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Thread: The Shieldinel 5 man heals

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    Default The Shieldinel 5 man heals

    Hey guys, I just been reading through the Forums and noticed people asking for a 5 man healer
    and wanted to share my insights on what I've come up with.This is my personal build I use for 5
    man dungeons runs. I've broken it down into its Skeleton form so you guys can play with it some.

    With Storm Legion the new "61" point builds are powerful in there own right. And are also
    very Specialized. I wanted to make a spec with a little more flexable that fit my play style . Out of all the
    revisied roles I think Sentinel is my personal favorite. The problem with Sent is its not very
    moblie and is a mana hog. These new 5 mans , some require alot of movement and are diffinitly
    healing instensive with the current gear levels.

    So this was my Solution I came up with, have been calling it the Shieldinel. This spec address some
    of the mobility and mana issues of a Sentinel . While adding solid shielding/cleansing.

    keys skills i wanted:
    Purifier (24 points)
    - Symbol of the (torch/Sun)
    - Caregiver's Blessing
    - Flashover
    - Latent Blaze
    - Soul Brand <deliciousness>

    Sentinel (41 points)
    - Touch the Light
    - Empowering Light
    - Crucial invocation
    - Fullness of Life

    these where the minimals for this spec that I wanted. So its a 65 point spec in its skeleton form
    it can be used at level 50 when you start into storm legion.

    Skeleton Build 65 points

    These leaves 11 points to play with at 60. I personally would recommend using these last 11 points to
    flesh out as many + Healing +Absords passives as you can. Atm I would only recommend two variants of
    this build at 60.

    Puri/Sent with 4 defiler for the 5% damg reduction link . Good for if you have a support buddy
    always with you .

    And Puri/sent with 8 warden for Healing flood and increased Heals. I personally use this one good for stand
    alone queuing.

    My personal Spec

    Macro(1)fast heals for the Group or tank if needing to be moblie <Fully Moblie>

    #show Healing Breath

    cast Symbol of the Torch
    cast Healing Breath
    cast Subtle Invocation
    cast Healing Flare
    cast Break Free

    macro(2) Standard Tank spam Macro good mana efficency <Non Moblie>

    #show Healing Invocation
    cast Symbol of the Torch
    cast Healing Invocation
    cast Break Free

    Hotkey(3) When Healing is everything and mana is nothing <Non Moblie>

    Crucial Invocation Spam

    Macro(4) Emergency fast Heal 1 (Instant cast 7k-11k) <Fully Moblie>

    #show Touch the Light
    cast Touch the Light
    cast Crucial Invocation
    cast Break Free

    Macro(5) Emergnecy Massive Heal (Current Health x1.5+mods) <Fully Moblie> your o **** button

    #show Fullness of Life
    cast Flashover
    cast Fullness of Life
    cast Break Free

    These are the primary Healing hotkeys I use . Basically I keep Symbols up at all times on the group
    with hotkey 1 or 2. And 3 4 and 5 are for those moments when theres alot of movement or the tank is just
    taking a pounding or a little of both.

    Caregiver's Blessing
    Sign of Daring
    Wisdom of the Ages
    Heroics Resolve
    Wrathful Exuberance < 98% of all your damg will come from this >

    Liberty of Thought
    Flash of Radiance
    Healer's Covenant
    Cleansing Prayer
    Empowering Light
    Latent Blaze

    This build is a blast to play , Its very smooth and responsive . This is probally the first Spec
    that i have falling in love with since Senticars or the Duracell.I really hope you all enjoy it.

    lets me know what you guys think and have fun.

    Maladomini@Wolfsbane <DROW>
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    You may not want to macro your symbols into your normal spam. A symbol of the sun is a good way to stay mobile when you need to be, and if you need to time it for certain mechanics you may already have burnout on the target. Then again I don't think you'll be shielding for much in this spec, not nearly as much as deep purifier anyway. Seems like a decent combo, but you miss the nice CDs from going either deeper sent or deeper puri. The way they've designed the new soul trees really discourages hybrid builds for the most part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eosmeep View Post
    You may not want to macro your symbols into your normal spam. A symbol of the sun is a good way to stay mobile when you need to be, and if you need to time it for certain mechanics you may already have burnout on the target.
    This is very true. I forgot to mention that at the bottom of the writeup about the option of macroing in symbols or not to. I mainly just put up the easy mode macros, but your more than welcome to have it as a sperate key or even on a cleansing type macro to keep it up on the group.

    The shielding is doing about 10-15% less than a full puri symbol in my spec. So those who wish to have a bigger shield , you can flesh out more in shielding instead of pure healing . Theres one or two +to fire passives I passed up for the +1 all or +2 catergory type . The +3 Specific type passive id really think about. I went for the +3 to Pure healing .

    Last note when i spoke of 2 variants theres actually 3, you could chose to take all 76 points and put them all into just sent and/or puri and max out all the healing passives or pick up extra ultilities like healer's haste and urgency, then maybe add like a 0 cab for the aoe for example .

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    I play an almost similar spec, without the points from warden, have those points placed in:

    -purifier to get symbol of the sun, stronger than torch
    -at least one point in merciful appeal, is a shame you take sentinel and you dont take the cleanse per second ability,
    -urgency is too good to pass over it and not taking it also

    and last thing is the break free, is on a keybind together with self cleanse and liberty of thought, in this order

    instead of healing flood I get flashover + divine call and shields, when things get hairy, and also sterilize can be a life savior, is handy when many debuffs to cleanse at once
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    Thanks for sharing this spec, your macros, and details about how you play it. I have wanted to begin learning the process of healing and do it without constantly wiping a group and everything I've seen so far was geared around a lvl 60 build that assumed you already knew the healing ropes. I just dinged 53 last night (ya, sad never healed in Rift, I'm pathetic) and had enough points to take the full skeleton build with the 4 defiler spin. I will give it a shot in some random normals tonight and see how I do (please bow your heads in prayer for the sad groups that must surely die at my hands today amd turn to page 390 in your hymnal , thank you.)

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