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Thread: [SL] Twisted Faith - solo

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    Default [SL] Twisted Faith - solo

    Twisted Faith - solo

    Want to be an indestructible melee fighter who breaks the rules at her convenience?

    38 Inquisitor 36 Justicar 2 Defiler

    Buffs: Armor of Awakening, Rage Blight, Shroud of Agony, Mien of Honor, Spiritual Protection

    Cooldowns: Judicial Privilege (sprint/big self heal), Just Defense (big shield, don't forget to prevent falling damage!), Trepidation (AE fear to escape), Resplendent Embrace (to heal up), Fanaticism (Macro to Hammer of Duty)

    Interrupt: Interdict (30m range)
    Purge: Purge (30m range)

    Self-Heal: Salvation (passive), Contempt (from Vex), Doctrine of Bliss (use with Resplendent Embrace)

    6 buttons for ST:
    1 ST_spam:
    #show strike of judgment
    cast sanction heretic
    cast bolt of radiance
    cast strike of judgment
    cast vex

    2 ST_finish:
    #show Hammer of Duty
    cast Fanaticism
    cast Hammer of Duty

    ;Use this as a finisher at 7 Convictions.

    3 ST_debuff1:
    cast bolt of depravity

    ;Use this when Unified Theory is up. (instant low GCD)

    4 ST_debuff2:
    cast spiritual deficiency

    ;use this for high health targets or in a group when nobody else provides it.

    5 ST_vex:
    cast vex

    ;keep vex up on single targets

    6 ST_range:
    #show bolt of judgment
    cast sanction heretic
    cast bolt of judgment

    ;use when you can't melee.

    2 buttons for AE:
    7 AE_spam:
    #show even justice
    cast soul drain
    cast even justice

    8 AE_tag:
    cast Circle of Oblivion

    ;For ranged AE/tagging.

    Normally nothing can kill you since you have great cooldowns. There may be refinements you can make yourself, enjoy!
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    Default An alternative build to this based on the same idea

    I would suggest this as an alternative to the build you have put forth.

    The build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...Eubz0RIRczG.-7

    #show Bolt of Radiance
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgment

    This is the only macro that is important to the function of this build. It could not be more simple to use, and effective for what it presumes to be. This build is not intended to be the topmost single target damage that a melee Cleric can put out. If you want that, look at 61 shaman. What this build will allow you to do is to simplify your rotation, and increase your survivability for solo grinding and pvp.
    The playstyle should be evident since it is as basic a set of abilities as you can get for a cleric build. Use a two hander. Do not use Jolt because it does very poor damage unless you spec into all of the increases to air damage and crit chance, and since they put it on the GCD its not worth using in this build. Do not use Crushing Blow, even with the buff from Frostbite this will not do as much damage as your fully buffed Strike of Judgment and does not generate convictions, or benefit from Salvation. Convictions are the big deal with this build. You can heal yourself reasonably well with your Doctrine of Bliss, and do fantastic damage with Hammer of Duty. Do your best to use Hammer of Duty when you have 7 convictions. And take advantage of your buffed/cooldown reduced Massive Blow (by way of Pattern of Violence and Frostbite). Use Rage of the North on cooldown and remember that your life based attacks give you two convictions when they crit. You will need to use your Hammer of Duty to burn them off, this will give you a considerable damage burst for those pesky healers. Don't forget you have two interrupts. Exploit them.
    Decide whether or not you want to take Deep Freeze, or Just Defense with your last point. One will give you a nice shield, the other will give you a second ghetto stun and a boost to damage. In order to maintain the integrity of this build you will not have much freedom with the talent points, but move what you can where you like. Don't compromise your core abilities, or the lack of diversity of your arsenal will be your downfall.

    Please don't give this build a cheesy name...
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    Default Adendum

    Take the points out of Devout Deflection. This talent is pure garbage and isn't good even for questing. Put them in Shield of Faith instead and just take the damage reduction.

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    I kinda like the OP's spec. It allows for flexibility between range and melee dps.
    I run a deep druid / justicar spec myself (when questing) and on some zone event boss fights that are extremely melee-unfriendly, I really wish I could go range without changing specs.
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    Default Nice build!

    I never post on the forums, but just wanted to thank you for this build and say I've been using the Just Seer build (went from 50-60) and don't get me wrong that build is awesome, but I was getting tired of it. Just tried this build and man it kills way faster than Just Seer, probably has a bit less survivability but really it's not an issue unless you really love pulling multiple elites at a time. All in all a great balance between dmg and survivability with no downtime, plus the added utility of going range when necessary,

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