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Thread: The 3 Hots Crit Healer 2.4

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    Default The 3 Hots Crit Healer 2.4

    This build became relevant with the recent Purifier changes. It's a really versatile alternative to the 61 builds for all PVE healing short of raiding.

    The build 40 Warden/24 Defiler/12 Purifier

    Tank Healing

    Ward of Flame - This is your main tank healing ability. It is spammable and does two things at once, heal and shield.

    Link of Misery - This is a buff for the tank that mitigates 10% damage. It makes a noticeable impact on tanks; especially low-geared ones.

    Healing Spray - Heal Over Time.

    Hideous Reconstruction - Heal Over Time.

    Soothing Stream - Heal Over Time. Takes some micro-management.

    Symbol of the Torch - An excellent absorb.

    Orbs of the Stream - Your emergency tank healing button. Macro it with Tidal Surge and it's a very effective tank CD every 45sec.

    Foul Growth & Loathsome Restoration - These are excellent backup heals that I will explain how to use. Usually, you won't have to resort to these for tank healing, but in the odd case you do, it's nice to have em.

    AOE Healing

    Healing Effusion - Instant cast, big AOE heals, mana intensive but spammable in this build because you have the ridiculously awesome mana regen skill Empowered Affliction from Defiler. Macro Flashover to this for a nice big AOE burst and because Flashover is mostly wasted on anything else in this build.

    Ripple - 30sec no-global CD, spreads Warden hots. Macro this with Healing Effusion or Healing Flood to save keybinds.

    Overflowing Renewal - Spammable quasi AOE. Use it enough and you'll get a feel for the appropriate time to use it, if ever.

    Healing Flood - Use it to buff your AOE heals because of the talent Invigoration.

    Shared Excess - Keep this on the tank. It really shines in this build because all the absorbs and hots keep the tank usually topped off.

    Basic Usage

    This build does take a healing rotation to make the most use out of it. It's not set in stone, but it will maximize your healing. Here's how my healing rotation goes:

    1. Symbol of the Torch on tank before pull.
    2. Throw up your 2 easy to manage hots, Healing Spray and Hideous Reconstruction.
    3. Ward of Flame.
    4. Soothing Stream x1, Soothing Stream x2.
    5. Ward of Flame.
    6. Refresh Healing Spray and Hideous Reconstruction.
    7. Ward of Flame.
    8. Soothing Stream x3, Soothing Stream x4.
    9. Ward of Flame.

    On the chance you get a tank that's a winner, you can leave out Soothing Stream and replace step 4,8 with damage dealing abilities or whatever.

    If you get a spike damage prone tank, you can start off with 4x Soothing Stream already rolling, include Loathsome Restoration and throw Symbol of the Torch into the normal rotation (i usually leave it free for emergencies).

    On the very off off chance your tank is just terribad and eating damage like twinkies, replace Soothing Stream (step 4,8) with 2x or 3x casts of Foul Growth. This is where the build's flexibility comes in. The Foul Growths will sit there ready for you to pop with Loathsome Restoration for a big burst heal. This is also effective when you know big damage is incoming. Normally, you will rarely have to resort to Foul Growth.


    This build gives you access to some fun cleric healing abilities like hassle-free shields from Caregiver's Blessing and Ward of Flame, a Defiler Link, very active Shared Excess and a high crit rating (which I find fun when your 3 hots are rolling big numbers).

    There's a lot of synergy going on that's not apparent but very effective. Your absorbs fully maximize your hots and having 3 hots with a higher crit rating is lots of HPS. Loathsome Restoration is very flexible and provides quick, raw heals when you need it. A 1.5sec Foul Growth followed by a Loathsome Restoration is a great spot heal for dps.

    The build's biggest weakness is that it only has one true tank healing CD, a Tidal Surge'd Orbs of the Stream. However, you can game Foul Growth as mentioned above for emergency heals. Learn to weave Empowered Affliction into your healing and mana will never be an issue.

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    Do what you will with this build, but please don't use ripple on a healing effusion.

    That, and explosive growth (im assuming that's what you meant when you said foul growth in the conclusion) is horrible for spot heals as it eats 2 GCDs and a massive chunk of your mana.
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