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Thread: Shaman Support - GCD Reduction Builds

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    Default Shaman Support - GCD Reduction Builds

    This is not a guide for how to play Shaman. This is a guide for level 60 Clerics that have learned Shaman rotations and are looking for something a little different to spice up the mix.

    By different, we're talking primarily self and group healing. Shaman is currently the only Cleric soul capable of permanently reducing our global cooldown (GCD). This raises a lot of interesting opportunities for hybrid souls, with the downside being the forced 61 points in Shaman to get the skill. This means that although you could make builds similar to this below level 60, you will not get the full benefit of faster casts/attacks.

    ALL of these builds are capable of decent Shaman DPS, with additional benefits. So you have the choice to damage or support on the fly. However, they are still support, and will not excel in any way. These builds are designed with solo'ing or small group content in mind.

    Solo + Group Healing - up to 6 additional targets.
    5 are Smart-Targets, meaning Salvation will attempt to heal those with the lowest HP.

    The most comparable spec to the output of the old Inquisicar and Duracell builds of pre-Storm Legion. The pairing of Shaman and Justicar allows group healing as you attack.

    Build 1 (highest DPS - closest to a normal Shaman build)
    11 Justicar / 4 Druid
    Salvation: 1 Self, 5 smart-target group

    Build 2 (high HPS, 5% crit buff)
    12 Justicar / 3 Inquisitor
    Salvation: 1 Self, 5 smart-target group, 1 righteous mandate target

    Build 3 (high HPS, retains targeted) Most Recommended for all content
    12 Justicar / 3 Sentinel
    Salvation: 1 Self, 5 smart-target group, 1 righteous mandate target

    Build 4 (highest HPS, loss of targeted)
    10 Justicar / 5 Sentinel
    Salvation: 1 Self, 5 smart-target group

    Build 5 (highest HPS for 5-man, loss of targeted) Most Recommended for 5-man content
    9 Justicar / 6 Sentinel
    Salvation: 1 Self, 4 smart-target group

    Build 6 (highest HPS for Solo, loss of all group healing) Overkill self-healing. You shouldn't need this much!
    3 Justicar / 12 Sentinel
    Salvation: 1 Self

    You can play these specs in multiple ways. Deciding which to choose requires understanding Justicar's passive skill Salvation.

    Causes damaging abilities to restore xxx to xxx health to the Cleric. Restores twice as much health when using single target Justicar abilities. Restores a quarter of that health when using non-Justicar area effect abilities.
    Ways to increase Salvation Healing
    - Buy the Justicar crystal. The set-bonus provides +100 which is necessary for these specs.
    - Increase your spellpower through skills, buffs or gear.
    - Increase your Heal % bonus through Healing Tree skills / passives.
    - Use Shaman buff "Courage of the Eagle" for a small Salvation boost, use "Courage of the Panther" for more DPS.

    You can ignore the text about AoE because Justicar requires 16 points to get their first AoE ability which is impossible to attain with 61 Shaman. Therefore any AoE dps you do will only proc heals a quarter of the value you see in your tooltip. You would need to hit a minimum of 4 targets to receive the same amount of heals as a single target rotation.

    Playstyle Options

    - You can play an entirely Shaman based rotation for maximum DPS, but you will only proc heals based on the number you see in your tooltip.

    - You can play an entirely Justicar based rotation for double the heals you see in the tooltip, but severely limited DPS.

    - You can play a combination of Shaman and Justicar skills for good DPS and higher heals.

    They way I find to be the best is to alter your Shaman macro's slightly.

    Non-Phys Macro : Replace Icy Blow with Strike of Judgment

    Strike of Judgment is classed as non-physical, and will boost subsequent attacks by 30%, like Icy Blow.
    Bolt of Radiance & Hammer of Duty are neither physical or non-physical. Place these in your macro if you want double heals when they go off, but it will cause issues with standard rotations. The trade-off can be worthwhile.

    A good option is to create a new macro with only Justicar attacks in that you can spam when there's a lot of AoE damage. I've placed Bolt of Radiance first because it is higher damage than Strike of Judgment. However, you can place it second if you'd rather have a backup ranged attack in case you disconnect from the target.

    #show Bolt of Radiance
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Hammer of Duty
    Shaman Wardicar
    Solo + Group Healing - up to 16 additional targets

    Shaman Wardicar
    9 Justicar / 6 Warden
    Salvation: 1 Self, 4 smart-target group
    Geyser: 10 smart-target group & Salvation self +4 smart-target group

    This build is slightly different. Geyser is an unusual skill that heals 10 party/raid members while also being a damaging attack. It also procs Salvation.

    By spamming Geyser, you'll generate a lot of AoE heals, but some rather sub-par DPS. Like the other builds above, you can play like a standard Shaman, and the +Heal% bonus increases Salvation significantly more. However, you lose 2 Salvation targets. Luckily, Geyser can make up for this.

