Really wanted to have fun with the new cleric soul, but struggled to find something that worked in mid-level pvp. Not sure how this will pan out in 60 pvp, probably just be an Inquisitor-based nuker.

The Build (Based on level 42 character atm)

I will likely continue to put points into Inq at this stage, and only in Defiler up to Grief Blight but unsure.

Macros that have been uber helpful:
ST Heal (float over ui to help in raid healing, otherwise these are just single heal abilities)
#show loathsome restoration
cast @mouseoverui loathsome restoration

#show foul growth
cast @mouseoverui foul growth

#show hideous reconstruction
cast @mouseoverui hideous reconstruction
Debuff (cast constantly)
#show purge
cast purge
cast spiritual deficiency

#show jealous intervention
cast @mouseoverui jealous intervention

#show bolt of judgment
cast sanction heretic
cast bolt of judgment
cast strike of judgment

Hotbar Bolt of Depravity so you can fire em off, and try to hold on to the instacast proc until Fanatacism comes off cooldown.

Use Soul Drain for nearby ae, but more frequently Circle of Oblivion for control points et al.

I typically dot up targets and buff dance between Armor of Treachery and Armor of Devotion pending incoming damage. Plenty of options to support heal, heal yourself, or go full deeps.

Lots, and lots of fun. Great survivability, and utility. Enjoy.