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Thread: Video Tutorial: Tracking (Inquisitor) Stacks with Karuul Alert and creating a counter

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    Default Video Tutorial: Tracking (Inquisitor) Stacks with Karuul Alert and creating a counter

    Hi all. Decided to create a video to demonstrate how you can count your stacks for buffs (and debuffs) that are used outside of your main class mechanic.

    For example this video demonstrates how to track the Inquisitor's dps stacks of Life and Death Concord (to give you the instant bolt).

    Tracking stacks is with a counter is (IMO) especially helpfull in raids and expert dungeons because it allows you to focus on the movement. Furthermore it cleans up your UI.

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=q__Uk9bUZfw

    If you have any questions or requests do not hesitate to ask.

    ps: I guess cleric class forum is not the best spot for this post. I am open to suggestions for a better spot!
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    In top right hand corner next to the field for "text" where you are putting 1-5 there is a small arrow pointing to the right. Click this arrow and select "Stacks" or simply type {stacks} into the Text field.

    Same effect, but doesn't require 5 alerts to do the same job.

    This is also beneficial for echoing concord.
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