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Thread: Low level cleric guide (from a new player)

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    Default Low level cleric guide (from a new player)


    I saw there are not a lot of guides available for low level clerics....well I am not that low, I am 40 but is the point when we start to have a good amount of spell and possibilities

    Here it is my spec at the moment.... I am sure is not perfect...I tried to enphasize the spell power in this moment and the single target ability because mainly we do quest at this time. (should anyone more expert than me having some advice will be well accepted )....indeed is my first class with rift :P

    Here it is the link to the build, is Inquisitor/cabalist/justicar

    At this level I do not advice macros.... I guess untill we have reached 60 with all the abilities and full knowledge of the class is not good to use them as is better to understand first what we do with spell in all situations. (but this is just my advice)

    I do not enter in the description of single spell because in the link to the build there is a page with all the abilities also, but for any explenation just ask and I will answer

    Normally I do not start with Damage over time abilities never unless I want to pull multiple mobs. That is why starting with Bolt of Judjment will allow to hit the target with 2 spells without any reaction. I explain better...
    When you cast Vex, for example, you cast and then you have to wait the global CD to cast the second spell...and in the meantime the target is coming to you. If you start with the BoJ you will have exausted the global cooldown before the spell is cast and you can also cast another spell without the BoJ as hit the target yet...the result is that the target will start coming when you have hit with 2 spell and not one. Try to check

    So here it is the rotations

    Single Target (for long combat)
    Bolt of Judgement
    Fanaticism + Bolt of Depravity (if istant)
    Sanction Heretic
    Dark Water
    Course of Discorde
    Bolt of Judgement (until 5 stacks of Life and death concord)

    Single Target (short combat)
    Bolt of Judgement
    Fanaticism + Bolt of Depravity (if istant)
    Sanction Heretic
    Dark Water
    Bolt of Judgement (untill 5 stack of life and death concord, then bolt of depravity

    In this case I do not loose too much time with dots unless I have aggroed anothe mobs.... (the dot I use in the second rotation are high "first hit damage dots") This because rotation with dots will be too long and using more effective spells will make the mob die faster)

    With this build we do pretty good at AoE as well but the best is not to have more than 4 mobs aggroed... here it is why...SOUL DRAIN

    Soul Drain hit up to 4 target x time, where x is the number of target hit. It means that if you hit 3 target with soul drain each will be hit 3 times. this is for maximum 4 target...that means...A LOT OF DAMAGE.

    AoE rotation (for questing)
    Tyranny of death (do not aggro the mob)
    Course of Solitude
    Fanaticism + Soul Drain (it is important the combo with fanaticism, is working also without but is less effective)

    you will see that if you aggro 3 or 4 mobs after this they are almost all dead (with 2 mobs is not really effective)

    AoE rotations for istance
    Tyranny of death
    Course of solitude
    Fanaticism + Soul Drain
    Circle of Oblivion

    I hope this helps....anyway as soon as I have more time I will post the link to all the spell and maybe I will post some short video to show that.

    I am new to rift.... so it means that maybe there are some mistake but is what up to now I found working on my character at this level. I will try to post updates if I add other spell in the rotation or if there are relevant spell while levelling.

    Hope you enjoy it...
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