So I use my soul slots for Tanking, pure dps, pure heals (which is also my pvp build, and yes i need another heal slot for raid aoe heals). I needed a solo build, and couldn't use any of those. So I decided to make a support build.

My criteria were stackability (defiler links dont stack and we have a main healer in my guild who defiles.) I wanted some damage, and I wanted maneuverability. I wanted an aggro soaker, and I wanted cures and heals for when I grouped. I wanted aoe, and i wanted group buffs, I also needed a battle rez. I know, I don't ask for much. Not like I am demanding and high maintenance or anything.

Thus was born the wardruid! (44 druid/32 warden).

It may not be the fastest or hardest hitting build, but it brings great utility and flexibility to a group and can handle almost any situation. It is truly a swiss army knife for a class that is the ultimate swiss army knife of Rift.

When you are at range, waterjet hits for a decent amount and recharges Tidal Surge quicker. Your group needs lots of aoe heals? pop healing pet, healing flood, healing cataract, and geyser.

Need aoe? the fairy seer, spirit of upheaval and if you can melee, wild strike, otherwise put your 3rd blank soul slot as cabalist.

you bring spell power, attack power, battle rez, aoe heals, aoe cure, and damage procs to your group.

not to mention combined effort hits quite hard when buffed by 80%, which it is nearly every time it is up thanks to waterjet recharging your tidal surge buff.

you have a 50% damage reduction buff, a self-rune and can swap in purifier for another rune - making you and your greater satyr defender very, very sturdy when you layer in your heals.

Is it a stupid build? Probably. But it can handle everything, and do it moderately well, without stepping on defiler toes.

I hope someone else enjoys it as much as I do!