    Solo + Burst ST healing

    Shamilar - DPS with ST Burst healing
    8 Defiler / 7 Sentinel
    Loathsome Restoration (with Healer's Blessing): 1 target (or self)

    This spec can be handy for quickly burst healing up a single target. Maybe your dungeon healer is doing a bad job keeping the tank alive? Or it could work in PVP, if Shaman wasn't so squishy. The burst healing isn't as great as a full healer, but you're playing a near full DPS spec, so coming close is luxury!


    Right, that's most of the specs I've discovered in my tampering. There is likely other possibilities, and with each changing patch, things could be very different in time. I hope you enjoy playing around with these as much as I have, and please leave any comments, feedback or suggestions below.

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    I've applied for guide writer status to edit this as there's things I want to add and change. Not sure if that'll come to fruition, so I'll just have to add posts for now.

    I think some people would be more comfortable knowing some actual numbers of what to expect from these builds, but it's difficult to estimate because it varies a lot with gear and skill. For an example, my cleric is well raid geared, with CP relic hammer, everything at least epic raid level, and some relic armor pieces.

    Example DPS

    On an average raid fight with no particular large buffs or movement, such as Gangham, I'd pull a stable 19-20k DPS without AoE in a normal Shaman build. Without raid buffs and consumables, it'd be around 15k, give or take.

    I won't include AoE in these estimates as Shaman AoE is very good regardless of pretty much anything. You will lose some, since a lot of damage is from Frozen Wrath and the Shaman crystal provides +4000 damage to this. However, you'll still parse higher than many other specs and as long as you hit at least 4 targets, you'll be doing good HPS as well.

    Using one of the specs listed above, it will vary slightly per spec, but with Justicar crystal and the loss of some of the damage boosts from various tree's you should expect something like this:

    Using only Shaman rotation would fall to around 12-3k DPS.

    Using justicar attacks in amongst Shaman rotation, would lower it to around 10-12k DPS.

    Using only justicar attacks, or spamming Geyser would be around 4-5k DPS.

    Example HPS

    This is very hard to estimate because it depends on the skill of other full healers in the party, and whether they know how to time their heals correctly. It also depends greatly on the amount of AoE damage on the party in the fight. It's worth noting that you will not be able to out-heal a full AoE healer unless they are slacking. Hence the 'support' title of this build.

    That said, you should be able expect the following as a minimum on average:

    Raid fights: 1-3k HPS
    5-man fights: 1-2k HPS

    The lowest I've ever had is about 800, the highest is over 4k.

    You can test potential healing of your own build by using a dps/hps parser addon, and setting the healing component to 'overheal's, then attacking a dummy. The HPS you see is how much your attacks are healing yourself, and if you attack a dummy with party members nearby you'll see the numbers multiply by the amount of people.

    On an average spec, Salvation would overheal about 700-1k per target.

    So potential healing with 6 additional targets, and yourself is around 5-7k HPS (using all Justicar attacks).

    You will never see these numbers realised since there will be more healers in the group, and there won't always be AoE damage to heal through. For comparison, a Warden can get overheals well over 10k.

    I hope this information helps you to consider the builds, and further puts in place the "support" nature they are. You shouldn't attempt to solo heal anything, but you should quite happily compliment any existing healing.

    Last edited by Sikph; 05-24-2013 at 05:16 AM.

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    Build 1.5 (highest DPS - closest to a normal Shaman build)
    5 Justicar / 10 Druid
    Salvation: 1 Self

    Really need edit ability...

    This spec should be the true highest DPS version alongside the first build, but you lose additional targets for Salvation. So this is also an alternative to the crazy overkill self-healing build. Since it's just self-healing, I decided to put the 5 points in Justicars Wisdom skill, because it would boost salvation and overall DPS a bit. It may be better for DPS to put it into Druid, but I figured DPS/Heal increase is better than just DPS.

    I hope from the way I've laid out this guide, that people can easily see how easy it is to tweak the spec once you understand how it works. There are tons of combinations for just the base Shamicar spec that you have to choose which one suits your playstyle most.

    Anywho, hope this helps.

    ....prays for Guide Writer.

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    Is what the link above should be.

    Also, for leveling, since you can't benefit from 61 point builds yet, your best bet if you really enjoy Shaman is to use the preset build "Thunderer". It drops a lot more points into Justicar, but should make you harder to bring down, with increased HP/Armor/Resists and 20% additional self-healing.
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    This post deserves a lot more loving.
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    nice ideas there! i agree this thread deserves more loving.

    i'm personally interested in those 61 shami-heal-builds for soloing, because i love running around as shaman and hit them in the face

    i prefer the 6 senti/8 defiler build. good damage and i can actually heal me up through the dmg of multible mobs in dendrom if i got to optimistic while pulling...

    another nice thing is to go 11 warden, so you can spice up your massive blow or glacial strike with tidal surge while still having nice selfheal.

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    now you are giving me ideas!

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    Hmm interesting and I think I will try some of these out.
    I might try try something like this in an expert wen we do guild runs with our relic geared cleric tank. They don't really need much healing and even with pug tanks I get bored healing and usually run defiler. Was also tempted to try running the fairiy healer from druid or even just the gimp defiler heal in 61 inq 15 def. Anything to make experts more interesting to heal gets a like from me :P

    Thanks for the journey RIFT - It's been fun

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