooldown on the tank, don't panic. You have other cooldowns such as Rite of Forge and Touch of Light, even a Healing Breath can be enough to save your tank sometimes!
    E. Always pair Flashover with Latent Blaze. When the skill procs, it will always be a critical heal!
    F. Be sure to use both Symbols, remember you can use 3 of EACH Symbol, the difference between the symbol isn't as big of a gap as many things. You are able to shield the entire group for expected damage if you cast one symbol on three group members and cover the other two members with the other symbol.

    How to use this build: Spam Ward of Flame if you have access to the skill on the tank to build up charges of Blessing of Fire (if you have Ward of Fire). If not, use Healing Breath and Flare, from time to time, along with keeping a symbol on the tank and group. Try to time the Symbols so they will prevent damage, instead of casting it to prevent any extra incoming damage. Use it when you know an AoE will be coming rather than after they have been hit, which then you should be using Healing Flare and Breath.

    Buffs used: Marked by Light, Heroic Resolve, Caregiver's Blessing, Wisdom of the Ages, Sign of Daring, (Eruption on the tank)


    Latent Blaze with Touch of Light + Flashover
    #show Latent Blaze
    cast Flashover
    cast Touch of Light
    cast Latent Blaze

    Healing Breath + Healing Flare (for instant heals)
    #show Healing Breath
    cast Healing Breath
    cast Healing Flare

    Focus Macros or Mouseover Macros: (use whichever you prefer, just change them in the macro to suit yourself)

    #show Healer's Covenant
    cast @focus Healer's Covenant
    cast Healer's Covenant

    #show Rite of the Forge
    cast @mouseoverui Rite of the Forge
    cast Rite of the Forge

    KAlerts: Personally, I use two, but feel free to use as many as you like.
    Blessing of Flame and Latent Blaze:
    KA::A9U5TeNqNT0sKwjAQvUpPoCnVtjIrow0IoiJxVyhTjRqMi Zhs6ufupsGFYhfyZjE/3ocqYa3
    Uh8jsI6bwLCAGDheFjbiGtgX9edJGCyD+gXkQj7XcO5iiw365m ZVYSyVdU8mt0baszbmuUGt5lAq
    83ceM5hklcULJeEQLyv5OoQJNVbc0IcCIpD5A+hEAOly3Djpcv wC6iHO0

    Note: In terms of gear, you should mainly focus on Spell Power and Healing.
    If anyone has any questions or feel I missed something, please post and tell me!
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    I cannot edit apparently, but I forgot to add playing the class in different levels.

    The build below is for 50-60.

    As for below 50 (starts at 15):
    Once you reach this build above, put points into Sentinel until you reach one point into Word of Life and Marked By Light, then rest into Purifier.

    Pre-SL dungeon healing is most done by just spamming Healing Breath and Flare, while using Ward of Fire if the tank is getting hit hard.

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